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When negligent medical care causes injury, illness or death, the impacts on victims and families can be devastating. The healthcare providers responsible must be held accountable. At Moseley Collins Law, we have spent over four decades advocating for patients' rights by pursuing medical malpractice claims against doctors, nurses, hospitals and healthcare corporations that fail to meet accepted standards.

Medical errors happen in all types of healthcare facilities - busy hospitals, outpatient clinics, nursing homes and individual providers' offices. And when subpar treatment in Benton County, Washington directly leads to permanent disability, loss of a limb, brain damage or the tragic death of a loved one, we fight for justice. By thoroughly investigating each case, consulting with medical experts, and building strong arguments demonstrating how the malpractice caused needless suffering, we aim to recover the maximum compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering.

If you or a family member has been affected by medical negligence in Benton County, please reach out for a free consultation. We will review the details, advise you of your legal options, and discuss whether we can take your case. Our mission is to hold negligent parties fully accountable and get justice for victims. Please read on to learn more about how our team can help.

Common Forms of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice encompasses a wide range of errors, oversights and examples of negligence on the part of healthcare professionals. Under Washington law, victims must demonstrate healthcare providers failed to meet accepted standards of care, resulting in preventable injury or loss. Some of the most prevalent types of medical malpractice we encounter when assisting injured clients:

  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis – Failing to recognize signs and symptoms, ordering inadequate diagnostic testing, misinterpreting test results, and other oversights can allow treatable medical conditions to progress to more severe, sometimes incurable stages. Missing a cancer or heart disease diagnosis are common examples.
  • Surgical Mistakes – Operating on the wrong body part, using improper technique during surgery, nicking internal organs or tissues, leaving surgical equipment inside patients, anesthesia errors, postoperative complications, and other surgical mishaps can profoundly impact patients’ lives.
  • Emergency Room Errors –The fast-paced nature of emergency medicine leads to rushed assessments, failure to adequately monitor patients, incorrect triage of urgency, ignoring symptoms of stroke/heart attack, discharging unstable patients, and other forms of subpar ER care.
  • Childbirth Injuries – Lapses during prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum treatment can lead to birth trauma, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, and other catastrophic outcomes for infants. Lack of fetal monitoring is a frequent factor in birth injury cases.
  • Medication Errors – Prescribing or dispensing the incorrect drug or dosage, ignoring drug allergies and interactions, improperly administering anesthesia, mishandling IV medications, and other pharmacy-related errors can cause mild to fatal drug reactions.
  • Nursing Home Abuse/Neglect – Inadequate staffing, failing to prevent falls or infections, ignoring pressure ulcers, over/under medicating residents, theft of belongings, dehydration, malnutrition, improper use of physical or chemical restraints, and other forms of nursing home negligence endanger vulnerable elderly residents.

No matter what type of medical negligence caused your own injuries or that of a loved one in Benton County, our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers can fully investigate the cause, demonstrate precisely how healthcare providers breached the accepted standard of medical care, and demand full accountability and fair compensation on your behalf.

Major Hospitals and Medical Centers in Benton County

Benton County residents rely on the following hospitals, health networks, clinics, and care facilities for their healthcare needs:

  • Kadlec Regional Medical Center – A Level II trauma center and full-service hospital based in Richland, with over 250 beds. Kadlec provides emergency care, cancer treatment, neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, high-risk obstetrics, Level III NICU, and many other services.
  • Trios Health – Headquartered in Kennewick, Trios Health operates three campuses – Trios Southridge Hospital, Trios Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and Trios Care Center. Their three hospitals have over 350 beds combined and offer comprehensive healthcare.
  • Lourdes Health Network – Part of the larger Lourdes Health System based in Pasco, Lourdes Health Network runs critical access hospitals and rural health clinics at multiple sites in Benton County including Benton City, Prosser, and Finley.
  • Columbia Basin Hospital – A 25-bed critical access hospital in Ephrata providing emergency care, surgical services, intensive rehab, laboratory and radiology diagnostics, and other essential medical services.
  • Confluence Health – Though headquartered in Wenatchee, Confluence Health operates Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee and 12 Wenatchee Valley Clinic locations within Chelan and Douglas Counties, serving communities like East Wenatchee.
  • Prosser Memorial Hospital – A 15-bed critical access hospital providing emergency care, diagnostic imaging, surgery, physical rehabilitation, obstetrics, and primary/specialty clinic care to Prosser and surrounding rural communities.
  • Richland Community Health Center – With clinics located across Richland, they provide childhood and adult immunizations, cancer screenings, chronic disease management, nutrition services, and other essential public health services.

If substandard medical treatment at any Benton County healthcare facility caused preventable harm to you or someone you care for, our legal team can conduct a meticulous investigation into what precisely went wrong and who should be held responsible. Our firm is not intimidated to take legal action against even large hospitals, major health networks, and their insurance companies if needed to obtain full fair compensation for our injured clients.

