Tips for a Successful Accident Claim

Auto accidents in Sacramento number in the hundreds each and every year. While they all involve many of the same elements, no two accidents are exactly the same. This is also true for car accident claims. No two can ever be exactly alike. Unfortunately, if the accident claim is not made exactly right, the compensation can be inadequately low.

An often overlooked part of accident claims are the “management teams” who will appear on the scene or at the hospital. These people are paid on a commission basis and are present to obtain your claim. While these “ambulance chasers” have a bad reputation, they aren’t all smarmy, sleaze types. The hard part is determining the reputable ones from the sleazes.

The job of these claim management teams is to file your settlement claim. They will attempt to persuade you to allow them to file by offering promises of large a settlement and even bypassing the small print to do so. Past successful claim stories are also a common ruse. Remember, what happened to someone else does not apply to your case.

For the most part, a car accident claim is very cut and dry. If someone was hurt in the accident and received damages to their vehicle they are eligible to file a claim. Basic information is required such as, accident location, damages, injuries, and a claim as to who was at fault.

If police were on the scene, or an accident witness can explain who was at fault, the claim becomes even stronger. The person filing the claim must not be at fault or no compensation will be rewarded. If each of the needed claim elements are present upon filing, the claim will be processed and rewarded at a much faster rate.

The actual claims process varies between each insurer. The rising instances of insurance fraud makes things somewhat more difficult than in previous years but gathering the required documents and verification and hiring a car accident attorney will ensure a smooth process.

Keep your own records as well. Take pictures at the scene. Make copies of all police reports, insurance forms and reports. Hiring an accident attorney can help make this process simpler. Moseley Collins is as accident attorney with many years of experience with insurance companies and California accident laws.

Most victims are immediately concerned with their health and any injuries sustained in the accident. Since injuries in an accident can surface days, weeks or even months later, they are often especially troublesome. Once the medical issues are disclosed, thoughts turn to the vehicle and repairs that may need done.

Always take the damaged vehicle to the mechanic shop recommended by the insurance company.  They are recommended because of their reputation for high quality repairs and skilled service. The insurance companies will have a long relationship of trust built with the business which will make the claims process easier to maneuver. 

The most important part of the claims process is to stay organized.


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