Dealing With Road Rage and Aggressive Drivers

Road rage has become a growing problem on many highways. You may have experienced an aggressive driver cutting you off, tailgating or driving recklessly in close proximity to your vehicle. Many motorists experience road rage at one point or another, but failure to handle your aggression as you drive can be downright dangerous. Learn more about how to deal with road rage and discourteous drivers.

Back Off

It can be frustrating to deal with aggressive drivers but retaliation is not the answer to your problem. In fact, reacting negatively to the situation may make the opposing driver’s aggression heighten. If you experience another motorist’s road rage, stay calm and take a deep breath to properly defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

Slow Down

There is no need to try and race the aggressive driver to show him you’re not intimated. In fact, pretend that you don’t notice his road rage and continue to drive in a safe and efficient manner. If a driver attempts to pass, slow down slightly to allow him to past and to distance yourself from the driver. Do not stop your vehicle or get out in any scenarios.

Driving Style

In some cases, you may be the one with the road rage and not know it. Some types of aggressive driving are subtle, but just as equally as dangerous. Aggressive drivers tend to use their horn frequently to alert other drivers, tailgate, flash their headlights, make gestures to other drivers, or change lanes quickly and frequently. Even using your cell phone while driving is considered an aggressive act as it puts other motorists in danger. If you think that you may be an aggressive driver, practice safer driving habits or consider signing up for personalized training or a driver’s education and safety course.

Let It Go

Staying angry about the situation will not make the situation any better. Let go of the anger you have at the other driver to allow yourself to drive more safely without the anger and resentment in the back of your mind. If you need to, pull over to the side of the road once the aggressive driver is long gone to get a breath of fresh air.

Stay Courteous

While it can be hard, stay courteous to all motorists on the road to avoid unnecessary confrontations or accidents. Always drive in a safe and proper manner by adhering to the speed limit and any traffic laws. Do not draw attention to yourself on the road by yelling, honking your horn or flashing your lights, as other drivers can take these actions as a form of aggression.

Drive Safe

No one is a perfect driver but the way you conduct yourself on the road can save yourself the consequences that a vehicle accident can bring. Use proper driving techniques to help avoid common road rage triggers and keep out of the way of other aggressive drivers in the area. Following these simple rules can help you stay in control as you frequent your local highways.

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