Common Medical Malpractice Injuries Sustained

Documents Depending on the specifics involved in each case, medical negligence can result in mild to catastrophic injuries and conditions, many with permanent, life-altering implications. Some of the most common medical malpractice injuries and impairments we see among Benton County victims include:

  • Brain Injuries – Lack of oxygen, surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, medication overdoses, birth trauma, and other factors can cause varying degrees of brain damage. This can range from mild impairment to severe disability impacting cognitive skills, functionality, motor control, and quality of life.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Damage to the delicate spinal nerves and vertebrae in the neck or back can cause partial or full paralysis of the arms and legs, loss of sensation, impaired bladder/bowel function, sexual dysfunction, chronic nerve pain, and other deficits.
  • Surgical Errors – During surgery, doctors may nick or damage nearby tissues/organs, cut nerves, cause hemorrhaging, leave foreign objects inside patients, use defective instruments, or make other errors that result in ongoing medical problems.
  • Birth Injuries – Preventable errors during the prenatal period and delivery can cause cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, facial paralysis, fractures, and other impairments that profoundly impact infants.
  • Amputation – Surgical mistakes and failure to promptly diagnose vascular conditions, infections, or diabetes complications sometimes necessitate amputation of fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms or legs when limb damage becomes irreversible.
  • Medication Errors – Adverse drug events from wrong prescriptions, dosages, pharmacy mix ups, allergic reactions, and more can lead to severe rashes, organ damage, coma, and even death in some cases.
  • Wrongful Death – In the worst cases, negligent medical care or errors directly contribute to the preventable death of a patient. We assist surviving family members in pursuing wrongful death and survivor claims.

The attorneys at Moseley Collins Law work closely with respected medical experts to demonstrate precisely how healthcare providers’ lapses in judgment, oversight, lack of skill, or negligence led to avoidable patient suffering and loss. You deserve justice.

Cities and Communities Our Benton County Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serve

Documents At Moseley Collins Law, we provide knowledgeable legal guidance and representation to injured victims across Benton County, including the cities, towns, and communities of:

  • Kennewick
  • Richland
  • West Richland
  • Benton City
  • Prosser
  • Kiona
  • Finley
  • Burbank
  • Basin City
  • Plymouth
  • Paterson
  • Hanford Site
  • White Bluffs
  • Richland Junction
  • Badger Canyon
  • Hedges Heights
  • Crow Butte Park
  • Gable Mountain
  • Gable Butte
  • Snively Canyon
  • Yellepit

Regardless of whether you live in a major Benton County city, a small rural town, or an unincorporated community, our dedicated medical malpractice lawyers are here to offer assistance. We handle medical malpractice cases nationwide, so your location will never prohibit you from obtaining experienced counsel. Our sole focus is fighting for the rights of those harmed by medical negligence and malpractice.

Why Choose Us for Your Benton County Medical Malpractice Needs?

Documents If you or someone close to you suffered harm due to inappropriate medical care anywhere in Benton County or statewide, the accomplished medical malpractice lawyers at Moseley Collins Law can promptly schedule a free case assessment during an initial consultation. Some key reasons to choose our firm:

  • 40+ years combined experience successfully representing medical malpractice victims.
  • We utilize extensive resources to enlist multiple independent medical experts to review your case. Their objective insights are invaluable.
  • Our lawyers have recovered millions in compensation for past medical malpractice clients. We are not afraid to take appropriate cases to trial when needed.
  • We are happy to offer advice and guidance, even in cases we cannot officially accept. We make sure victims are pointed in the right direction.
  • Our past clients describe us as caring, ethical, and aggressive in the pursuit of maximum compensation for them. We have hundreds of positive reviews online.
  • As experienced trial lawyers, we are fully prepared to take suitable cases to court when fair pre-trial settlement offers are not made, presenting compelling evidence before juries.

The choices made by doctors, nurses, and other health professionals can profoundly alter the lives of patients who put their trust in them. No amount of money can undo the damage wrought by medical negligence, but it can help victims and families move forward and obtain the care they require. To discuss your potential medical malpractice claim in Benton County with an accomplished attorney, please call Moseley Collins Law today at 800-426-5546 for a free consultation. We are ready to help you seek justice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What Qualifies as Medical Malpractice in Benton County?

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional fails to meet the accepted standard of care, resulting in injury, illness or death. This includes mistakes like surgical errors, misdiagnosis, medication errors, childbirth injuries, and more. The same definition applies in Benton County as statewide.

How Can I Prove Medical Malpractice Occurred?

Proving malpractice requires showing that a provider-patient relationship existed, the doctor owed you a duty of care, the doctor breached that duty by deviating from standards, and this breach caused injury/damages. Medical records, expert testimony on standards, and evidence like bills and reports are used.

What Types of Compensation Can I Recover If I Win a Benton County Medical Malpractice Case?

You may recover compensation for medical costs, lost income, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and more. If negligence resulted in death, the family may recover funeral costs and loss of companionship. Punitive damages may be awarded in cases of reckless misconduct.

Will Filing a Malpractice Claim Impact My Relationship With My Doctor and Hospital?

Understandably, legal action can strain relationships with providers. However, accountability is still warranted if negligence caused permanent injury or death. An experienced attorney handles interactions professionally to get justice. Your care comes first.

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