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Trucks or "big-rigs" are one of the largest vehicles you will encounter on the road. They can span up to 75 feet in length and can weigh up to 80,000 lbs when fully loaded. As you can imagine, these massive machines can cause some of the most catastrophic and devastating injuries in a vehicle-to-vehicle collision.

Alarming Nationwide Truck Accident Statistics

Sacramento Truck Accident AttorneysStatistics indicate that approximately 500,000 big rig or tractor trailer accidents occur across the United States annually. Every year, around 5,000 people die from those crashes. The fatality rate from trucking accidents is much higher than a standard auto accident. While truck accidents only account for about 7% of all annual motor vehicle crashes, they result in 12% of all auto accident deaths each year.

Increase in California Truck Accidents

In recent years California has seen a drastic increase in the number of tractor trailer trucks on the roadways in Sacramento and across the state. Right along with this increase is the escalation in tractor trailer truck related deaths and accidents.

Data shows that the number of fatalities related to long haul trucks is significantly larger than those stemming from regular passenger vehicles. This holds true for multiple vehicle crashes as well. Accidents involving a large truck almost always result in catastrophic injury or death for the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

Common Factors Leading to Truck Collisions

Commercial Truck DriversResearch indicates that the most prevalent cause of big-rig collisions is a lack of adequate sleep for the driver, accounting for roughly 30% of all truck accidents annually. Additional widespread causes include:

  • Speeding:Truck drivers facing tight deadlines often exceed speed limits, reducing their ability to stop quickly to avoid a collision.
  • Failure to yield:Due to their tremendous size and weight, trucks require more time and distance to come to a halt than passenger vehicles. Misjudging right-of-way can cause a devastating crash.
  • Tire blowouts:Worn tires that are not properly maintained can experience blowouts or tread separation, causing the driver to lose control of the truck.
  • Overloaded trucks:Excess cargo weight on commercial trucks beyond legal limits leads to dangerously slowed acceleration and stopping capabilities on public roads.
  • Intoxication:Drunk or drugged driving causes severely impaired reaction capabilities for truck drivers as it does for all motorists.

While truck drivers must complete extensive training and licensing to operate commercial vehicles, human errors still happen. Working long, tiring hours with no breaks or rest periods, sleep deprivation, tight delivery deadlines, large blind spots around the trucks, and excessive cargo can all cause critical errors in judgment behind the wheel of big rigs.

Furthermore, isolation on the road, food cravings, boredom, loneliness and high stress frequently serve as dangerous distractions for long haul truckers spending days and nights driving to meet delivery windows. Since tractor trailers need substantially more time and distance to brake and maneuver than standard vehicles, any kind of distraction or impairment poses immense risk and can easily cause a serious trucking accident or crash resulting in casualties.

Mechanical defects and overloaded trucks climbing steep grades present additional accident factors. Although designated truck weigh stations aim to prevent overly heavy rigs from continuing down highways, they do not catch every offender. Overloaded tractor trailers struggle to quickly gain speed, require more distance to fully stop, and are more prone to jackknifing or rolling over during evasive maneuvers on highway off-ramps compared to trucks hauling legal-limit loads.

Devastating Consequences of Truck Accidents

Accident SceneWhile any traffic collision holds potential for severe injury or fatality, truck accidents lead to utterly catastrophic results at a much higher rate than standard auto crashes due to the massive size disparity between 18-wheelers large trucks and passenger vehicle occupants. Survivors of truck collisions often face life-changing disabilities for the remainder of their days. Common grave injuries include:

  • Permanent paralysis
  • Severe traumatic brain injuries causing long-term cognitive and motor impairment
  • Loss of limbs requiring amputation
  • Third-degree burn disfigurement covering large portions of the body
  • Long-term psychological devastation and post-traumatic stress disorder

The extreme physical injuries sustained require extensive, ongoing medical treatment and round-the-clock care for the remainder of these victims' lives. High-level assistance with all basic activities of daily living is often necessary due to profound mobility restrictions.

Why Truck Accidents Often Result in 8-Figure Settlements

Motor Carrier Safety AdministrationWhile no amount of money can definitively compensate truck accident victims who sustain permanent disability and trauma, financial reparations play a crucial role by funding lifelong medical treatments, assistive equipment, accessibility modifications and around-the-clock care. In the most catastrophic injury truck crashes where victims survive but often face tremendously reduced life expectancy, seven, eight and nine-figure settlements emerge.

