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Medical errors cause hundreds of thousands of injuries and deaths each year in the United States. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to a healthcare provider's negligence in San Diego or anywhere in California, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. The lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have over 40 years of experience helping victims of medical negligence recover the compensation they legally deserve.

We encourage you to reach out directly online or call 800-426-5546 for our team who specialize handling California medical institution negligence claims. Recognize that compassionate support finally aligns wholly on your side.

Overview of Hospital and Doctor Medical Malpractice in San Diego

Hospital negligence occurs when a San Diego healthcare provider breaches the medical "standard of care" and this substandard treatment causes the patient harm. Some examples include:

  • Misdiagnosing or delayed diagnosis of a serious illness or injury
  • Surgical errors and mistakes during child delivery
  • Pharmacy errors with medication dosages and prescriptions
  • Failure to properly monitor patients
  • Discharging patients too soon
  • Using contaminated medical equipment

These types of medical errors can lead to catastrophic injuries with life-long effects. The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law can investigate what went wrong with your care and build a strong claim for damages against the negligent parties.

Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Some of the more common types of medical malpractice and negligence cases we handle for clients in the San Diego area include:

Birth Injuries
  • Failure to promptly perform an emergency C-section
  • Errors administering anesthesia or oxygen to the mother
  • Improper use of birth-assisting tools like forceps or vacuums
  • Failure to properly monitor fetal heart rate

Birth injury cases often involve severe harm to the baby such as cerebral palsy, facial paralysis, nerve damage, fractures, and developmental delays.

Surgical Errors
  • Wrong-site surgery
  • Surgical tool accidentally left inside patient's body
  • Collapsing of lung during surgery
  • Severing nerves
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Waking up during surgery
  • Bleeding not recognized soon enough
Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis
  • Failure to detect cancer or other critical illness
  • Heart attack symptoms ignored
  • Inaccurate reading of imaging tests (x-rays, MRIs, etc.)
  • Missing blood clots or infections
  • Ordering inaccurate lab tests

A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis often leads to a patient's condition significantly worsening due to lack of prompt treatment.

Medication Errors
  • Administering the incorrect drug or dosage
  • Pharmacy dispensing wrong medication
  • Ignoring harmful drug interactions
  • Over-prescribing medications
  • Incorrect administration of anesthesia

Medication errors frequently cause harmful drug reactions and other severe avoidable effects.

The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law thoroughly investigate what went wrong and build a strong case on your behalf backed by medical expert testimony.

Major Medical Facilities Serving San Diego, CA
  • Scripps Health - Nonprofit health system with multiple hospital campuses including Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, Scripps Mercy Hospital, and Scripps Green Hospital
  • Sharp HealthCare - San Diego's largest healthcare provider operating multiple hospitals including Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Sharp Coronado Hospital
  • UC San Diego Health - Top ranked academic medical center affiliated with University of California San Diego including Jacobs Medical Center, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, and Shiley Eye Institute
  • Rady Children's Hospital - Leading San Diego children's hospital with expert pediatric specialties from cancer to trauma care to heart surgery
Proving Medical Negligence - What Our Lawyers Must Show

In order for victims in California to recover damages in a medical malpractice claim, our lawyers must prove the following four key elements:

  1. A Doctor-Patient Relationship Existed - This means you were under the care and treatment of the healthcare provider when the negligence occurred.
  2. There Was a Breach in the Standard of Care - Healthcare providers must live up to certain medical care & treatment standards. Deviating from these standards caused you harm.
  3. The Breach Directly Caused Your Injury - There must be a direct cause-effect relationship between the medical negligence and the injury or damages suffered.
  4. You Suffered Quantifiable Damages - Monetary compensation in medical cases includes both economic damages like medical bills and lost wages and non-economic damages like pain/suffering and emotional distress.

With over 40 years of medical legal experience, the lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have extensive expertise at investigating errors in your care and proving these key elements of a malpractice claim. We dedicate significant time and resources to demonstrating how a healthcare provider's negligence directly caused your harms and losses.

Types of Compensation Available in California Medical Negligence Claims

In medical malpractice cases where negligence is proven, injured victims can recover several types of damages, including:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation and long-term care expenses
  • Lost income and loss of future earning capacity
  • Cost of living with disabilities or permanent injuries
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life
  • Emotional distress

If the medical negligence resulted in the death of a loved one, certain family members may be entitled to compensation by bringing a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible parties.

The accomplished medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have a proven track record of recovering millions for clients in all types of injury cases. We know how to present evidence to maximize compensation for the full extent of the losses suffered due to medical errors.

