Top Bad Accident Stories

Millions of people are involved in life changing automobile accidents each year. There’s not a day that passes where you don’t hear on the radio or see on your local news stories of sometimes fatal automobile accidents. These accidents have caused both physical and mental damages that can last a lifetime. We all know the different factors that can contribute to collisions. The list of contributing factors can go on and on for days. We rarely hear some of those descriptive and horrifying details from those car crashes. Here are some of those stories.

In Southern California an eight teen year old killed five family members and injured two in an automobile accident. The forty year old female driver and the fifteen year old boy that were occupying the van was the only two whose life was spared. They were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The eight teen year old driver of a sports utility vehicle struck the family’s van from behind, causing both vehicles to spin out of control and roll about eighty miles.

Alcoholic beverages were found in the teen’s vehicle and he was later arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. A Blood Alcohol Level test was performed on the teen and the results are not yet available.

According to authorities so many passengers inside the van were not wearing seatbelts. Killed were three men, a teenage female and an adult female.

Midnight in New York City proved to be fatal for an expectant couple who were heading to the hospital when the cab they were occupying was struck by a BMW on the side. The occupants of the BMW fled the scene on foot and are currently being sought after by the police.

While the couple was pronounced dead at two separate hospitals, doctors were able to save the baby after performing an emergency C-section. “The couple hadn’t been married a year,” says a family member.

A female driver was killed after a collision with a police cruiser in Hawthorne, California. Karina Preza was thirty four years and a mother of three. She was pulling out on El Segundo Boulevard when she was struck by a police car. Investigators say that the police cruiser had been responding to a call although witnesses, who are tenants in the Preza family building, claim that they did not hear any sirens.

Karina Preza was thrown from her Honda and gravely injured. She was rushed to a nearby hospital and three days after her family made the difficult decision of taking her off of life support. Preza was described as being a great mother and wife.

One of the officers in the police cruiser suffered minor injuries and is expected to be fine, while the other officer received no injuries at all. The fatal crash is now being investigated by California Highway and Patrol to determine how fast the police officer was driving and whether the sirens were on at the time of the crash.

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