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Have you or someone you love suffered harm from lapses in appropriate medical care at a Stanford hospital or other Bay Area facility? Perhaps misdiagnoses, surgical errors, medication mistakes, childbirth injuries or hospital acquired infections have resulted in devastating, lifelong impacts for your family. You are likely facing massive healthcare bills, lost income from disability, and uncompensated suffering on top of the physical and emotional trauma. Our law firm can help you take legal action if negligence altered your life forever.

Moseley Collins Law has over 40 years of in-depth expertise helping patients and grieving loved ones pursue justice against doctors, nurses, specialists, and healthcare corporations after medical errors cause catastrophic injury. If substandard treatment at a Stanford or other Northern California medical center resulted in grave harm, we have the proven track record and resources to build a strong claim for maximum compensation for all aspects of loss and damages. Over the decades our lawyers have recovered millions for local victims of malpractice and their families nationwide. Now we aim to help you.

Common Forms of Medical Negligence We See in Stanford Area Cases

In investigating hundreds of potential malpractice cases arising from hospitals across Northern California through four decades, our lawyers have encountered nearly every form of medical mistake imaginable. Some of the more common lapses involve:

  • Failure to diagnose cancer, heart conditions, stroke
  • Surgical errors – operating on the wrong body part
  • Emergency room negligence – failing to recognize serious illness
  • Birth injuries to mother or infant
  • Medication overdoses
  • Severe infections due to unclean hospital rooms/tools
  • Misread lab results leading to wrong treatments
  • Poor aftercare instructions upon discharge

Major Stanford and Bay Area Hospitals

Tragically, preventable medical errors persist as a leading cause of serious injury and death in this country. Reasonable care could spare so much anguish. You need advocates willing to stand up for your rights and hold negligent parties fully accountable if a pervasive culture of errors has devastated your family.

Major Stanford and Bay Area HospitalsStanford Hospital and Clinics

With famous university affiliation and as a premier destination hospital nationally, expectations run understandably high for Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Yet even here, errors can have catastrophic consequences when the standard of care lapses.


Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital

Ranking as one of America’s top pediatric hospitals, LPCH cares for high volumes of children facing complex, serious conditions. Unfortunately, even superb hospitals commit errors resulting in devastating injury or death to young patients.


Sequoia Hospital

Founded in 1950, this 369-bed facility provides comprehensive medical services, yet potentially fatal oversights still occur. Patients deserve accountability when poor care robs them of health permanently.


Full List of Cities and Towns Our Malpractice Lawyers Serve

At Moseley Collins Law, we are dedicated advocates for patients and families harmed by substandard medical care throughout the region. Our lawyers represent victims in legal claims against negligent doctors, nurses, technicians and hospitals in:

  • Stanford
  • Palo Alto
  • Menlo Park
  • Redwood City
  • San Carlos
  • Belmont
  • Burlingame
  • Foster City
  • Hillsborough
  • Atherton
  • Woodside
  • Portola Valley
  • Emerald Hills
  • North Fair Oaks
  • Plus, ALL other local cities and communities throughout Northern California.

Types of Grave Injuries We Have Won Compensation for Clients

Types of Grave Injuries We Have Won Compensation for Clients

For over 40 years, our firm has advocated for patients catastrophically harmed by all forms of medical negligence. Some conditions resulting from errors for which we have successfully recovered damages in past cases include:

  • Brain damage
  • Spinal cord injuries – paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Surgical mistakes
  • Emergency room errors
  • Cancer misdiagnosis
  • Severe infections
  • Dangerous drug reactions
  • Pediatric care negligence
  • Birth injuries to mother or baby

No words can adequately convey our sorrow over the pain our clients have unjustly endured from lapses in their medical care. We pursue legal advocacy with passion because we understand families should not be financially sinking on top of coping with trauma, disabilities and grief over lost quality of life. Securing accountability and compensation is critical, and our track record of results speaks for itself.

Damages Available in Medical Malpractice Cases

Experienced medical malpractice lawyers understand the full scope of losses and damages that negligent healthcare can cause in a victim’s life. Successfully proving liability of providers is crucial; but just as vital is quantifying all past and future impacts accurately when seeking rightful compensation. Having an advocate intimately familiar with the numerous categories of damages at play is key.