Why Choose Us For Your Medical Negligence Case?

Why Choose Us For Your Medical Negligence Case?

Moseley Collins Law is renowned in San Diego and throughout California for getting exceptional results for victims of medical negligence. Here's why we're widely trusted in medical malpractice cases:

  1. Millions Recovered for Clients

    Our lawyers have helped injured victims recover millions total in verdicts and settlements in all types of injury cases. We know what it takes to get the maximum compensation you deserve.

  2. 40+ Years of Courtroom Success

    With over forty years of experience, our firm has a long history of courtroom success. We always prepare every case for trial and fight relentlessly negotiating for the best possible result.

  3. Thorough Investigation Process

    The key to winning medical malpractice cases is the strength of the evidence. Our investigation process involves obtaining all medical records related to your injury and having them reviewed by independent medical experts. We gather trusted medical opinions to build the strongest case possible.

  4. Free Consultation, No Fees Unless We Win

    We provide all medical negligence victims a free no-risk consultation. We charge no lawyer fees whatsoever unless we successfully resolve your case.

With a proven record of millions recovered and 40+ years of medical and legal experience on your side, you can trust your case is in the absolute best hands with Moseley Collins Law.

Our Promise to Medical Malpractice Victims in San Diego

Mistakes happen in medicine, but negligence causing catastrophic harm is inexcusable. No amount of money can make up for the devastation medical errors cause victims and their families. But obtaining just compensation is crucial to cover extensive care, treatment costs and provide loss of earnings victims desperately need. We help relieve the financial toll to improve lives.

At Moseley Collins Law, we treat every client like members of our own family. Our commitment is to provide each medical malpractice victim compassionate guidance, respect, and the relentless dedication to win justice. We offer free consultations, so contact our office today to discuss your potential hospital negligence claim in complete confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)What are some common medical mistakes constituting malpractice in San Diego County?

While many errors occur innocuously initially before causing delayed patient harm later, certain negligent behaviors align more closely crossing into irrefutable medical malpractice violations locally such as surgical screw-ups, anesthesia miscalculations, medication mismanagement, failure ensuring infection control, delays diagnosing treatable diseases until too late for intervention and more. Each case outcome depends on unique circumstances.

What specific types of damages can someone potentially claim through California medical negligence lawsuits?

Beyond tangible damage coverage for all physical pain and suffering already endured in addition to related ongoing and future medical costs necessitated from sustained injuries, one may also potentially claim real income losses, vast out-of-pocket healthcare and rehabilitation expenses moving forward, modified home/vehicle costs to accommodate disabilities, and other explicit quality of life losses with direct evidentiary ties back to the originating medical care breaches in courtroom arguments. Cases with merit frequently prevail.

How much does retaining a top San Diego medical malpractice law firm cost financially upfront?

Recognize that most reputable specialty firms like ours traditionally implement contingency fee billing structures meaning injured victims pay absolutely nothing upfront early on to formally retain direct legal representation or case evaluation assessments from our offices. Instead, Moseley Collins Law makes all necessary financial speculations through trial completion. We then only collect reasonable pre-agreed percentages later when cases successfully resolve in your favor either via settlement or jury award. This facilitates greater access to justice for malpractice victims facing existing financial constraints resulting from damages originally incurred by medical errors. Please inquire if these monetary realities now compromise your family’s overall stability or emotional wellness during vulnerable times.

What should I do if hospital risk management staff downplay my family's complaints or conceal pivotal information?

Sadly, hospital risk management departments inherently maintain innate conflicts of interest too often misaligning administrators away from transparency and patients. By promptly retaining external counsel legally obligated upholding victim rights first and foremost, patients gain allies dedicated to uncovering repressed facts and ensuring your long-term priorities stand guarded strictly benefiting patients over institutional reputations or financials. Reporting issues remain crucial though for total visibility into localized negligence patterns.

How long do medical malpractice cases realistically take to resolve through either favorable settlement or trial verdict?

While every situation differs somewhat based on accumulating evidence trails, coordinating multiple specialty medical experts from both sides, levels of legal defensiveness and courts scheduling constraints, most well documented California medical negligence claims fortunately resolve favorably within roughly 18-24 months on average through private pre-trial settlement agreements once economic terms become mutually acceptable between both sides and long term medical bills get fully finalized. However ensuring lifelong care considerations for irreversibly injured victims commonly represents the paramount priority over swiftly forcing legal closure alone. By retaining specialist lawyers intimately familiar with managing these intricate cases daily, injured patients maintain allies closely tracking case progress while clients focus upon healing.

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