Some key reasons truck accident cases often resolve for 7 to 9-figure payouts include:

More liable defendants

Beyond just the truck driver and trucking company, additional defendants frequently share liability including parts manufacturers, loading companies, trucking industry route planning analysts and government agencies overseeing road maintenance if defects are present.

Higher mandatory insurance minimums

Due to their hulking size, tractor trailer carriers must carry commercial policies worth millions in coverage per incident, compared to individual drivers’ 30/50/15 minimums. Truck policies often start at $1 million, whereas commercial vehicle and passenger policies can be as low as $30,000.

Substantial evidence gathering requirements

Investigating who holds fault for truck crashes requires combing through mountains of records like driver logs, corporate protocols, inspection documents and maintenance records along with reams of crash scene and medical evidence.

Astronomical long-term care costs

Given the horrific disabilities and loss of income capacity often incurred, the accumulative costs over decades associated with complex treatment, equipment, medical bills, mods and round-the-clock care quickly exceeds seven or eight figures.

Enormous loss of future income

Since severely injured truck accident survivors frequently can no longer work owing to permanent impairment, calculating decades of future earning potential also drives top-tier case values into the million-dollar stratosphere.

The eventual outcome of a truck accident injury lawsuit comes down to the skill and exhaustive preparation by the legal team advocating for catastrophically injured clients. Highly seasoned truck accident claim litigation specialists know how to adeptly leverage every shred of evidence and argument to prove the extensive scope and gravity of losses flowing from these uniquely devastating collisions. Their litigation prowess consistently delivers 8-figure results at trial or through settlement negotiations.

Strict Deadlines to File Truck Injury Lawsuits in California

Causes of Truck AccidentsIn California, statutes of limitation impose strict deadlines dictating how long those hurt in truck crashes have to initiate legal action following the incident. For personal injury and product liability claims stemming from truck accidents, plaintiffs have two years from the date of the actual collision to have a truck accident attorney file a formal lawsuit against liable parties in truck accident claims like the truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturers or government entities.

Each year numerous prospective clients call the Moseley Collins Law Office seeking assistance for legitimate truck accident cases, only to sadly discover they waited too long and California's two-year statute of limitations has expired. This leaves no legal recourse possible for financial recovery, regardless of how evident the negligent conduct causing their crash.

This rigid two-year deadline often gets overlooked by unsuspecting truck accident attorneys and survivors more focused on emergency medical issues in the collision aftermath rather than contacting attorneys right away. By the time they connect with law firms later seeking help, they are crestfallen to learn the filing period has already elapsed - thus barring any chance for a lawsuit no matter how strong their potential case. This demonstrates why retaining truck accident litigators immediately is instrumental before statutory constraints prohibit legal action.

Choosing the Right Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyers Is Key

California Truck AccidentIf you or loved one suffers catastrophic injuries in a preventable truck accident caused by negligence or misconduct by insurance company, selecting the most seasoned legal team from the outset proved instrumental for clients seeking fair financial justice. Here are key credentials to look for when researching truck accident personal injury law firms:

40+ years specifically handling truck accident injury cases

Extensive litigation experience concentrated solely on tractor trailer crashes carries more weight than a general background handling fender-benders or minor soft tissue auto collisions.

Tenacious investigation skills leading to maximum liability verdicts

Meticulous and exhaustive evidence gathering with extensive crash reconstruction and medical record analysis sets the stage for delivering full legal culpability rulings.

Established relationships with veteran medical experts nationwide

Having long respected ties with specialized doctors across all fields to decipher intricate medical reports is invaluable in proving the full extent of damages in a court of law.

The resources and staff to handle heavy workloads

Opt for substantial firms with proven teams of seasoned attorneys, nurses and investigators rather than solo attorneys to ensure each client’s case gets ample personal time and attention when needed.

A proven track record of 8 figure verdicts and settlements

A consistent history of securing 8-figure case results provides clients confidence in the law firm’s negotiation talents and courtroom litigation experience when battling conglomerate corporations.

