The Costs Involved in California MVA's

The state of California is infamous for its lavishness. Everything is brighter, sunnier and more expensive. The higher than average cost of living is a fact of life in this area of the country. Residents long ago accepted the price for living in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, that trend reaches into just about every facet of California society. The cost of car repairs in California is among the highest in the entire nation. 

Car accidents cost the drivers in myriad ways. Personal injuries cost in medical bills and rehabilitation but also in time and emotional stress. Missing work for hospital stays, doctor’s visits and rehab appointments takes a serious financial toll.  An accident with a negligent driver can leave you financially and physically depleted.

Regardless of any personal injury, car repairs can be astronomical. California once again lives up to its reputation and comes in 4th in the nation for highest car repairs according to a survey of 80,000 repairs by Car repairs from a car accident are more than 30% more expensive than those from “check engine light” type repairs and maintenance. 

According to their survey, the average American car repair bill is approximately $350.00 while the average California car repair bill is $400.00. California drivers pay more than 10% higher than the national average. 

Not only do Sacramento residents and those statewide pay more on the whole for car repairs but data also shows a higher price for all types of car repairs. Car repair labor is higher than average as well. Ahead of the Golden State are Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Missouri was at the bottom of the list with the District of Columbia with the lowest car repair prices in the nation. 

Keeping the car maintenance and in good running order is one way to limit these costly repairs. Changing the oil and maintaining proper air pressure in the tires are among several regular tasks needed to keep an automobile in great shape and less likely to need major repair. 

Car accident repairs are considerably more costly than regular repairs and breakdowns and they give no warning. While changing the oil and checking the transmission fluid can keep major repair costs at bay there is no preparation to ward off accidents. Car accident repair labor in California was $172.30 while in the District of Columbia was $102.20.

A car is a big purchase. Even used cars can be a major life purchase. Responsible drivers spend a lot of time and money maintaining their cars. All of which can be gone in the blink of an eye if a car accident occurs. 

Auto insurance is always a great help but doesn’t always cover every expense. The only way to be sure all expenses are covered is to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Sacramento car accident attorney. Even if personal injuries are minimal or not present, a car accident attorney ensures the insurance company pays all the costs associated with the accident. 

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