Truck Accident Lawyer in Yolo County, CA

Being involved in a truck accident can result in catastrophic injuries with life-long implications. The size disparity between passenger vehicles and semi-trucks or 18-wheelers means that when a collision occurs, the occupants of the smaller vehicle tend to suffer severe damage. Have you or a loved one been injured in a truck crash in Yolo County or the surrounding areas? You may be entitled to significant compensation. With over 40 years of securing 7 to 8 figure settlements for clients, the dedicated truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law are here to help.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes in Yolo County

While no two truck accidents are exactly alike, most share one or more contributing factors. Understanding what leads to these devastating collisions can help prevent their occurrence in the future. Some of the most common causes of truck crashes in Yolo County and the surrounding areas include:

Driver Error

  • Driver Error: Truck drivers face immense pressure to meet tight delivery windows and drive long hours without adequate rest. This leads to drowsy or inattentive driving and critical errors in judgment.
  • Equipment Failure: When poorly maintained trucks break down on highways, they can obstruct traffic flow and visibility, increasing accident risk. Defective brakes, tires, steering and more can precipitate a crash.
  • Overloaded Trailers: Exceeding legal weight limits compromises vehicle control and stopping distance for truckers. Overloads frequently factor into multi-vehicle pile-ups.
  • Hazardous Weather: Northern California sees plenty of rain, fog, and winding roads. Reduced visibility and slick pavement lead trucks to hydroplane or jackknife.
  • Speeding: Truckers driving over speed limits or too fast for road conditions easily lose control due to their size and weight.

In addition, collisions often involve third-party shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, the US Postal Service and more. When any entity cut corners, accidents become inevitable. By being aware of these common causes, trucking companies and drivers can make changes to enhance roadway safety for everyone. But when they fail to act reasonably, accident victims deserve compensation.

Police Departments and Stations in Yolo County

If you or someone you care about gets injured in a truck collision in Yolo County, you'll need to file an official crash report. Here is a list of local police departments and stations responsible for responding to accidents and documenting what transpired:

Yolo County Sheriff's Office - (530) 666-8282 - 140 Tony Diaz Dr, Woodland, CA 95776. The Yolo County Sheriff's Office employs over 300 staff including corrections, administration, enforcement and reserves. Their jurisdiction spans unincorporated parts of Yolo County and they assist other agencies as needed.

West Sacramento Police Department - (916) 617-4900 - 550 Jefferson Blvd, West Sacramento, CA 95605. With 123 sworn officers, they patrol the streets of West Sacramento. Traffic enforcement is a priority to reduce accidents.

Winters Police Department - (530) 795-2261 - 702 Main St, Winters, CA 95694. This smaller agency employs 14 sworn officers to keep Winters safe. They have increased DUI checkpoints recently.

UC Davis Police Department - (530) 752-1727 - 315 A St, Davis, CA 95616. They utilize bike patrols and community outreach to protect students and faculty across UC Davis' 5300 acres.

Having an accurate, detailed crash report can help prove fault and secure maximum compensation down the road. Be sure to get the officers' credentials and contact information as well.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Due to the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks, the occupants of passenger cars often sustain catastrophic, life-altering harm. Some of the most frequently occurring truck accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): Head-on collisions or rollovers can cause violent blows to the head. This leads to permanent cognitive deficits.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI): Sudden truck impacts commonly result in herniated discs, fractured vertebrae or complete paralysis below the point of injury.
  • Internal Organ Damage: Penetrating trauma from truck parts or seat belts leaves kidneys, liver, spleen and other organs bruised, lacerated or ruptured.
  • Orthopedic Injuries: It takes immense force to break thick bones in the body. Truck accidents frequently crush hands/feet and shatter hips, knees, shoulders and more.
  • Wrongful Death: When significant blood loss, organ failure or other traumatic injuries prove fatal, families lose loved ones forever.

Survivors often face prolonged hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation and lasting disabilities. But specialized lawyers can help them fight for fair compensation for their suffering.

