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Xavier is driving home on the freeway after a day of hard work. All he can think about is sitting down to a nice dinner and slipping into bed for a good night’s sleep. In front of him, he can see traffic slowing to a stop and he groans.

Xavier breaks rather forcefully as the traffic is closer than expected and finally comes to a stop. He looks in his rear-view mirror and notices with horror the driver in the truck behind him does not seem to be slowing down in time.

He desperately looks for a place to pull his car out and away from the approaching danger, but none can be found as he is surrounded on both sides by stopped cars. He braces for the impact and the blow comes and another and then another and then another.

Confused at first, Xavier suddenly realizes that he has not only been hit by the truck behind him, but also the car behind the truck and the car behind the other and so on. Drivers in the lane next to him are also experiencing accidents, as the cars in his lane are pushed over into other lanes.

Finally, the chaos stops and all Xavier can make out is the blaring of horns, yells of drivers, and the sirens in the distance coming to the scene. His auto accident has in a matter of seconds become a large freeway pile-up.  

Multi-vehicle accidents, also known as pile-ups, can be very dangerous. 

They can range in diversity from a stopped car being hit from behind and thus hits the car in front of them, to a hundred-car pile-up on the freeway.  

Some of the deadliest crashes over the course of history have been multi-vehicle accidents occurring on freeways. Often times, this is due to poor driving conditions, such as rain or fog. Drivers are unable to accurately see how far in front of them the other cars are. When one car gets into an accident, the cars behind it are not left with enough time to react and thus, hit that car and so on.

One of the most dangerous aspects of these types of crashes is the aftermath. Many people have been killed or seriously injured after leaving their vehicle in a multi-vehicle accident to be hit by another unsuspecting car. Sometimes due to the nature of the crash, people are unable to exit their vehicles and are injured by car fires.  

Whether you have been involved in a three car or a hundred car pile-up, you will need representation for your property damage and injuries sustained from the accident.  

Several cars involved in one accident brings about the issue of liability rather quickly. It is no easy task to determine liability in a multi-car collision. The person smashed into your rear fender isn’t necessarily the one at fault in a situation like this.

In any vehicle accident, you will need to determine who was the negligent party and caused the accident. Since this can be difficult in multi-vehicle accidents, often times you will find a lot of finger pointing and passing the blame. While this is going on, insurance companies will not pay for damage done. Liability must be proven first.

The solution in this case is to hire a lawyer. Moseley Collins is an experienced multi-car collision attorney and is able to thoroughly investigate the accident to lay rightful responsibility. Police reports, accident reports, witness statements and all insurance paperwork must be diligently perused for evidence.

If you have extensive injuries and property damage, you will need compensation to help sustain you while you heal. Often times, my clients are so badly injured that they either have to take an extensive or permanent leave from work and/or get trained for a new occupation.  

If you or a loved one has been injured in a multi-vehicle car accident, call Sacramento car accident attorney, Moseley Collins. There is no fee to begin your case and no cost unless we win. I am here to help.

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