Sutter County

Sutter County is a gorgeous area of California located beside the Sacramento River in the rambling Sacramento Valley. Created in 1850, Sutter County was one of California’s original counties although in 1852 some of the county were given to nearby Placer County. It was named for John Augustus Sutter, who was the first to realize what a wonderful agricultural empire the area could be. He established the Hock Farm in 1841 just south of today’s Yuba City and it became the first large agricultural venture in the valley.

The Butte Sink National Wildlife Refuge and the Sutter National Wildlife Refuge is here so there are ample opportunities for nature lovers to discover some of the flora and fauna that makes the area so important. Butte Sink National Wildlife Refuge spans not only much of Sutter County but also Colusa and Butte Counties. It is over 18,000 acres of wildlife.

Its stance as one of the first counties gives visitors and residents alike many historic districts, museums and landmarks to view. It is also home to the smallest mountain range in the world, the Sutter Buttes. The land is privately owned but guided tours are given. There are also myriad rivers and lakes for water fun. The area is famous for its many fairs, community events, bikeways, shopping and dining.

The Sutter County Community Memorial Museum offers exhibits, research and on-hand exhibitions for school groups and visitors who want to learn more about the areas past. Not only are there many permanent exhibits but several that travel from museum to museum for the world to enjoy. There is a virtual exhibit at the Community Memorial Museum. It shares image archives from throughout the ages.

There are a variety of state routes that run through the county. These include state route 20, state route 70, state route 99, and state route 113. These are busy roadways and with this much traffic comes the inevitable car accident.

Two people were killed in August of 2015 in a deadly motorcycle crash on highway 99. For unknown reasons the motorcycle veered into oncoming traffic and was ran over. California Highway Patrol reports that right after the accident another car came through and hit the bike, causing that car to flip over.

April 2015 saw the sad deaths of three brothers, Carlos, Antonio and Lucas Blanco were all killed in a head on collision with a drunk driver. The drunk driver, Michael Jones, began to veer off the road and overcorrected, sending him straight into the three brother’s vehicle.

Car accidents in any part of the country are devastating, but never as badly as when several members of the same family are all tragically killed. Car accidents cost lives in the worst situations but even smaller accidents wreak havoc on a person’s life. Loss of health and mobility leads to loss of income and wages. Emotional and brain damage often occur. It’s imperative to obtain legal representation in any car accident situation in order to recoup any damages.

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