Workers Critically Injured in Sacramento Construction Accident

Workers at the intersection of 15th Street and Jefferson Boulevard were injured in September when a chain snapped and a steel bar swung around and hit the workers. The work crew was using giant, heavy chains and equipment to lower steel beams into the ground for a PG&E pipeline. One man was struck in the leg and the other in the head. Both injuries were deemed critical.

Pacific Gas and Electric and CalOSHA immediately dispatched inspectors to the worksite. A full investigation is still underway into the circumstances surrounding the accident. This is normal and expected as a part of the safety procedures for construction sites.

Car accidents are the reigning leader in sheer number of on-the-job accidents in California, construction accidents also account for many, according to OSHA statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has noted that there are four types of accidents that occur most often and have been nicknamed the ‘fatal four’.

The ‘fatal four’ types of accidents are electrocutions, falls, blunt force trauma and machinery mishaps. These four accidents account for the majority of fatalities each year on construction sites. OSHA and the Department of Safety are in place to make sure the dangerous conditions on a construction site are properly maintained and proper procedure is used in all operations. Any variance from safety protocol can cause serious injury and death.

When a construction accident occurs it is handled by a workers compensation claim in most cases. In cases of construction accidents, an injured worker must file a workman’s compensation claim unless there is proof a third party’s responsibility. In other words, if a worker plans to file a lawsuit against their employer for injuries sustained in an accident there must be proof of negligence from a person or machinery.

This isn’t an easy task. Workers in high risk construction jobs have a particularly hard time proving negligence. Hiring a personal injury attorney can be the difference in winning and losing a difficult personal injury or workman’s comp case.

Attorneys with experience in these cases, like Moseley Collins, ask the hard questions that get cases won. In the case of these two Sacramento workers, why did the chain snap? Were the safety procedures that protect against this accident in place correctly? Were any steps taken to protect workers on the ground? Were hand signals being used to show that a huge, heavy object was being hoisted?

The person foremost in charge must be determined as well. Moseley Collins is an attorney with experience in these cases. He is aware of all procedures involved and what will be required before you ever enter the courtroom.

Mr. Moseley can help make sure you are prepared to show proof of negligence and stand your ground. Using his experience and knowledge on your behalf, your chances are better than ever to recoup for the losses of a workplace injury.

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