The Moseley Collins Law Firm possesses over four decades of focused commercial truck and accident legal experience with a sterling reputation built on multi-million dollar case outcomes secured for catastrophically injured clients nationwide. Call today at (916) 444-4444 for a free no obligation case consultation. Our firm passionately advocates for those facing permanent disability and vigorously fights for maximum financial compensation during settlement talks or trial. Our extensive legal firepower combined with meticulous case preparation consistently delivers life-changing justice.

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Experienced Truck Accident LawyersIf you or a loved one suffered serious injuries or lost a family member in a catastrophic truck collision on California roads or highways caused by someone else's negligence or misconduct, it is imperative to promptly consult with an experienced Sacramento truck accident injury law firm about your legal options.

Schedule a Zero-Cost Case Assessment Today

The esteemed lawyers at Moseley Collins Law offer no-obligation truck accident injury consultations to thoroughly review the unique details of your crash and assess potential grounds for legal action. We understand you likely have pressing medical issues and questions at this difficult time. Let our compassionate legal team provide caring one-on-one guidance regarding your rights.

To set up your initial free truck accident consultation with a senior attorney at our firm, give us a call anytime 24/7 at (916) 444-4444 or submit an online contact form on our website detailing specifics about your collision. We respond promptly to begin helping injured clients. Consultations also available remotely via video chat.

What You Can Expect During Your Initial Consult

Truck Accident LawsuitsIn your comprehensive truck crash consultation, an accomplished Moseley Collins Law lawyer walks you step-by-step through:

  • Answering all pressing questions surrounding the legal process
  • Collecting preliminary details about your collision
  • Identifying liable parties like trucking companies and drivers
  • Exploring potential settlement values based on case specifics
  • Providing options for legal representation

We know you likely feel overwhelmed. Let our compassionate legal experts provide tailored guidance so you can make informed choices during this challenging chapter. Contact us today to schedule your initial free, truck accident case consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions For to Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer What should I do after being hit by an 18-wheeler or big rig?

First and foremost focus on seeking prompt emergency medical care to address any injuries or concerning symptoms appearing after a truck crash. Even if you feel relatively fine initially, still get checked out by doctors right away since some trauma can take days or weeks to fully manifest. Avoid discussing fault or signing anything without an attorney present. Document the collision thoroughly through photos, videos and recorded statements. Call an reputable truck accident law firm immediately so your legal options can be evaluated while memories and evidence are still fresh.

Why do truck accident cases typically take longer to resolve than standard car crash cases?

Because truck accidents are highly complex legal matters with more parties, records and contributing factors to pinpoint, it takes extensive time to fully prepare and investigate cases compared normal fender bender suits. Crash reconstruction, combing through troves of maintenance documents, consulting numerous medical specialists across specialties, and developing irrefutable arguments of negligence and liability all prolong timelines but result in far greater case strength and much higher values.

What types of truck accident injuries result in the largest financial settlements?

The most catastrophic injuries with permanent, lifelong implications - like paralysis, severe burns, loss of limbs, profound brain damage or spinal cord trauma typically garner the highest pain and suffering settlements into the multi-millions. The enormous accumulative costs over decades for medical treatment, assistive equipment, accessibility modifications and daily assistance quickly drive top-tier truck case values exponentially due to the sheer magnitude of losses.

Can truck companies avoid liability by blaming their driver?

While blame may initially concentrate on an individual driver, truck carriers still bear responsibility for crashes involving their rigs and frequently face negligence claims when their systemic failures contribute to accidents. Examples include deficient hiring and training procedures, intense delivery quotas promoting exhausted and distracted driving often, inadequate equipment maintenance, lack of stability control implementation and more. Top attorneys know how to demonstrate and prove company-wide safety lapses warranting substantial liability.

Should I accept a settlement offer or go to court?

There are pros and cons to both resolutions that your lawyer can explain in-depth. Settlements allow faster access to funds compared to drawn-out litigation, but may not fully cover all current and future serious car accident costs. Courts permit thorough public evidence presentation and testimony before juries who often award higher damages. With a commanding lawyer positioning your best interests first, many valid cases do settle adequately pre-trial upon getting a full picture of the losses incurred. Other times, trial becomes necessary when settlement offers severely underestimate needs. An experienced lawyer guides clients on the best route.

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