Marin County

Marin County is known for being one of the most beautiful areas of the state. Located in the Northern San Francisco Bay area, it has a population of more than 252,409. It claims San Rafael as its county seat. Across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, it is considered part of the San Francisco – Oakland- Hayward metro area. It is an affluential area known for its liberal politics. The places of note include San Quentin Prison, Autodesk, George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and a variety of high-tech companies.

The Marin County Civic Center is also here, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, it draws visitors by the thousands each year. Tours are given of the amazing architecture including the arch and atrium designs. The oldest cross country race in the country is also held here, the Dipsea Race. Thousands of athletes venture to the area each year to partake.

The beauty of Marin County is undeniable. The Golden Gate Recreational Area is home to Muir Woods National Monument. It holds some of the oldest Sequoia still standing in the country. The Marin Headlands are known for the breathtaking views of the bay area and the Golden Gate Bridge, often used in television and movie shots.

There are several cities in this lovely area of the state including Belvedere, Mill Valley, Ross, Sausalito, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, San Anselmo, Tiburon and Novato. So many cities, as well as the many census designated communities require a number of roadways to expedite transportation. Major highways include Interstate 580, U.S Route 101, State Routes 1, 37 and 131. Its gorgeous landscape lends itself to several scenic roads visitors and residents alike will travel simply for the view. Such roads include Dillon Beach Road, Bear Valley Road, Crown Road and Marshall Petaluma Road.

Despite its beauty and tranquility, the many roads, highways and interstates are congested and often dangerous. Car accidents are prevalent but there are some unforeseen dangers that go along with them. August 2015 saw a road rage accident that ended with a Bolinas man arrested who later killed himself. What seemed like a car crash in a field turned out to be the man’s body after suicide by asphyxiation. August also saw a runaway Jeep jump a curb and accelerate into traffic at HWY 101. Marin County saw a fatal car accident on HWY 101 in May of 2015. No details were reported other than the accident occurred near Seminary Lane in the southbound lane.

Busy and influential areas of California such as Marin County have myriad traffic problems and are always compiling new ways to combat the problem. Unfortunately, negligent drivers are not the only reasons car accidents happen. Fires and other inclement weather can also damage cars and cause accidents by pushing or flooding vehicles into dangerous conditions. Unsafe road conditions caused by flooding, extreme heat and irresponsible road maintenance are all culprits when it comes to accidents.

Regardless of what caused the accident, there are many repercussions. Car accidents destroy much more than the vehicle involved. The most obvious being injury or death to the victim. If that occurs there are medical bills and court costs and the endless costs associated with getting your life back together. When injuries occur, work and wages are missed and the victim becomes eligible to lose their home and belongings.

The first step to successfully recovering from an accident is to retain a lawyer with extensive legal knowledge and experience practicing in the area. Mosely Collins has decades of legal experience in the area and a dedication to the people he services.

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