Economic Damages

Economic damages in malpractice seek to reimburse tangible financial costs related to the injury or wrongful death. Major components may cover:

Medical Expenses

All hospital, physician, therapy, rehabilitation, prescription and other costs related to diagnosis, treatment and ongoing health maintenance tie directly to provider errors. Documentation is critical.

Lost Earnings

If injuries prohibit returning to work, experts can calculate this stream of lost income over expected working years with reasonable raises and benefits factored. Strong wrongful death cases also often claim significant lost estate value.

Loss of Earning Capacity

Even if returning partially to duties, victims may remain blocked from higher salaries of chosen career path due to disabilities. Actuaries compute the total impact over a projected career.

Lawyers ensure ALL quantifiable costs that would not otherwise have occurred absent malpractice receive consideration when conveying damages claimed to court.

Non-Economic Damages

Monetary awards also legally support compensation for a range of non-economic suffering tied to malpractice injuries/death:

Pain and Suffering

Victims experience physical, mental, and emotional anguish from malpractice effects - whether temporary during recovery or permanent due to disability. Judges and juries determine appropriate amounts based on trial evidence.

Loss of Consortium

In severe cases, malpractice impacts whole families due to lost companionship and severed marital relations. Compensation targets restoration of lifestyle capabilities as possible.

Punitive Damages

In scenarios involving gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing - typically a separate claim - courts may additionally award punitive damages strictly targeting punishment/deterrence.

Working with seasoned medical malpractice lawyers ensures no category of rightful damages gets overlooked when pursuing the full measure of justice you or your family deserve. Leverage our expertise.

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law for Your Medical Negligence Case?

With so much at stake after medical errors upend your world, ensuring you retain a highly seasoned medical malpractice law firm is vital. What sets Moseley Collins Law clearly apart?

  • 40+ years focused SOLELY on malpractice cases
  • Recognized as one of top trial lawyer firms
  • Millions recovered for local victims
  • Hospital administration & risk management contacts/insight
  • Panel of medical experts across all specialties
  • Rigorous quality control - we commission FOUR plus expert case reviews
  • Relentless devotion to our injured clients

When you retain us, you gain instant credibility and leverage against negligent healthcare providers and insurance carriers. Our reputation for litigation success induces earlier, higher value settlements since companies realize we power to take cases to verdict with compelling proof. Past victims of medical negligence just like you have entrusted us with their situations and futures; now let our team fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

FAQs for Medical Malpractice Victims

FAQs for Medical Malpractice VictimsWhat exactly constitutes medical malpractice vs. acceptable risks with procedures?

You must show providers violated the accepted "standard of care" - how a reasonably prudent, skilled professional would have handled your situation. Our medical specialists assess if lapses meeting this threshold occurred.

Is compensation guaranteed even with strong proof of mistakes?

No outcome ever guaranteed, but our rigorous preparation and reputation provide more leverage driving higher settlements more frequently. Justice still denied sometimes, sadly.

How expensive is retaining a malpractice law firm?

We offer representation on a contingency fee basis - no payment from victim unless we win damages. Medical costs also advanced. So, you face no financial risk engaging our services.

What is your success rate?

Over decades, we have secured millions for hundreds of clients. Many cases settle confidentially however, so statistical answer difficult. Please judge on reputation/client reviews.

What if you evaluate my case then decline it - then what?

We are always fully honest upfront if able to take a case or not. If we cannot officially represent you due to case dynamics/risk factors, we still provide guidance, direction and referrals to aid you. Victim support our priority.

Let our Stanford medical malpractice lawyers provide skilled, dedicated guidance each step through this difficult situation. Moseley Collins Law offers proven representation, resources and results injured patients can depend on when negligence alters their life permanently. We encourage you to bring us your story in a completely risk-free consultation at 800-426-5546. Our firm can help you recover damages, justice and hope again.

Client Reviews
"When I was injured I felt truly hopeless. I didn't know where to turn when I was released from the hospital. Luckily, I remembered your phone number and I called you. You won a nice settlement for me. Thank you!" Charles T.
"May God bless you always, Moseley and your wonderful staff. You all were there for us when we needed it most. We are forever grateful." Tina N.
"Everyone at the law firm was helpful, considerate and courteous. I would highly recommend Moseley Collins. Thank you so much." Robyn D.