Injured Ankle From Auto Accident

Ankles injuries are not thought to be one of the more major casualties of an auto accident but they can be extremely painful and costly to repair. One of the most common injuries to an ankle from a car accident is ankle capsulitis.

Ankle capsulitis occurs when there is inflammation of the joint capsule of the ankle. When ankles undergo enormous stress in an accident this can occur. It inhibits movement drastically and prohibits natural healing. Often in a car accident osteochondral fractures will form causing capsules to form from severe denigration and loose bodies in the joint surfaces, in effect, freezing the joint.

Ankles and any other place on the body that has a joint can suffer adhesive capsulitis but it most often occurs in the shoulder. When it occurs in the ankle it is called a ‘frozen ankle’ and is very hard to diagnose and treat.

Capsulitis in the ankle or frozen ankle causes passive and active immobility and moderate to extreme pain. Turning or eversion difficulty is often the first symptom followed by internal rotation and inversion difficulty symptoms. Eventually full loss of motion occurs. Frozen ankle is usually secondary to chronic ankle sprains and fractures as well as pilon fractures.

Ankle capsulitis can be idiopathic. That means they are believed to be caused by a related health condition.  Health issues like autoimmune deficiencies, infections, heart disease, inflammatory arthropathies, diabetes and connective tissue disease.

Ankle capsulitis begins at the origin of the injury but eventually encompasses the entire joint and prohibits any movement. Its starts with an outbreak of inflammatory cells in the joint and within three weeks to a month the fibrous layer becomes thicker, destroying the integrity of the anterior and posterior recesses of the joint. The existence of new collagen terminates the availability of the mobility of the joint.

Patients report a stretching and popping sound and feel when attempting movement in the joint.  Inflammatory infiltrates and the secondary ankle joint contractures are said to invite the presence of cytokines which in turn cause the fibrous thickening of the joint capsules.

Diagnosis of this tricky condition can be accomplished through a thorough examination of the patient’s medical history and a complete physical examination. Ankle capsulitis can occur after a patient heals from an accident where the ankle has been in a brace or boot for an extended period of time.

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