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Driving a motorcycle is truly a unique situation compared to other driving experiences. You get a freedom and a rush that most other drivers will not encounter. You get the luxury of a fast and fuel-efficient vehicle that can maneuver in and out of congested traffic. Along with all the perks exists dangers that every motorcyclist must face.;

Two factors that lead to the dangerous nature of motorcycles are the absence of a protected covering and the lack of visibility among other drivers. An absence of a protected covering puts negligent drivers and the motorcyclist at a high risk for serious bodily injury, when in an accident. Visibility can be difficult for other drivers because they often do not expect to see and can overlook a motorcyclist that is approaching them.

The Major Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Sacramento Motorcycle Accident AttorneysDespite popular consensus, most motorcycle accidents here are most often the fault of a careless automobile driver. Poorly planned road construction, traffic laws, and faulty road design are also big contributors to the nation’s motorcycle accident ratio.

The latest report by the NHTSA showed that in 2004, 76,000 people were injured and 4,000 people were killed by motorcycle accidents in the United States. Of the fatal accidents, 50% were caused by a collision with another vehicle. 36% of fatal accidents involved speeding, 34% of motorcycle accident cases involved alcohol, and 24% personal injury cases involved people driving with an invalid license.

Incredibly, 80% of motorcycle accidents end in death compared to 20% of car accidents. In 2003, per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists were 23 times more likely than car drivers to die in a vehicle accident.

California Motorcycle Laws

Motorcycle Accident ClaimCalifornia has its own set of motorcycle laws. These laws pertain to motorcycle riders both on and off the road. Currently there are no laws governing ear plugs or eye protection in the state of California. There are, however, laws dictating the use of headlights during day hours in vehicles manufactured during or after 1978.;California Vehicle Code Section 25650.5

There are also laws dictating handlebar height in this state. Handlebars cannot be positioned so that the hands of the driver are more than six inches above their shoulders. Lane splitting, illegal in many parts of the country, is permitted by the California Highway Patrol.

Benefits of Hiring Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

California Motorcycle AccidentRiding a motorcycle gives you an immense sense of freedom. However, motorcycle riders also face serious risks in the event of an accident. If you have suffered severe injuries in a motorcycle crash due to another driver's negligence, contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you seek maximum compensation. Below are key benefits of legal representation.

Specialized Expertise

Motorcycle accident cases benefit from lawyers with specialized expertise in this unique area. Seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers understand the complex legal and medical issues surrounding these incidents. They use their deep knowledge to build strong arguments proving liability and damages. An experienced lawyer also knows how to counter common defense tactics aiming to blame riders. Hiring a specialist significantly tips the scales in your favor.

In-Depth Investigation

Recent Motorcycle AccidentSuccessfully a wrongful death claim and proving fault requires meticulous investigation and documentation. Motorcycle accident lawyers know how to gather all pertinent evidence like witness statements, video footage, traffic citations, police reports, and photographs of vehicle damage, road hazards, and injuries. Thorough fact-gathering and analysis allows lawyers to reconstruct the incident and clearly demonstrate the other motorist's negligence caused the collision.

Claims Process Management

Paperwork, negotiations with insurance adjusters, medical costs, and navigating legal complexities surrounding motorcycle injury claims can quickly become overwhelming. Motorcycle accident lawyers handle all documentation and take proactive stances securing fair claims resolutions. Lawyers also coordinate with your medical providers regarding lien payments upon settlement. Their oversight alleviates frustrations during your recovery.

Courtroom Advocacy

While many motorcycle accident suits settle out of court, having an experienced trial lawyer ready to argue before a judge and jury is crucial leverage driving better settlements. Veteran motorcycle accident attorneys have extensive litigation experience and success taking cases to verdict when fair resolutions fail to materialize outside courtroom settings. Their readiness and ability to take the case all the way gives clients greater power at the negotiating table.

Leveling the Legal Playing Field

Victims facing large insurance carriers and their defended interests require strong allies. Motorcycle accident lawyers provide the firepower to stand up to big companies. By thoroughly proving negligence and damages related to a negligent driver or's actions, they force insurers to pay victims the maximum compensation the law allows given the devastating impacts often stemming from motorcycle crash injuries. Their representation evens the odds.

The aftermath of a motorcycle collision leaves riders and families facing daunting medical bills, lost wages from injuries sustained, motorcycle repair/replacement costs and other burdens. Experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can alleviate stresses while fighting for you to obtain optimal financial recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your potential injury claim. With sound legal help, you improve chances of obtaining justice and fair compensation.

Don't Let Your Statute of Limitations Run Out

Future Medical ExpensesIn California, the law imposes a statute of limitations, which sets a maximum amount of time that legal proceedings can occur after the date the incident. Each year at our Law Office, people call me to ask me for help that have legitimate cases, only to find their statute of limitations has run out. It is one of the most difficult things for me to tell them I can’t help because they waited too long.;

Cases involving motorcycle accidents can encompass a plethora of issues and traumatic brain injuries. In the case of Timothy L. Sloop v. Oakland Paper & Supply, Inc.; HTB Investments LLC; and Michael E. Williams, the plaintiff was awarded $1,429,000.00 in a rear-end, motorcycle accident attorneys him. . In 2009, Timothy Sloop was struck by a paper delivery truck resulting in a brain injury.

