Descriptions and Links to CHP, Official Road Studies and Info

The city of Sacramento has the very exclusive distinction as the oldest incorporated in the state of California. The official start of a more democratic government began in 1920 when Sacramento city voters adopted a municipal constitution or City Charter and a City Council form of government, which they still use today. The city slogan is “California Begins Here” and it’s easy to see why. No matter what direction you venture out to you’ll find a plethora of history, attractions, creative and classic cuisine, and a family fun. With so much to do and see it is of the utmost importance to make yourself as familiar with the laws and rules of Sacramento roads. What follows is a list of important links to help educate and inform you of the many laws, statutes, rights and responsibilities on the roads of Sacramento.

Sacramento City Codes pertaining to vehicles, traffic and the roadway can be found at the Quality Code Publishing website. There you will find all official ordinances pertaining to everything from funeral processions to pedestrians and horse drawn carriages. Teens may be particularly interested in Sacramento City Code 10.32 which states that cruising is prohibited. If you need to know anything about parking violations or traffic control devices, this is where to look.

The City of Sacramento Transportation Office is another helpful link. Their job is to make sure traffic runs smoothly and to maintain safety and multimodal mobility. They are responsible for all traffic signals and street lighting, traffic operations and management, Road design, studies, education and controlling the traffic operations center are all performed here. You’ll find links to traffic data and maps, traffic signals, programs and services, street lights and planned future projects.

The Sacramento City Express is the official blog of the city. It lists current articles on happenings in and around Sacramento, including traffic conditions and roadway construction and accidents. You’ll find news of new traffic control devices, parking regulations and changes in local traffic laws.

The California Patrol provides a link to road and highway news and alerts in an effort to keep motorists informed and up to date when travelling. You’ll find information on real time accidents and safety issues, urgent bulletins such as Amber Alerts and missing elderly people or Silver Alerts. You’ll also find information on Blue Alerts which are data pertaining to violence on police officers. Press releases are regularly published n safety issues, community events and safety.

Title 12 of the Sacramento City codes pertains to streets, sidewalks and public places. It lists street and sidewalk use regulations, temporary street closures, obstructions, repairs, and visibility at intersections. It’s a good place to check before heading out for an event or attraction to be advised of any road closures or detours.

Find Law has a great page on Sacramento laws. It lists links to courthouses, legal aid, car accident law and DUI cases. Jurors, witnesses, and those with cases in the state capital can garner much information from these links. There are many articles on car accident laws for Sacramento specifically as well as DUI information. You’ll find a plethora of information on how to preserve your rights, what to do at the accident scene and the roles of various professionals like attorneys, insurance agents and the police.

The Sacramento courts have a great page to get info on red light camera citations. Red light cameras or automated enforcement systems are a hotly debated subject in Sacramento. Often confusing if someone borrows your car, a citation is sent to the registered owner of the car, whether or not they were driving at the time of the accident. Check this site to learn about these cameras, dates to appear in court and what to do when the owner was not the driver.

The city of Sacramento provides a page that lists all studies conducted of Sacramento traffic. It is a wonderful source for students and engineers as well as any interested citizen. You’ll find traffic evaluations before and after road improvements and a variety of studies related to the city’s traffic.

The California Department of Transportation has myriad information for Sacramento drivers. You can find real time traffic information, check road congestion, construction and accidents. Find out about road and lane closures, changeable message signs and speed of traffic along the freeways and local roads.

Inrix Driving Intelligence is a website that gathers data and produces studies on driving statistics all over the country. It offers case studies, YouTube videos, press releases, and webinars. You’ll also find a scorecard showing the country’s worst roadways and corridors, methodology, key findings, and an annual report on its findings. There’s also a mobile app to obtain valuable traffic and travel info in real time.

The Sacramento Police Department has a variety of information for its drivers and those traveling through. Look here for information on the Drive Safe Sacramento driving program and teen driving resources.

Take advantage of all the great resources on these pages and the links they provide to ensure you have a safe trip to every Sacramento destination.

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