DUI Accidents and What You Should Know

If you have received a DUI, then you have driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. A driver is considered “under the influence” when he or she becomes impaired due to the substance in the body. When dealing with alcohol, the individual must have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) above the legal limit of the state. When you become involved in a vehicle accident due to being under the influence, the situation can bring about a plethora of repercussions. If you are unfamiliar with DUI law and what happens after an accident, these are things you should know.

Sobriety Tests

While generally voluntary, sobriety tests are used by police offers and designed to determine a driver’s intoxication. It’s important to be aware of the driving laws in your area to determine if these tests are mandatory. Note that these tests have been proven to yield inaccurate results and even sober people are sometimes unable to pass.

Blood Alcohol Screening

While field sobriety testing is typically optional, blood alcohol screening is not. Blood can be tested for intoxication in a number of ways, including via breath testing, urine testing and blood testing. Out of the three options, blood testing is generally the most accurate. Consult with your DUI attorney if you’re not sure if your test was administered correctly.

Inexcusable Crime

Even if you had not been in a vehicle accident, driving under the influence is a violation in itself. When driving with alcohol or a controlled substance in your system, your driving becomes impaired.  This action endangers yourself, your passengers, passersby, and other motorists who share the road with you. This criminal offense is punishable by law.

DUI Victims

If you are the victim of a DUI accident, you may feel vulnerable and powerless. However, there are many ways to handle a DUI case, even if you did not sustain any serious injuries during the accident. Always follow all of the instructions given by your attorney to ensure that you handle the situation in a legal and precise manner.

Facing DUI Changes

If you have been proven to be under the influence when driving, causing a car accident, you can expect to be penalized to the maximum degree allowed by the law. This could include jail time, large fines and probation sentences in some cases. To make the process a little easier, acquire the help of an experienced DUI attorney to protect you.

Complying With Officers

During the DUA accident and after, it’s important to comply with police officers to make the process go smoothly. Submit to a police pat-down search, finger printing, handcuffing and intoxication testing. When you voluntarily cooperate with police officers, this will make the aftermath of an accident easier. 

Driving under the influence is always a dangerous option, drastically reducing your chances of being involved in a vehicle accident or hurting yourself or others. If you have become involved in a DUI accident, seek the help of a professional DUI expert.

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