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Suffering an injury due to medical malpractice can devastate one's life in many ways. Medical errors cause serious harm, resulting in disabilities, lost income, excruciating pain, enormous expenses, and emotional trauma. If you or a loved one has experienced medical negligence by a healthcare provider in Renton, WA or nearby communities, you need an advocate on your side. The medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law focus on representing victims of medical negligence statewide. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have the legal skills, resources, and successful track record to stand up to negligent doctors, hospitals, clinics and insurance companies in Washington.

An Overview of Medical Malpractice Laws in Washington State That Apply to Renton, WA

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional violates the standard of care and injures or causes the death of a patient. Under Washington laws, patients have the right to receive competent medical treatment that meets professional standards. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists, therapists, pharmacists and other providers can be held legally liable through a medical malpractice lawsuit if their substandard care harms someone.

Some common grounds for medical malpractice claims in Washington include:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose serious conditions
  • Surgical mistakes and errors during treatment
  • Childbirth injuries to mother or baby
  • Medication errors and pharmacy dispensing mistakes
  • Failure to order proper tests or screen for diseases
  • Missed follow-up care or referrals
  • Lack of informed consent regarding risks
  • Use of faulty medical devices or products

To prove medical malpractice under RCW 7.70.030, our firm must establish these key elements:

  • A direct provider-patient relationship existed that established a duty of care
  • The healthcare professional breached the accepted standard of competent medical care
  • This breach directly caused the patient’s injury or death
  • Damages resulted, including pain, suffering, disability, lost wages, costs, etc.
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Litigating medical negligence cases requires extensive resources and medical expert witnesses. The lawyers at Moseley Collins Law possess the skills, experience, and resources to build strong cases for victims and surviving families. We work closely with nationally recognized specialists to analyze errors and strengthen our clients' claims.

Why Choose Us for Your Medical Malpractice Claim in Renton, WA?

Pursuing fair compensation after an incident of medical negligence is often an uphill battle. Healthcare providers regularly refuse to take responsibility or disclose mistakes. Powerful insurance companies fight vigorously against malpractice suits. Our accomplished medical malpractice lawyers in Renton level the playing field by aggressively confronting negligent parties and exposing the truth.

Moseley Collins Law provides client-focused representation concentrating solely on medical malpractice litigation statewide. Key reasons to choose us include:

  • 40+ Years of Combined Experience: Our team has an in-depth understanding of Washington medical malpractice laws and the tactics used by insurance firms. We know how to thoroughly investigate errors, establish valid legal claims, and fight for full compensation for clients.
  • Medical Expertise: We collaborate with a nationwide network of veteran medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and specialists who provide critical testimony detailing how the provider breached the standard of care.
  • Track Record of Major Recoveries: Our previous medical malpractice suits have resulted in many multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for injured clients. We have the skills and determination to take on even the most complex cases.
  • Client-First Approach: We limit the number of cases we accept so we can provide personalized attention to each client. We listen to your needs, answer your questions, and keep you updated through every phase of your case.
  • No Fees Unless We Win: We provide representation on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees or expenses are owed unless we secure compensation for you through a settlement or jury award.

The harm caused by medical negligence can last a lifetime. You deserve experienced legal advocates fighting for your full rights. Do not settle for less than maximum compensation. The medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have helped numerous victims and families in Renton and statewide, and we are ready to help you too. Please contact us for a free case review and consultation.

Examples of Common Medical Malpractice Cases We Handle

Healthcare professionals in Renton and surrounding communities including Bellevue, SeaTac, Kent, Auburn, Newcastle, and Issaquah make mistakes each year, harming trusting patients. At Moseley Collins Law, we have seen the devastating impacts of medical negligence. Some of the most common medical malpractice cases we handle include:

Surgical Mistakes

While all surgeries involve risks, mistakes made during surgical procedures should never occur. Our law firm has handled many cases where surgical errors here in Renton and the greater Seattle area caused serious harm, such as:

  • Wrong site/wrong patient surgery
  • Unintended damage to organs, nerves, or anatomy
  • Retained foreign objects left inside patients after surgery
  • Anesthesia errors and mishaps
  • Avoidable postoperative infections
  • Physicians lacking proper surgical qualifications/training
  • Failure to order or review essential lab tests before surgery

Surgeons are expected to meet very high standards of care and skill. When these standards are breached, we hold surgeons and surgical facilities fully liable for the terrible damage done to our clients.

Birth Injuries and Delivery Negligence

Giving birth is supposed to be a time of joy, but when preventable medical errors are made during labor or delivery, the effects on both mother and child can be devastating. Birth injury cases due to negligence might involve:

  • Failure to adequately monitor fetal heart rate
  • Improper use of vacuum extraction or forceps during delivery
  • Delayed emergency C-section
  • Errors administering anesthesia or epidurals to mothers
  • Postpartum hemorrhage due to lack of vigilance

Birth injuries such as brachial plexus injuries, hypoxia, cerebral palsy, seizures, and developmental delays can leave children with permanent disabilities. Our lawyers will fight passionately on their behalf to obtain the lifelong medical care, therapies, equipment, and other necessities they will require.

Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis

One of the most common yet catastrophic medical errors we see are failures to diagnose serious illnesses and conditions. Examples include cancers, heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, diabetes, infections, and blood clots. Missing a diagnosis denies patients prompt medical treatment that could prevent further physical harm, disability, and even death.

Related medical errors are misdiagnosis and delayed diagnoses. These happen when providers reach the wrong conclusion or take too long to identify the real underlying issue. Again, the result is delayed treatment, allowing the patient's condition to worsen. By the time the correct diagnosis is made, the patient's health outlook is much bleaker.

