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Some Common Medical Mistakes Frightening for Patients Energy Drinks With Caffeine Are Popular But May Harm Children Over Half of Motorists Killed in Crashes Consumed Alcohol or Drugs Distracted Walking Joining Distracted Driving as a Source of Teen Injury Aging Doctors May Impair Patient Safety Bed Alarms Fail to Adequately Protect Older Hospital Patients From Fall Injuries Sharp Increase in Complications From Childbirth Boy Died After Doctors Failed to Detect Infection Obese Truckers With Sleep Apnea Cause Many Accidents Pain Levels May Vary for Accident Victims Based on Genetic Factors Gastroenteritis More Dangerous at Nursing Homes with Inadequate Staff Nurse Negligently Throws Away Kidney Intended for Transplant California Hospitals Ranked on Patient Safety Avoiding Truck Accidents Woman Loses Legs and Arms From Infection After Hysterectomy Medical Center Accused of Malpractice Causing Death of Four Babies and Injuries to a Fifth Nursing Home Fails to Notice 57 Maggots in Female Patient's Ear Sleepy Young Drivers Cause Many Car Accidents “Water Balz” Toys Can Hurt Children and Pets When to Hire a California Car Accident Attorney Why A Car Accident in California is No Laughing Matter California Texting Laws are Clear and Concise How to Purchase Your Next Vehicle Drunk Driving in California The California Supreme Court Made a Monumental Decision in 2011 That Changed the Way Injury Victims Receive Settlements. But Was It Fair? The Costs Involved in California MVA's Designated Driver Services Can Lower D.U.I. Rates Tire Pressure Can Mean the Difference in a Big Accident and a Fender Bender Boys vs Girls: Who Drives Better? Sacramento Drivers Should Know the Consequences of Drunk Driving Test Scores and Ratings Reports Are Notorious for Their Subjectivism How Reliable Are Ignition Interlock Devices? Sacramento Drivers Record Driving Experiences Urban or Rural Driving: Which is Safer? The Child Safety Anchors in Your Car Might Not Be Very Safe Sacramento Has Worst Driving Record in the Country California Unlicensed Drivers: Who Are They? Driving in the Cold Weather Presents a Whole Host of Precarious Situations Auto Accident Quick Tips Unlawful Truck Drivers Cause Accidents Specific Brake Inspection Critical to Truck Safety is Often Overlooked New Technology Predicts Drivers' Behaviors Talking Cars May Decrease Car Accidents Red Light Cameras Affect Sacramento Accidents Dogs and Car Trips: How to Avoid Pet-Related Accidents Learning From 2012’s Celebrity Car Accidents Biker Safety Tips and Precautions Deadliest Times of the Year for Motorists Personal Injury Auto Accident Check List Vehicle Safety in School Zones Trucking Accidents - Common Causes Dealing With Road Rage and Aggressive Drivers DUI Accidents and What You Should Know Guide to Safe Highway Driving Tips for Handling Damages After a Car Accident How Your Smartphone Can Help You in a Car Accident Older Bikers at a Higher Risk of Getting Injured Handling Your Teen’s First Car Accident Auto Accident Do’s and Don’ts Car Accidents in Rental Cars Driving Safety for Senior Drivers Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident New Motorcycle Helmet Designed to Curb Low Impact Injuries Knee Injuries During Vehicle Accidents Can Be Serious Traumatic Head Injury to Infants Can Occur in Car Accidents Driving Safely at Night Tips for a Successful Accident Claim Letting Someone Drive Your Car Equals Bad News Smart Precautions and Biker Safety Tips Halo Technology Joins the Fight against Distracted Driving Have the Champions in White Coats Gone Astray? Trucking Accidents- Common Causes How to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents Choosing a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer Driving on Worn Tires on Sacramento Roads Tips for Disputing an Insurance Claim Post-Traumatic Stress After a Car Accident Elderly Drivers - Danger on the Road? Top Bad Accident Stories How to Prove Fault in a Car Accident in Sacramento Car Accidents Caused by Deer Why