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Avoiding Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are the order of the day at the roads and many truck drivers get killed in these accidents due to little avoidable negligence or due to not having proper knowledge as how to save themselves in these situations. Truck accidents are fatal not only for drivers but also for the other vehicles that happen to collide with them.

In USA alone, thousands of people get injured or die every year due to truck accidents. The US Department of Transportation has revealed that almost five hundred thousand truck accidents occur in USA every year. Around 1% (or 5,000) accidents are fatal out of the total number of mishaps. The statistics also reveal that more than 60% truck collisions occur in rural areas (and during day time) where drivers are driving trucks in fast mode.

The causes of accidents are numerous and some of them include the manufacturing faults in trucks, the miserable condition of some of its parts, driver’s negligence, the other vehicle driver’s inattention, and so on. The causes are as many as one can count but the main reasons are the negligence of one of the two drives whose vehicles collide with each other.

The truck accidents cause a lot of disturbance and loss of property and lives when they are carrying hazardous materials (HAZMAT) like oil or other explosive matters and they collide with other vehicles. This type of collision can bring huge devastation on the road. Although such accidents are only 3.02% of the total truck collisions, yet their aftermaths are always destructive to a great deal.

The most interesting thing of the whole matter is that these accidents are avoidable, but the trucking companies and drivers do not take that much care about using hi-tech gadgets and other technology that can let them avoid these accidents. By using the most advanced technology, the relevant professionals can avoid these accidents with great ease. Moreover, the trucks must be maintained after every trip and must be checked thoroughly so that to make it sure that nothing untoward happens when the truck is on its way to destination.

Different kinds of truck accidents may include:

  • Brake Accidents
  • Semi-truck accidents
  • Tanker Accidents
  • Collision against school buses
  • Collision against tractors
  • Collision against trailers
  • And so on.

Common reasons of accidents include long distance traveling without rest, fatigue, heavy loads, big truck sizes, faulty spare parts used in trucks, and so on. If these causes are removed, accidents may easily be avoided.

The main injures that occur due to truck collisions may include brain injuries, backbone injuries, fractures to different bones, neck injuries, whiplash, and so on. Truck drivers may avoid maximum injuries if they know the exact time when they should get out of the truck and how to do so.

Although truck accidents are a natural phenomenon, they are avoidable if the driver is well-practiced and has knowledge about all the ups and downs that he may face during the driving process. The government related licensing authorities should also keep these things in mind while allowing drivers or the trucking companies to start their transportation tasks on roads.