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Choosing a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

As a victim of an accident that has caused some type of personal injury, we know that it can be both physically and emotionally challenging.  You have the right to hold the negligent party accountable by pursuing legal action. In a situation like this, it’s important to have a good Personal Injury Lawyer on your side so that matters are handled in your best interests.

Yes, choosing a good lawyer can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Making a poor choice can lead to loss of money and it can be a waste of your time. What are some factors that you can consider when hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

We’ve all seen the thirty second commercials, with the catchy taglines and the promise of justice from the thousands of Personal Injury lawyers who have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these advertisements.  Note, just because a commercial sounds convincing does not mean that the lawyer will be effective. Never choose a Personal Injury Lawyer based on their commercial.

You use the internet and your local yellow book pages to search for a lawyer. Online you may even be able to find reviews on a particular lawyer that you are interested in hiring. Also, lawyers depend largely on referrals for business.  Ask your friends, family members and your colleagues if they know a good lawyer that they can put you in contact with.  You can even ask a lawyer you’ve used in the past for a referral to a Personal Injury Lawyer.  Remember, that it’s essential to hire a lawyer whose specialty is in personal injury litigation and one that has experience in handling cases with your particular type of injury.

Narrow down your finds and schedule a consultation with a few attorneys.  Most Personal Injury Lawyers do not a charge a fee for an initial consultation. A consultation gives you an opportunity to screen a particular lawyer and ask them any questions you may have.  Here are a few questions you can ask:

-        How many personal injury cases have they handled and settled successfully?

-        How long have they been practicing law, particularly personal injury litigation?

-        If you choose to reject a settlement option are they willing to take the case to trial to pursue a larger amount?

-        Do they charge a retainer fee or is the balance settled if the case is won? (If your resources are limited, this bit of information is extremely important to find out)

-        Personal injury laws vary state by state; make sure you ask if they are well-versed in Sacramento California state laws?

-        Ask them to give you a ballpark figure on a fair compensation.

-        Inquire about any hidden and potential fees that may arise throughout the process.

Avoid working with a lawyer who usually works on the side of the insurance company in personal injury cases.  Also, a lawyer who refuses to sign a retainer agreement, which outlines the financial agreement between you and the attorney, raises a red flag.