When to Hire a California Car Accident Attorney

It’s happened. You have been involved in a car accident. Whether it was your fault or another driver, calling a car accident attorney is the first step to take. No matter the extent of the injuries and damages, the expertise of a California car accident attorney is required to receive a fair settlement. 

A lengthy litigation process is disadvantageous for insurance companies. To avoid them, they will often try to settle as fast and cheap as possible. Hiring a car accident attorney right out of the gate ensures you’re not going to receive a low ball settlement that won’t even cover your health expenses.

If a car accident leaves you seriously injured and the cost of your health care and rehabilitation is expected to be considerably higher than normal, it is likely an insurance claims adjuster will contact you. The intricate language and complicated jargon of insurance speak easily confuses the general public. Combine that with the hardball tactics used in the insurance industry and your claim could be sorely lacking. 

Claims adjusters are hired by insurance companies to make the settlements in their favor. They are often made over the phone and very quickly after the accident. When you hire an accident attorney they make your terms for the claim and ensure your damages are paid and you are rehabilitated and fully back to health. 

It is best to hire an attorney for a car accident as soon as possible. The insurance company will waste no time trying to settle a claim with you. Negotiations should be held in writing. Oral agreements are subject to many factors that can change. Large and complicated claims should always be written. If an oral contract is the only choice it should be recorded.

If you are seriously injured, there is an uninsured driver involved or there is any dispute about who is at fault in the accident, time is of the essence. Waste no time hiring a car accident attorney if these types of issues are present. California has a statute of limitations requiring a lawsuit to be filed within a specified amount of time from the accident. Extenuating circumstances like these make claims more difficult and can slow down the process. An experienced California car accident attorney is able to use his legal expertise to make sure you get your suit filed in a timely fashion.

If you have a little fender bender and no injuries have occurred you could probably get a fair settlement without the aid of a car accident attorney but it never hurts to be on the safe side. If you’re not sure if you need a car accident attorney in your case, contact us for a free consultation and we will go over the facts. 

The loss of work and the pain and suffering associated with even minor injury car accidents can affect your livelihood for years. Don’t take chances with your future. Consult with a reputable California car accident attorney before you sign anything from an insurance company.

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