Designated Driver Services Can Lower D.U.I. Rates

Sacramento D.U.I. rates are high and there are always great initiatives in the works to lower that rate. One of the most successful is the designated driving services. Being a college town means we have a lot of boisterous college kids in residence and with college kids come drinking. As in every party town D.U.I rates are high but there may finally be a way to combat the issue.

A new trend of designated driving services has cropped up across the nation and it may be just what the doctor ordered for Sacramento’s severe case of D.U.I.-itis. A designated driver service comes into play after a night of overindulgence at the bar. 

We all know being tipsy, disoriented and too drunk to drive means call a taxi. In Sacramento we have another choice, calling a designated driver service. They come and pick you up and arrange a driver to deliver your car home as well. Some services will drive you home in your own car, alternately. 

There are also services that will pick you up at home, take you to the bar and pick you up later for the ride home. Sometimes they are regular passenger vehicles and other times buses or vans.

There are a few rules, however. You have to be drunk is the most obvious. You also have to have a car. This isn’t a taxi service. The sole objective is to keep drunk driving related accidents at a minimum. Some do not charge but provide the service for free and accept donations. Others charge a flat fee.

The Sacramento bee recently reported on a couple of sisters who started a company called the SacTown Hopper. Their father provided a bus from his own bus service and the girls began to pick up college students every Friday and Saturday nights for round trips to the bars and back home. 

The two Sacramento State graduates liked to hit the club scene themselves and realized the need for such a service. Taxis are expensive. Especially for college kids on a budget and designated drivers flake out more often than not. 

They charge $10 for this round trip mainly from along La Riviera Drive to the local hotspots. They even keep a plastic lines garbage bag onboard for those who have partied a little too hard.

The California Traffic Safety Commission has noticed the trend in these types of businesses and attributes to a changing social climate when it comes to drinking and driving. In the 60’s and 70’s drinking and driving hadn't shown itself to be the danger that it is. They also credit the many years of safety awareness the committee has pushed through the media.

The sisters average about 50 to 75 riders per night each weekend. If that is any indication, this trend is here to stay. Take advantage of one of these types of services next night out and make sure you arrive home safely. Making the choice to call a designated driver services could save you thousands of dollars and a D.U.I. on your license. 

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