Driving on Worn Tires on Sacramento Roads

While worn tires may seem like the least of your mechanical worries, its important for Sacramento drivers to know how dangerous driving on faulty tires is. In fact, in thousands of cases worn tires have been the cause of road accidents harming both the driver and pedestrians. In some States in the U.S driving on worn tires is illegal.

The tires are a major component of a vehicle. Worn or balding tires can affect your vehicles braking system, drivability and your ability to effectively control the vehicle. The front tires tend to wear faster than the ones in the back because the front tires are used for both braking and steering. What are some signs that your tires are worn?

Visibly inspecting all four tires will help you determine whether you need to replace your vehicles tires. Here are some signs of trouble:

  • Of course one of the most obvious signs of bad tires is uneven tread wear and spotty balding areas in the tire. This is usually an indication of malfunctioning suspension parts, misaligned wheels or a problem with inflation. If not corrected, there will be further damage to the tire.
  • If your tire is down to 1.6mm depth and if you have been driving on the same tires for at least six years, than its time to replace those tires. Most tires have tread indicators. Even if there is only one indicator exposed, you still should replace the tire.
  • Youll also notice that the center of tires or the ribs, wear when the strip in the middle of the tire is worn and smooth
  • Tire vibration or shaking is also a sign that your tires need replacing.
Dangers of Worn Tires

Hydroplaning occurs on slick and wet roads. When a vehicle hydroplanes the wetness from the road mixed with oil residue the vehicle starts to rise from the ground. The treads on good tires dig into the water, keeping your car firmly planted on the road. If your tires are worn, more than likely there will be lots of tread loss. Your tires will easily skate across the water which causes instability. When riding on wet roads with worn tires you will have to increase your stopping time to avoid sliding.

Excessive loss of tread on tires increases the tires air pressure because there isnt much space for air to flow between the treads to cool down the tires. This causes heat to build up. Heat and tire rubber can be a deadly mix. This causes the tire to blow out which will cause an accident.

Thick tire treads keeps harmful items that may be found on the role from puncturing the tire. Balding tires are easily punctured by glass and other debris. This can also cause a tire blow out and make the driver lose control of the vehicle.

Worn tires also lose air frequently. This affects how well your brakes react when stopping and your steering.

Protect yourself and others on these Sacramento roads by ensuring that all the tires on your vehicle are up to par.

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