San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County was one of the first 18 counties created when California became a state in 1850. The city of Stockton was named as the county seat by Captain Charles Weber and it became a port of entry that is still used today. The county has a symbol that is very important to them, the Goddess of Justice. It is a statue made of gilded zinc which stood 172 feet above the street. As time went by and other courthouses were built, the statue of the Goddess was moved to stand in front of it.

The county has a few incorporated cities with bustling, happy populations. The cities in Jan Joaquin County include Escalon, Lathrop, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, Stockton and Tracy. The largest city in the county is Stockton with more than 300,000 residents. The smallest is Escalon with only a bit more than 7,000 residents.

Arts and entertainment are at every turn in this fine county. The Haggin Museum never fails to amaze and inspire guests with their exhibits from world famous artists. The history of the area comes to life in specific displays that show what pioneer life in California was like. Storefronts, old vehicles and culturally significant objects. The Bob Hope Theater offers visitors a chance to see not only local productions but nationally famous productions as well. The Pixie Woods Amusement Park makes for a fun afternoon for kids of all ages and the young at heart. There are also some great fairgrounds, museums and festivals to check out no matter what time of year it is.

Getting around this county is simple with the many state routes and interstates available. Interstates 5, 205 and 580 are all accessible as well as state routes 4, 12, 26, 88, 99, 120 and 132. There are also several bus and public transit services available.

Counties with this many busy traffic areas are not without car accidents. Some are simple fender benders and others devastating, negligent tragedies, but each is shattering in its own right. Four young people, ages 20 to 16, lost their lives in a tragic accident in September of 2015 near French Camp. The roll-over crash occurred after a high speed police chase. The driver and two passengers died at the scene. August 2015 saw the deaths of two people killed in Lodi in a head-on collision near I5. It happened when one of the vehicles crossed lanes into oncoming traffic. The collision burst into flames, killing two and injuring one. A man pushing a child in a carriage was hit by a car in Manteca at the Wellington Avenue crosswalk in July of 2015. The toddler survived. The blinding glare of the setting sun was blamed for the accident.

No matter how or where an accident occurs it can be devastating. Loss of property, income, mobility and even life are all possible. Even pure accidents due to weather, sun glare or vehicle malfunction can change a person’s life forever. The most devastating of all car accidents occur from negligent driver activity. Its seems more painful to know that had another driver taken proper precautions and followed the simple rules of the road, your life would still be intact.

Obtaining a lawyer is imperative when accidents occur on the road regardless of the impetus. Insurance adjusters can seem understanding and caring but their job is to pay the injured person as little as possible for their injuries. Having a lawyer on your side will make sure all your costs and damages are paid for.

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