Sonoma County

Sonoma County, California may be best known for its many amazing wines but there is so much more to do and see in this county. Santa Rosa, the largest city in the county and its county seat, holds many attractions but there are also many fun sites scattered throughout the county. The Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University are also here, helping to draw more than 7.4 million tourists.

The wine isn’t the only big attraction in Sonoma County. There are also several Native American tribes which inhabit the area, offering visitors the chance to learn about their heritage, culture and traditions. The California Indian Museum and Cultural Center is a great place to start. Before Europeans arrived Native Americans thrived in the area and there are still many remnants of those early days. This museum covers the more than 150 tribes that were native to the area.

Wine lovers adore visits to Sonoma County. There are many fine wines made right here in this county. Matanzas Creek Winery is a Santa Rosa original. The vineyard, gardens and lavender fields have made the area world famous for its beauty and visitor activities. Stroll the grounds, play bocce ball or enjoy your choice of wine with an array of artesian cheeses. There are many vineyards in the area which offer tours and many shops, tastings and performances for visitors to enjoy. If nature is your thing, there are many hiking trails, nature centers and seaside fun. There is always a place to put a boat in the water, fish, bike or nature watch. There are also many parks and historical sites to visit.

There are so many attractions and festivals in Sonoma County, there is no wonder there are several major transportation routes in the county. U.S Route 101 runs north/south across the state of California. There are also many state routes including 1, 12, 37, 116, 121 and 128. The public transportation is stellar in Sonoma County. You can get anywhere you like using the county transit, city bus or rail transit.

The area is large with many sites in the myriad towns. Like any area of its size there are vehicle accidents. Two young 13 year old girls were struck by an SUV driven by a 40 year old female on September 9, 2015 as they were walking to school. The SUV struck the two girls as they walked across the crosswalk and were thrown several yards.

Street racing teens were the cause of a six car pile-up on highway 12 in early September. As the racing teens approached highway 101 and realized traffic was stopped they both slammed on their brakes, losing control of their automobiles. A woman and her infant daughter were taken to the hospital.

Two drivers were injured in a head-on collision in the Kenwood area. A third person was also hurt. Highway 12 was the scene of the accident where Sabino Rosas, 43, and passenger Claudia Mendoza 32, were hit by a food truck travelling eastbound.

Traffic accidents are bound to happen in counties of this size and magnitude but the pain and anguish are multiplied when the accident is the fault of negligence. Other drivers who don’t pay attention to their driving, or drive with disregard to the road rules cause accidents and death every day across California. Neglect of road conditions by the city can also cause deadly accidents as well as weather conditions and animals on the road.

No matter what causes car accidents, they are always stressful. From loss of wages to injury or death, there are many issues to deal with in a vehicle accident. Obtaining a lawyer who is experienced in car accidents representation can help assuage some of the stress.

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