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Butte County

Butte County, California makes up the Chico, California Metro Statistical Area in the Central Valley of California. It is known as the "Land of Natural Wealth and Beauty," partially because of all the gorgeous bodies of water it comprises, including the Sacramento River, Feather River, Butte Creek and the Big Chico Creek, offering plenty of outdoor activities for residents and visitors. The area is also home to several higher learning facilities such as Butte College and the California State University of Chico., drawing college age adults to the diverse area.

The area is home to several bustling communities. Biggs, Chico, Gridley, Oroville and Paradise are all part of Butte County as well as a plethora of unincorporated communities. Butte County also houses several interesting ghost towns such as the Forks of Butte, Bidwell’s Bar and Hamilton, which was the county’s first permanent county seat. There is no limit to fascinating history and attractions in Butte.

Chico is the biggest city in Butte County. It contains one of the country’s biggest city parks, Bidwell park. The Chico Art Center is a big tourist draw. It is an old renovated railroad depot and has continuing art displays featuring California artists. The Chico Creek Nature Center is another big draw to the area. Located in Bidwell Park, it offers a live animal museum, nature walks and living history displays. Paradise, California, also in Butte has the charming Gold Nugget Museum which offers visitors a taste of the gold rush days in the area. Oroville, California boats the Barry R. Kirshner Wildlife Foundation complete with endangered species and interactive displays.

This five-city county has many offerings for both tourists and its 220,000 residents and employs several venues of public transportation including the B-line, Glenn Ride Buses and Plumas Transit systems. State Routes 32,70 and 99 all run through this county.

Not unlike many of California’s busy counties, Butte has its share of car accidents. 2015 alone has seen some particularly heartbreaking and hazardous accidents. The May 1rst accident that killed 17 year old Cameron Sabatino, and injured Lance Anderson and another victim in Oroville is no exception. The Las Plumas High School basketball star was tragically killed when riding as a passenger on Lower Wyandotte Road when it crashed into a SUV at V-6 Road.

Twenty-four year old Jeffery Stogsdill lost his life in April in a very curious Butte County car accident. When police first arrived on the scene they mistakenly believed Jeffery to be the driver until further investigation revealed George Daniel Ellis III was driving, caused the accident and fled the scene, leaving Jeffery to die.

Chico State student, 21 year old Nickolas Klein was killed crossing at Hazel street in Chico in March of 2015. The mechanical engineering student was struck by an SUV and transported to Enloe Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

January saw the death of 51 year old Chico resident, Jonna Smith from a crash with a wrong way driver under the influence of alcohol, Richard Wilson, 64. Wilson was driving westbound in eastbound lanes striking and killing Smith. Wilson also suffered considerable injuries.

Car accidents are always devastating, no matter what the cause. Having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can make all the difference in receiving any compensation to put your life together after a car accident in Butte County. Car accidents can affect every part of your life, from your health and well-being to your income and relationships with others. Only an attorney with the work experience of Mosely Collins will be able to help you to gain your status of life back.