Orange County

Orange County, California, is currently the third most populated county in the entire state. On a national scale, this county ranks as number six in the list of most populated counties. With a population of 3,010,232 (according to the 2010 U.S. Census), Orange County's population is larger than 21 individual states. Only San Francisco County beats out Orange County for the title of most densely populated county.

The history of this county dates back to the colonial years. Before European settlers arrived, Native American groups lived in what is now Orange County. In 1776, the first permanent settlement made by Europeans, which became known as the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Orange County as we know it today didn't exist until long after California became a state. Due to the high numbers of ranchers and the discovers of silver in the area, Orange County (then Los Angeles County's) population exploded, leading the California government to create a new county. Thus, some sections of Los Angeles County were broken off to create Orange County, which was incorporated in 1889.

Orange County incorporates many great cities and towns into its borders. Some of its major cities include Anaheim, Buena Park, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and many others. Though most of the county is made up of cities, there are a number of unincorporated communities such as Emerald Beach, Midway City, Rossmoor, and many others.

If you are cruising through Orange County, then you can't go through without making a stop at the happiest place on Earth - Disneyland! Anaheim is home to the original magic theme park, which welcomes hundreds of visitors every year.

Anyone looking to spend time outdoors won't want to miss Orange County's national protected areas. Part of the Cleveland Forest is housed within Orange County. Visitors can also make their way to the Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. Surfing enthusiasts should head to Huntington Beach, California, for the best surfing anywhere in the country. It's even nicknamed Surf City, U.S.A."

Several major highways and a number of state routes go through this county. Drivers can take advantage of Interstates 5, 405, and 605 and many state routes including State Routes 1, 22, 57, 74, 91, and 142, among others. As most or Orange County is urban, there are plenty of public transportation options, including buses, ferries, airports and trains.

With all these major cities populating the area, car crashes are inevitable. According to a Sept. 5, 2015, article from, a woman driving her car in Orange County suddenly decided that now would be a good time to exit the vehicle. While the car was still in drive, the woman halted and then jumped out of her vehicle, a Hyundai Sonata. The car began to quickly roll into oncoming traffic and hit two other vehicles. It is unclear why the woman decided to leave her car, but hopefully she doesn't do it again.

Drunk driving is also major concern, especially around a holiday. In May 2015, a woman was fatally injured while she was riding in a car in Westminster. The woman, who was from Buena Park, wasn't wearing her seatbelt. She was brought to UCI Medical Center, located in Orange, but unfortunately, she passed away just two hours later.

Busy roadways are a problem in any county, but with so many people driving on the roadways in Orange County, there are even greater chances for accidents. Drivers need to stay safe on the roads not just for themselves, but for the other drivers and passengers who share the road as well. It is also important that drivers stay safe in their own cars. Not wearing a seatbelt can be the difference between life and death, as the second accident described here demonstrated.

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