How to Prove Fault in a Car Accident in Sacramento

Determining liability in an automobile accident is essential, especially if injury occurred, if there was extensive property damage and for insurance purposes. In most car accident cases it’s usually obvious which party was at fault but in other cases parties may disagree on who should be held liable. If you truly feel that the opposing party was negligent here are a few tips that can help you prove who was at fault in the accident.

1) Police Report

In most cases the police are always called to the scene of an accident especially if someone was hurt. Sometimes, when damage is perceived to be minor, drivers opt out of calling the police and instead exchange insurance information. Police reports are crucial for proving which driver was at fault because it includes vital information. The written police report will mention if there was specific traffic law that one of the drivers violated which caused the accident or it will not any negligent or risky behavior that could have contributed to the accident.

In the report the officer may even make not of their opinions that caused the accident. Having this supportive evidence can be of great benefit to your case.

2) Eyewitnesses

Were there other passengers in the vehicle during the accident? Did the accident occur in front of a bus stop, a local business or in a view of other people? These witnesses can help your case by simply providing the facts or recalling exactly what they saw.

3) Take Pictures

Photographs of evidence may help your case more than your own testimony would. Take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle. Usually, you can tell which driver was at fault by the location of the damage on the vehicle. For instance, if there is damaged to the rear end of your vehicle it’s almost never your fault, especially if the other vehicle has damage to its front. So if you are the victim of a rear end collision, you are not at fault regardless of the fact that you stopped. Keep in mind, in some instances you may have to assume partial negligence for instance if your brake light wasn’t working properly, which prevented the driver behind you from noticing that you were stopping, you may also be held partially liable.

Drivers making a left turn are also almost always at fault when they collide with the vehicle going straight since that vehicle automatically has the right of way. You can also tell via photographs if a left turn type accident occurred. If the If the vehicle going straight ran a red light, or was going over the speed limit than liability can be shifted.

4) Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

In many cases victims try to handle car accident cases on their own but this is highly discouraged when damage has occurred and if someone was hurt. A good Sacramento personal injury lawyer will be better equipped to prove your case and fight for fair compensation.

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