Michael Williams was driving a truck leased by Oakland Paper & Supply Inc. and owned by law firm, HTB Investments LLC., when he rear-ended Sloop, throwing him 15 feet from the motorcycle. He rolled another 85 feet before coming to a complete stop.

Sloop received compensatory damages recover compensation for the injuries, pain and suffering as well as the medical treatment and long term effects he will suffer.

Motorcycle Crash InjuriesAll motorcycle accident victims deserve compensation for their accident. The objective behind compensatory damages for motorcycle collisions is to restore the victim of the motorcycle accident victim to the original state they were in prior to the accident.

Moseley Collins is experienced in handling motorcycle accident claims, and can maneuver the red tape that can mean a lot to the value of the case. He is well versed in the statute of limitations for serious motorcycle injuries and accidents in California and will make sure your time doesn’t run out.

The first 24 hours after a motorcycle accident are vital to the case. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is an important key to a successful claim. Contacting witnesses, gathering photos and evidence is a critical part of the case proceedings and can only be successfully completed by legal team in the first days after the motorcycle accident caused.

Very specific documentation forms and reports must be filed accurately. Most legal proceedings are not obvious to the layperson. The knowledge of an experienced attorney is the key to obtaiing a fair settlement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident in Sacramento County, you will need a lawyer with experience in motorcycle crashes. Call Moseley Collins at (916) 444-4444 for a free consultation.

Moseley Collins is a personal injury attorney serving those badly hurt throughout Northern California. There is absolutely NO FEE to discuss your case and there is absolutely no fee unless we win and get you the money and pain and suffering compensation you are entitled to. We are on your side and know what to do to get you compensation and justice.

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Sacramento Motorcycle Accident Lawyer (FAQ)

Yes. If you are not seriously injured, call the police immediately after any accident. The other driver may suggest that there is no need to involve police as long as you exchange insurance information. This is not true. Not only may police maintain safety at the scene of the accident, they also will interview you and the other driver, as well as any witnesses that may have seen the crash. They will create a police accident report that may be helpful to you later when you seek compensation for your damages. Always call police and obtain a copy of the police report.

Should I Take Pictures of My Motorcycle After an Accident?

Yes. If you are not seriously injured and it is safe to do so, always take pictures of your motorcycle and any other vehicles involved in the accident. Try to take pictures of your motorcycle before you move it. Take pictures from all angles and show the details of all the damage.

Also take pictures of the scene, showing anything that may be relevant to what caused the accident. This may include:

  • Weather conditions;
  • Traffic signs and signals;
  • Traffic flow;
  • The position of other cars involved in the accident; and
  • Road conditions.

It also is important to take pictures of any injuries you may have suffered in motorcycle collision. This is critical if personal injury claims from the other driver or the insurance company claims later that you did not sustain injuries as a result of the accident.

Should I Seek Medical Attention After a Minor Motorcycle Accident?

motorcycle lawyersYes. Even if you feel fine and consider your head injuries from motorcycle accident injuries to be minor, you should always seek a medical diagnosis after a motorcycle accident. Brain trauma is a serious injury that many motorcycle accident victims suffer without even knowing it. You should always wear a DOT-approved helmet when you ride. But even with a helmet, you can easily experience brain trauma or other internal injuries, even after a low-impact collision.

Should I Accept a Settlement From the Insurance Company for my Motorcycle Accident?

Injured Motorcycle Accident VictimsAfter suffering damages in a motorcycle accident, you will want to settle your case so you can pay your medical bills and repair your motorcycle. If the insurance company makes an offer to settle the case, consider the offer but do not accept it until you speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. The insurance company’s goal is a personal injury lawsuit to protect the insurance company’s financial interests, not yours. The insurance company’s offer likely will be less than a fair award for your injuries. Let a motorcycle accident lawyer negotiate a fair price with the insurance company before accepting any settlement offer.

What Is a Fair Settlement for a Motorcycle Accident?

Motorcycle accidents do not have a specific dollar award. Every motorcycle accident is different, and so is every motorcycle accident settlement. This is because a fair settlement depends on the value of your motorcycle, the cost of your out-of-pocket medical expenses, and the nature and extent of your injuries, including the pain and suffering and emotional trauma you experience. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will have to study your case and evaluate your medical records to determine what a fair settlement in your motorcycle accident case might be.

Should I Call a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer After my Motorcycle Accident?

Personal Injury Law FirmYes. The sooner you contact a lawyer after your accident, or personal injury claim, the better chances you have of winning your case. Proving fault in a motorcycle crash requires specific evidence that can be difficult to obtain. The insurance company may deny that the other driver was at fault and may even assert that you caused the accident. You need a motorcycle accident lawyer who has experience dealing with insurance companies and obtaining maximum compensation for motorcycle accident lawyers their clients. At Moseley Collins Law, we will fight for your right to receive the full compensation you deserve.

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