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Older Bikers at a Higher Risk of Getting Injured

Motorcycle riding has the ability to seep into a person’s soul. It is a uniquely freeing experience that some find cleansing. It is no wonder so many Sacramento residents ride motorcycles way into their golden years. Sadly, recent studies have shown that the risk of a motorcycle accident grows with age.

The Injury Prevention journal recently released findings that proved that fact. Specifically, the study showed the motorcycle riders aged 60 and older have an increased risk of serious personal injury in an accident. The study went on to say that riders in this age bracket are three times more likely to require a stay in the hospital after a motorcycle accident than other age groups.

Researchers say the increased risk is attributed to the natural deterioration of the human body as it ages. Bones of older people are less dense than that of younger people. Bones of older people are more likely to break in a high impact accident because of that fact. As an example, the report states that senior riders reported more rib cage injuries and chest injuries than other bikers.

Britain has seen similar recent trends, as reported in BBC News recently. Nick Brown from the Motorcycle Action Group reported that the number of injured senior cyclists has risen in the past decade.

Researchers believe the trend is due to the longer life spans of humans. Humans are living longer than ever before. The quality of life is also better than ever before for older Americans and others across the globe and with that come more activities. 

Enjoying life is part of living longer. Being mindful of all rules of the road as well as the motorcycle safety rules can make riding a beneficial experience long into the golden years of life.  Wearing helmets and outer protection is a huge part of staying safe on a motorcycle.

Choosing the right protective gear for an aging body is important. Choose tough leathers and boots made of durable materials. Protect the chest and torso as well as the feet and head. Attaching a windshield to a motorcycle adds protection by deflecting rain, wind and insects. This important, especially at higher rates of speed.

The study looked at data from a 6 year span between 2001 and 2008. The US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System-All Injury Program (NEISS-AIP), which collected the data from over 100 hospital emergency rooms, provided all statistics. The information showed that over one and a half million adults over the age of 20 required hospital care after an accident involving a motorcycle. 

Other factors that may attribute to the higher statistical evidence against older bikers is the decreased chest elasticity of older bikers, delayed reaction time, altered balance and worsening vision.