Failure to diagnose cases require extensive litigation and multiple expert witnesses. Our lawyers thoroughly investigate what signs, symptoms, and clues the providers missed or misjudged to prove negligence and strengthen our client's case.

Medication and Pharmacy Errors

Medication errors take many preventable forms, including:

  • Being given the wrong pharmaceutical drug
  • Being overdosed or under-dosed
  • Overlooking harmful drug interactions
  • Ignoring documented allergies
  • Illegible handwritten prescriptions
  • Dispensing wrong medication at the pharmacy

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians must be extremely careful to avoid medication mishaps, which can lead to devastating consequences. When substandard practices cause preventable harm, we demand justice and full accountability.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Elderly nursing home residents often rely completely on staff to assist with their most basic daily needs. When staff fail to provide adequate care and supervision, the results can be tragic. Our lawyers have represented victims of:

  • Pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and dehydration
  • Falls and traumatic injuries
  • Excessive sedation
  • Sexual assault
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to send declining patients to ER promptly
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Proving nursing home negligence and abuse cases can be extremely difficult given the lack of transparency. Our legal team has the dedication and resources to build strong cases for harmed residents and families seeking justice.

Why Moseley Collins Law is Trusted for Medical Malpractice Cases

Moseley Collins Law enjoys an excellent reputation having advocated for hundreds of victims of medical negligence statewide. Some key reasons we're trusted include:

  • Decades of Experience: Our lawyers have been litigating complex medical malpractice cases for over 40 combined years. We know how to thoroughly investigate errors and prove negligence.
  • Compassion for Clients: We care deeply about our clients and treat you with the empathy and support you deserve during this difficult time. Our legal team maintains regular communication to address your questions and concerns.
  • Strong Local Reputation: Our prominent Renton law firm is well known for taking on even the toughest malpractice cases and delivering results for clients. We have an impressive record of 7 and 8 figure recoveries.
  • Team Approach: Every client benefits from the collaborative skills of our lawyers, medical professionals, intake specialists, nurse consultants, legal researchers, and support staff. We build comprehensive cases customized to your needs.
  • Past Client Referrals: A significant portion of our cases come directly from referrals made by past clients and their families, which reflects the quality of care we provide.
  • Respected Medical Experts: Proving malpractice requires testimony from highly credentialed specialists. We partner with top medical experts to analyze errors and strengthen our clients’ cases.
  • Contingency Fee Representation: We provide legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning no upfront payments from clients. Our fees come as a percentage of the compensation achieved.
  • Hundreds of 5-Reviews: We have hundreds of 5-star reviews.

Don’t go up against the healthcare providers and insurers alone to fight for the justice you deserve. The accomplished medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law will be honored to discuss your potential case during a free consultation. Take the first step by calling us today at 800-426-5546.

Medical Facilities Serving Renton and Surrounding Areas

Below is a list of major hospitals and medical centers located near Renton, WA that serve residents of King County and the greater Puget Sound region:

Valley Medical Center – Public hospital in Renton offering comprehensive healthcare including Level II trauma care, cancer treatment, and mental health services.

UW Medical Center – Northwest – Part of the UW Medicine system providing specialty care in areas like cancer, neurology, high-risk childbirth and liver transplantation.

Kindred Hospital Seattle – Renton – Sub-acute care hospital offering treatment for medically complex patients recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

Cascade Vista Post Acute – Skilled nursing facility in Renton offering long term care, physical therapy, and subacute services.

Overlake Medical Center – Two campuses in Bellevue providing emergency care, childbirth services, cardiac care, neuroscience treatment, cancer care, and wellness services.

Seattle Children’s Hospital – Leading pediatric hospital treating children and teens from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

St. Francis Hospital – Part of CHI Franciscan with a campus in Federal Way offering emergency, cancer, cardiac, orthopedic, and OB/GYN care.

MultiCare Auburn Medical Center – Full-service hospital providing emergency, surgery, birth services and medical care to Auburn and nearby communities.

If you or a loved one experienced medical negligence at any Renton, Bellevue or Seattle area healthcare facility, contact us today to discuss your legal options. Our lawyers help victims of medical malpractice across King County and statewide.

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Have you or someone you love suffered terrible harm due to medical negligence in Renton or the surrounding communities? Before it’s too late, contact the accomplished medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law for a free, confidential consultation by calling 800-426-5546. We will carefully examine the details of your case and advise you of all your legal options. Our firm works on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no upfront legal costs as we advocate on your behalf. Let our experienced medical malpractice lawyers fight for the justice and compensation you rightly deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Washington Limit the Amount of Compensation for Medical Malpractice?

No, Washington State does not limit or cap compensation amounts that can be recovered in medical negligence lawsuits. This allows our lawyers to fight for complete financial damages based on the profound physical, emotional and economic impacts of each client’s case.

How Much is My Case Potentially Worth?

The value of each medical malpractice case depends on the specific injuries, disabilities, losses, and damages involved. Through a comprehensive review of your records and circumstances, our legal team can provide an estimated case valuation range and clarify what compensation you may be entitled to recover.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Renton, WA?

Our firm represents medical negligence clients on a contingency fee basis. This means no upfront fees for our legal services. Our fees come as an agreed upon percentage of the compensation we obtain through settlements or trial verdicts.

Can I Still Recover Compensation if I Signed Consent Forms?

Yes, you can still potentially recover damages even if you signed consent forms for treatment. Consent forms do not protect healthcare providers from responsibility when they are negligent. Call us to discuss your options.

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