Tanning Bed Accidents

Tanning bed accidents occur from time to time. The use of a tanning bed is considered voluntarily either in a salon or in the home, but there are instances another party can be held liable for tanning bed damages.

If information was withheld that led to a death or injury a tanning bed manufacture and or a salon owner may be held responsible. If the dangers of the tanning bed use are misrepresented or withheld, negligence has occurred and a responsible party can be named. This is also true if a salon owner does not monitor client’s use of the tanning beds.

Men and women both crave the golden glow of sun kissed skin. It is considered alluring the world over and cultivated among the populations. Many use a tanning bed to achieve days of sunbathing in a few short visits. When did this sun worship happen? For decades upon decades the world over, pale, milky white skin was considered beautiful.

In ancient Egypt women used mercury and lead to whiten their skin despite often toxic side effects. Light skin was viewed as a sign of wealth in Victorian ages. Only the very wealthy could stay indoors all day and out of the hot sun of the fields.

At the turn of the twentieth century the masses were all inside, working in factories and mills. Tanned skin became to be associated with those who could afford to be outdoors, vacationing. The early twenties medical field touted sunlight as the magical cure to many diseases including Tuberculosis. Once Coco Chanel emerged from a yachting trip with a golden tan, the fashion was set.  

Information about skin cancer and sunlight began to emerge by the 70’s but it was ill-headed. Tanners kept tanning and tanning salons became popular. Fortunately more people have become aware of the dangers of tanning and skin cancer and steer clear of the harmful UV rays.

Tanning once or twice will not necessarily harm anyone. They key is in the amount of UV radiation. Overexposure increases the chance of skin cancer. Tanning beds deliver concentrated amounts of the most dangerous UV rays the sun emits.

It is difficult to prove negligence in most tanning bed cases but if your feel you are not at fault in your tanning bed injury case, call today for a free consultation.  Burns, blisters, redness, swelling and severe irritation are all ways that tanning bed accidents can manifest.

Tanning bed injuries can leave a victim out of work and without income. Pain, suffering and emotional distress are all byproducts of a tanning bed injury. Call Moseley Collins today to benefit from his decades of personal injury legal experience. Mr. Collins is a Christian attorney who values his client’s rights as his own. His goal is to represent his clients with the utmost of integrity. 

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