Dangers of Caesarean Sections

The rate of deaths in women undergoing caesarean sections has begun to cause considerably question and doubt as to the effectiveness of this child birth method. Although the sound of the words “Caesarian Section” may cause a great deal of terror to women, and especially to those who have ruled out every other option of normal vaginal delivery , it is best to consider the complications and dangers that might appear as useful advice and information.

The result of a successful or an unsuccessful Caesarean section depends on many different factors. Studies have proved that people who suffer from specific organic and medical conditions are susceptible to have a negative result from Caesarean Section. Before going over to the dangers of this medical intervention, you should consider a number of important things: if you are obese, or have a heart disease, or even had had previously another Caesarian Section, then doctors can guarantee a low risk incision with minimum results.

Apart from that information about the dangers of Caesarean Section should be taken into consideration from every woman. Keep reading to find out specific information to protect yourself or a beloved one:

  1. There are minimum risks and higher risks involved mainly during and after the Caesarean Section. The most serious risk seems to be a possible hemorrhage because of a considerable loss of blood during the process. Cases of anemia can also affect the mother’s heart, which will instantly require an urgent blood transfusion.

  2. Infections on account of the exposure of the human organs to a bacteria threatening environment are considered to be potential serious complications. These infections can affect the mother from the spot where the incision wound was created, to the neighboring organs, such as the urinary system. Infections are usually accompanied by pain. Scientists support that these kind of infections have a very high possibility to take place if the mother is obese or suffers from diabetes.

  3. Talking about neighboring organs, adhesions as a risk to a Caesarean Section should also be considered. They relate to scar tissues that evolve from the process of stitching the bowel after the surgery, in such a way that organs, which were previously at a distance will bump into or mingle with others.

Those above mentioned risks seem to be the most serious dangers of a Caesarean Section injury. Of course the potential mother-to-be should consider also the after-effects of anesthesia, which in some cases can load her with many headaches and nerve complications. The psychological factor of such a delivery is not undervalued, as the whole process, from the announcement of the need for a Caesarean Section can cause a significant psychological burden to the mother, and even affect the whole incision, that could lead from hemorrhage to even death of the mother and child!

What about the child? Lots of emphasis is given to the mother, but the child’s destiny can be at stake with a Caesarean section. The most common awaited effect is breathing complication. Those side effects have a lot to do with the premature phase the child is in when it comes to the world.

In either case of the mother or child, considering the dangers of Caesarean section after during and after delivery should motivate the future parents to learn specific information from their doctor on how they can minimize or avoid them.

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