Trucking Accidents - Common Causes

Trucking accidents can lead to dangerous consequences when extra precaution is not taken by motorists when in their presence. This is especially important on Sacramento highways when cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles must share the road while traveling at high speeds. There are many different causes of trucking accidents that can result in catastrophe. Learn more about the most common causes and how to avoid them.


Speeding is one of the most common causes of trucking accidents, accounting for approximately 23 percent of accidents each year. With every mile that you increase in speed, the more disastrous the impact will be during an accident. Always remember to follow the speed limits and use caution when driving in or around trucks.

Blind Spots

While commercial truckers must go through training to ensure that they know where all of the blind spots are on their vehicles, some forget their training. Always check your blind spots when driving in a truck, and ensure that you are not within a truck driver’s blind spot when driving in a vehicle near a commercial truck.


Many commercial drivers become fatigued, especially when driving for long periods of time. To avoid fatigue-related trucking accidents, it’s important to obtain adequate sleep at night. If you become too tired when driving, it’s essential that you pull over to a rest stop to take a brief nap before heading out on the road again.


Illicit drugs and prescription medications account for 18 percent of vehicle accidents. Over-the-counter drugs are also a problem, making drivers tired and greatly reducing their reaction time. If a prescription drug is making you tired, it’s important not to drive to avoid becoming injured in an accident or injuring other people or passengers.


Sometimes drivers make simple mistakes that can lead to unnecessary vehicle accidents. Failure to use a signal light, illegal maneuvers or running a red light can drastically increase your risk of becoming involved in a trucking accident. It’s important to always follow the rules of the road.


Drivers who become distracted when driving account for 8 percent of vehicle crashes. Your attention can be taken away due to cell phone use, foods and drinks, grooming or events in your environment, such as roadwork. Avoid such accidents by keeping your eyes on the road, hands on the steering wheel and focusing on the task at hand.


Driving a commercial vehicle, such as an eighteen wheeler, requires advanced training. Some drivers underestimate how much room it takes to maneuver these large trucks, causing 7 percent of accidents. .Before jumping into the driver’s seat, be sure that you have the proper education and training to drive a large truck.

Road Rage

Aggressive drivers and episodes of road rage can be a major problem when on the road, contributing to approximately 7 percent of crashes. Trucks can cause devastation during an accident due to their size and bulk. Drivers who engage in dangerous behaviors, such as road rage, can cause serious injuries or even deadly truck crashes.

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