Stanislaus County

Stanislaus County is in California’s Central Valley. Modesto is its county seat and it’s considered part of the Modesto statistical area. Gabriel Moraga was the first European explorer in 1806. Huge Mexican rancheros ruled the land when it was a province of Mexico.

There are many bustling cities in this county as well as suburban areas and quieter rural spots. Incorporated cities include Ceres, Hughson, Modesto, Newman, Oakdale, Patterson, Riverbank, Turlock and Waterford. There are also many census designated cities and unincorporated communities.

Stage arts and festivals are rampant in Stanislaus County. There are also a plethora of historic places to view. A really fun aspect of this area is its street graffiti art. There is also a large classic cars collector following here so you’re sure to see some relics of autos past still tooling along the streets. They call it Graffiti Summer and the entire county takes part in the festivities. There are several museums and galleries dedicated to what makes the county so unique and exciting. Some of the national historic listing include the Bald Eagle Ranch House, First National Bank Building, Hotel Covell, Kingen Hotel, Knights Ferry and Louie’s Place.

Several state routes and Interstates run through the county making it easy to visit all its interesting stops. Interstate 5 runs through the county. Many state routes also through the area. These include state route 4, state route 33, state route 99, state route 108, state route 120 and state route 132.

These state roads, in addition to the many rural and side roads are always busy with so much to see and do. Accidents occur more in these busy counties with so many people coming and going. A four vehicle accident occurred during a stolen vehicle attempt in September of 2015. Tully Road and Briggsmore intersection saw the stolen vehicle participant’s crash into three other cars causing several people to be transported to the hospital.

A young 15 year old girl was struck in a crosswalk at Yosemite Avenue by a Modesto City Schools truck right across from the high school. She was unresponsive at the scene and recovering from serious injury in the hospital. Area residents saw children are hit at this crosswalk several times a year and the city has yet to install lights, signage or any help.

Eleven year old Joshua Romero received significant injuries when a car hit him on his bike on Monte Vista Avenue in May 2015. According to the California Highway Patrol, Joshua has suffered serious injury. The driver was uninjured. The boy was not wearing a helmet but distracted driving or DUI are not thought to be involved.

Car accidents of any kind are devastating. Especially when children are involved. Not only must victims and their families suffer through injury and property damage but also loss of wages and income, emotional distress and sometimes even death and the expenses that accompany it. Legal representation in car accident cases is imperative. Insurance company lawyers are interested only in saving their client money, not repairing the lives and damages the victims experience.

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