Why A Car Accident in California is No Laughing Matter

A car accident in California is no laughing matter. It can cost you your health and financial stability as well as a plethora of emotional issues. Insurance agencies profit by under-compensating injury settlements. As disappointing as that is, it is a fact. Hiring a car accident lawyer is the only way to ensure you are reimbursed for all injuries and damages sustained during a car accident. 

It isn’t easy to hire a car accident attorney and not everyone knows where to begin. There are several factors to consider in the process of hiring a personal injury lawyer. The process begins at the moment of the accident. If injuries occur during a car accident, the debate to hire an attorney should begin at that moment.

Many unscrupulous insurance agents will attempt to use the stress of a car accident to get injured parties to make statements that could hurt them in a trial. Experienced lawyers know the governing laws inside out. They can build and negotiate car accident claims against even the largest insurance companies and if it comes to it, take those cases to trial to win a fair settlement for their clients. 

Once the decision is made to hire a lawyer, the search begins to find one. There are several routes to take. Many find reputable attorneys online, some look in the phone book or ask friends and family and still others search State Bar lawyer referral service. 

There are many online directories of California attorneys. The simplest way of all may be to use a search engine like Bing with the terms California car accident attorney. A list of links to various attorneys will appear in the results and the search is on.

Reputable online attorney directories will screen their listings to make sure every lawyer on it has no discrepancies on his or her license. These directories are most often paid, meaning the lawyers pay to have their information listed. This being the case, not all directories will follow through on their claims to screen efficiently. 

Many California car accident attorneys are listed in the phone book business directories or yellow pages. There is a certain stigmatism to lawyers that advertise in the yellow pages but it is ill founded. Many reputable and experienced lawyers with highly discernible ethics also advertise their services in the yellow pages. 

The most dependable ways to get a qualified car accident attorney is to ask for referrals. Friends and family members can make good referrals from their past legal experiences. A family lawyer can also give qualified recommendations. They are in the loop and can give advice based on knowledge. 

Calling the state bar association can also reap good rewards. They can provide you a list of qualified car accident attorneys and a myriad of information on them. The American Association for Justice is an organization for lawyers that also provides listings of local attorneys in a specified area. 

Hire car accident attorney, Moseley Collins, to make sure your rights and best interests are addressed in your car accident insurance claim.

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