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How to Purchase Your Next Vehicle

When you choose a vehicle the most important aspect is safety. Will it take you from point A to point B safely? Price is another big factor in choice of personal vehicles.Will it fit in your budget?

Most often people consider efficiency next but not in the traditional sense. When we think of efficiency, we think of a choice between the most efficient cars. What usually happens in this step, however, is whether or not the buyer will consider efficiency at all. Do I care if it only gets eight miles to a gallon if it’s really my dream car? 

The type of car a person drives does not make a difference in everyday life. Except, that is, in the case of car accident claims. Deceptive as it may seem, the smaller the car the larger the insurance claim.  Even claims that include bodily injury and medical payouts are higher with accidents involving smaller cars. Specific large sports cars and SUV’s are the exception as they are more expensive to fix.

The explanation behind this trend is that drivers of small cars entertain a higher risk of sustaining injury in a car accident. After all, they are surrounded with less machinery than those in larger vehicles. Smaller vehicles also sustain more damage in a car accident. 

The data gathered to show this trend came from studies done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) and it has surprised many experts. While most people are aware that expensive cars cost a lot to fix no one considers the potential damage to smaller vehicles.

The Christian Science Monitor reported that the Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio and Toyota Yaris are the worst vehicles for person injury and naming the Chevrolet's Aveo as the absolute worst for medical payouts. The Mitsubishi Lancer was named as the all around worst in all categories of car accident claims.

Kim Hazelbaker, from The Detroit News, explained it this way; "Expensive cars cost more to fix, which is why they have such high collision losses... Meanwhile, cars marketed for their powerful engines tend to crash more often... partly explained by the type of drivers they attract and by the style of driving they lend themselves to."

It seems bigger is not better in the world of car accident insurance claims. The only way to be sure you receive a fair settlement, despite the size of your vehicle, is to hire a reputable car accident attorney to represent your case.

A reputable, experienced car accident attorney is a skilled negotiator in the world of insurance claims. They know the laws inside out and can make sure every issue you’ve been faced with is appropriately addressed.

Moseley Collins is more than skilled in his field. He is a Christian attorney that uses his ethics and strong religious beliefs to represent his clients.