a Lawyer Won't Take Your Medical Malpractice Case Nursing Home Negligence Stories California’s Cap on Medical Malpractice Settlement Rewards Legal Issues of Medical Malpractice Cases What You Should Know About Insurance Companies Workers Critically Injured in Sacramento Construction Accident Is it Possible to Be Charged for Distracted Driving at Home? Car Accident Trauma is More Extensive than Perceived Sacramento Area Has Several Pedestrian/Auto Accidents Dangers of Caesarean Sections Tanning Bed Accidents Bad News for California Urologist Testosterone Safety Alert Injured Ankle From Auto Accident Officer Dies in Fresno, CA I Lost My Personal Injury Case: What Now? Airbag Failure: Who's Liable? Witnesses in Personal Injury Cases Poor Dental Hygiene in Nursing Homes an Issue Deadly 4 Vehicle Accident in Stockton Leaves Two Dead Fatal Collision on State Highway 4 in Concord Kills Motorcyclist Six Suffer Injuries, Woman, 73, Dies When Driver Crashes Into Ice Cream Parlour Chico, Highway 99 - Suspected Drunken Driver Leaves Man, 27, Injured Two Vehicle Crash on I-780 Leaves Eric Deleon Sopang, 29, Dead and 29-Year Old Woman Injured The Importance of Evidence in Personal Injury Cases Brain Injury Cases Are Not the Time for a Speedy Settlement PTSD Risk on Children of Injured Parents Personal Injury Claims for Minors Fight Between a Lawyer and the Judge in a Florida Courtroom Are Medical Robots Safe? California Trial Attorneys Work to Increase Medical Malpractice Caps Are Weekends More Dangerous for Children to Have Surgery? Road Rage and Auto Accidents Celebrity Car Accidents Three More Individuals Lose Their Lives on California Highways California Livestock Vehicle Crashes: Who is at Fault? ATV Accidents in California: The Basics A Potentially Dangerous Combination: Coffee and Driving Same Injuries, Different Case Results What is an Insurance Adjuster? Is There a Greater Chance of Dog Bites in Summer? What Should I Do if a Sacramento Police Officer Hits Me? Woman Freezes to Death in Morgue Arroyo Grande, California Nursing Home Sued Verdict in St. John’s Health Center Medical Malpractice Trial Patients Injured by Chiropractors Should Doctors be Tested for Drugs and Alcohol Abuse? You May Not Know Everything an Expert Witness Can Do for You What Should I Do After a Medical Mistake? Is a Bad Result Automatically Medical Malpractice? What is Informed Consent? Car Accident Damage Appraisal Aggressive Driving and California Road Rage We Help MRSA Victims in Sacramento! Medical Malpractice and Your Right to Perform at Your Peak Patient Claims Drunk Doctor Botched Operation Car Accident Takes the Life of 2 Children and 2 Adults Distractions in Operating Room Lead to Increased Errors Birth Injuries Being Reduced by Hospitals’ Safety Initiative Woman Accused of Killing Pedestrian in DUI Works as Sobriety Counselor Grapefruit Can Turn Some Medications Into Deadly Potions Pregnant Women Taking Some Anti Depression Drugs May Injure Children Chino Car Accident Injury Lawyer What an Expert Can Do for Your Medical Malpractice Case How Much is Your Medical Malpractice Case Worth? What is the Medical Standard of Care - Is a Bad Result Automatically Medical Malpractice? Red Light Cameras - Public Good or Public Menace? New Road Laws in Sacramento to Reflect Today’s Drivers Safe Driving During Winter The History and Development of Sacramento Traffic The Sacramento Highway System’s Extensive History Sacramento, Stories Untold – The Wild and Wonderful Early History of Old Sacramento The History of Sacramento, California’s Florin Road Descriptions and Links to CHP, Official Road Studies and Info History of West Sacramento Sacramento’s Most Congested Roadways Fixing Sacramento’s Bad Roads Could Decrease Fatalities and Improve Business Traffic Radar and Other Techniques Used to Monitor Driving Traffic Calming Devices Used in Sacramento The Illustrious History of Sacramento’s R Street Corridor Best and Worst Places to Drive in California Who Gets the Blame When a Self-Driving Car Crashes? The Future of Our Travel