Major Highways and Roads in Yolo County

According to California Highway Patrol data, over 4,579 truck collisions occurred in their Woodland area jurisdiction between 2017-2021. And CHP statistics show large trucks were at fault in nearly 55% of all recorded truck crashes statewide. Many of these accidents took place on Yolo County's major traffic corridors:

  • Interstate 80: Runs east-west across Northern California. The site of frequent jackknives and rollovers.
  • Interstate 505: Connects I-5 to I-80. Numerous blind mergers lead to sideswipes.
  • State Route 16: Links Woodland to Capay Valley. Windy roads trigger run-offs.
  • State Route 84: Joins West Sacramento to rural roads. Vulnerable to head-on incidents.
  • County Roads: Older roads lacking sufficient signage/shoulders contribute to truck crashes.

Strict compliance with truck safety laws across these corridors is critical to avoid further accidents. When commercial carriers, shippers or big rig operators cut corners, they must be held financially liable.

Cities and Towns We Serve in Yolo County

Cities and Towns We Serve in Yolo County

At Moseley Collins Law, our experienced truck accident lawyers assist those injured across Yolo County and beyond. Some specific cities/areas we help clients in include:

  • Woodland
  • Davis
  • West Sacramento
  • Winters
  • Esparto
  • Capay Valley
  • Dunnigan
  • Yolo
  • Knights Landing
  • Madison
  • Monument Hills
  • Broderick
  • Bryte
  • Elkhorn

No matter which town you reside in, our lawyers make home/hospital visits a priority to review potential cases. Serving clients throughout Northern California familiarized us with crashes occurring on I-80, Route 505 and more. We handle everything from negotiating your claim to litigation.

Why Moseley Collins Law is Premier Truck Accident Firm

With four decades securing 8 figure verdicts/settlements for clients nationwide, Moseley Collins Law possesses extensive experience handling all aspects of truck injury claims. What sets us apart includes:

  • 900+ Five Star Google Reviews: Real clients praise us for our compassion/legal expertise during their crisis.
  • Board Certified Truck Accident Lawyers: Rigorous testing proved our lawyers' knowledge of Federal trucking regulations and accident reconstruction. Only 1% nationwide hold this elite distinction.
  • No Win, No Pay Guarantee: We front case costs and don't get paid unless you do.
  • Multimillion Dollar Recoveries: Our proven results include millions of verdicts.

Put simply - no other law firm wields our level of experience and resources. That's why 95% of our caseload comes directly from past client referrals. We make the legal experience supportive by treating each client like family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How soon after my accident should I contact a lawyer?

You only have two years to file a truck accident claim in California due to the statute of limitations. However, it is best to contact Moseley Collins Law as soon as possible after your crash to preserve critical evidence and testimony that may get lost over time. Our swift action has recovered millions for severely injured clients.

How much does it cost to hire a truck accident lawyer?

Truck crash cases involve extensive investigations, multiple expert witnesses, and more. Yet Moseley Collins Law takes them on a contingency fee basis - meaning we only get paid if you recover damages. And we front all case costs for clients too. There are no upfront fees or expenses for you.

What damages can I claim in my truck accident lawsuit?

You may recover compensation for medical bills, lost income, loss of future earnings, pain/suffering and more. If negligence caused a wrongful death, families can also sue for funeral costs, loss of companionship and other claims.

Can I handle my truck crash claim without a lawyer?

You have the legal right to self-represent your case. However, trucking companies quickly hire defense lawyers to minimize payouts after crashes. Moseley Collins Law levels the playing field by thoroughly investigating accidents and aggressively negotiating on your behalf for maximum results.

How long do truck accident cases take to resolve?

Each case depends on injuries suffered and conduct of insurers. Minor crashes may settle in months. But severely harmed victims often spend years fighting legal battles before reaching resolutions. Throughout the process, Moseley Collins Law diligently advocates for injured clients.

The physical, emotional and financial toll inflicted by truck crashes remains steep. Yet when negligence by a commercial trucker, shipping company or parts manufacturer contributed to your loved one's accident, they must be held accountable. Contact the truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law today at (800) 426-5546 for a free consultation on recovering the maximum compensation you deserve in California civil court. Our lawyers stand ready to help get your life back on track.

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