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Medical errors cause hundreds of thousands of injuries every year. When doctors, nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists or other health care providers make mistakes or fail to meet accepted standards of care, unspeakable tragedies can occur. Families are devastated emotionally and financially. Medical malpractice cases demand legal guidance from an experienced lawyer.

If you or a loved one suffered harm under a doctor or hospital care in Alum Rock, CA or anywhere in Santa Clara County or Silicon Valley, the medical malpractice lawyers of Moseley Collins Law may be able to help. For over 40 years, we have successfully represented clients who endured life-altering damage from physician negligence nationwide. We have the expertise, resources and track record to stand up to hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies on your behalf. And we will handle your case on a contingency fee basis.

Types of Medical Malpractice We Handle

Some of the specific types of medical negligence cases we accept include:

  • Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis - Failing to timely and properly diagnose a condition
  • ChildBirth Injuries - Mistakes that harm mothers or babies during delivery
  • Surgical Errors - Recklessness during surgery that leads to injury or death
  • Emergency Room Negligence - Inadequate assessment and treatment in the ER
  • Medication Errors - Prescribing the wrong drug or wrong dosage
  • Anesthesia Mistakes - Errors administering anesthesia that result in brain damage

List of Major Hospitals Serving Alum Rock

No matter what kind of medical negligence harms you or someone you care about, do not wait to consult a lawyer after noticing something is wrong. The sooner we start building your case, the better.

Moseley Collins Law - Here to Help Alum Rock Victims and Their Families For decades, our firm has helped injured victims and grieving families nationwide exercise their legal rights and options after medical errors turn their lives upside down.

Our results demonstrate our ability to successfully stand up against negligent doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. The settlements also help the injured pay for enormous medical bills and life care expenses.

We prepare every single case for trial because we find companies respond better to cases that could end up in front of a jury if a satisfactory settlement is not offered first. Our file review with medical experts and skillful negotiation puts maximum pressure on defendants to pay victims and families the maximum compensation they deserve.

List of Major Hospitals Serving Alum Rock

Here are some of the largest hospitals providing care to residents of the Alum Rock area and much of Silicon Valley:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center - Public hospital offering a wide range of services with over 700 beds.

Regional Medical Center of San Jose - Acute care facility with over 300 beds featuring advanced emergency trauma center.

Good Samaritan Hospital San Jose - Catholic healthcare provider delivering compassionate care for over 50 years.

O'Connor Hospital - State of the art hospital offering health services across many medical disciplines.

Saint Louise Regional Hospital - Modern community hospital with award winning patient care.

Alum Rock Medical Malpractice Lawyers Offer Free Consultations

Moseley Collins Law provides free consultations for medical negligence victims in Alum Rock and all nearby cities and towns including:

  • San Jose
  • Santa Clara
  • Milpitas
  • Fremont
  • Sunnyvale
  • Mountain View
  • Palo Alto
  • Cupertino
  • Los Gatos
  • Saratoga
  • Campbell
  • Morgan Hill

If someone you love endured a life-changing injury or even died prematurely because of incompetent patient care, you may have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit. We will evaluate what happened during your consultation at no charge and explain your legal options. If we cannot take your specific case, we will provide advice to point you in the right direction.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Take Cases Involving Catastrophic Injuries

Moseley Collins Law accepts medical negligence claims involving catastrophic injuries with lifetime implications. For potential clients, this means their daily living must be severely impacted from the malpractice permanently. Types of outcomes from doctor/hospital errors we accept include:

  • Brain Damage
  • Spinal Cord Injuries Leading to Paralysis
  • Severe Burn Damage Covering Large Surface Area
  • Loss of Multiple Limbs
  • Permanent Disability
  • Wrongful Death

How Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Build Strong Cases

How Our Medical Malpractice Lawyers Build Strong Cases

The lawyers at Moseley Collins Law rigorously investigate what went wrong in your case before filing a lawsuit. Here are some of the steps we take while assessing the merits of potential negligence cases:

Medical Record Review - We gather all records from before, during and after the injury occurred. The notes and reports help establish a timeline while identifying deviations from standards of care.

Obtaining Opinions from Medical Experts - We consult with board certified doctors in fields relevant to your injury type.

Recreating Care Timelines - Our lawyers develop detailed sequences of events leading up to when the harm occurred and all follow-up care. The chronological reconstructions of treatment reveal when errors happened.

Proving Causation - In order for victims to receive compensation, our lawyers must conclusively demonstrate that subpar medical care directly caused injuries/death. We work with experts to scientifically prove cause and effect.

Uncovering Financial Realities - Part of building leverage during settlement negotiations involves presenting defendants with evidence of the high costs of health treatment victims now require moving forward.

Identifying Vulnerabilities - Skilled medical malpractice lawyers find weaknesses in the other parties’ stories by intensely gathering accounts, records and testimony.

Exploring Previous Incidents - We dig into previous lawsuits, complaints or disciplinary actions associated with defendants that could indicate patterns of negligence.

Damages Available in Medical Malpractice Cases

When doctors, nurses or other medical professionals make errors that hurt patients, the victims have the right to pursue compensation through malpractice lawsuits. Financial and non-economic damages legally recognizable in medical negligence cases aim to help the injured cover losses inflicted.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover quantifiable monetary losses victims sustain from substandard medical treatment. Main types of economic damages include:

Medical Expenses

If a botched surgery, misdiagnosis or other mistake results in additional required medical care, the victim can claim those costs as damages. Expenses claimed often include hospital bills, medications/devices, surgeries to repair damage, physical rehabilitation, at-home nursing care etc. Documentation is necessary.

Lost Income

By proving the victim missed work time recovering from medical errors, they can seek reimbursement for income losses. Pay stubs before and after help substantiate the claims. Unemployed victims can still recover potential income forfeited.

Loss of Future Earning Capacity

Permanent disabilities that reduce victims’ ability to work or advance their careers in the future warrant financial compensation on top of back pay. Vocational expert testimony often proves reduced earning capacity.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages in medical malpractice cover subjective, quality of life losses victims endure. Types to consider claiming include:

Pain and Suffering

Victims experiencing physical pain, emotional distress, depression, loss of enjoyment etc. from medical incompetence deserve compensation. The losses negatively impact lives.

Loss of Consortium/Companionship

Spouses losing intimacy, companionship etc. from a partner permanently disabled by malpractice may claim consortium damages. Parents may claim related compensation for loss of companionship due to injuries or death of a child.

Punitive Damages

If medical errors resulting from extreme recklessness or intentional choices, punitive damages additionally punish defendants beyond compensating victims. Gross negligence warrants punishment and deterrence.

With experienced attorneys guiding your medical malpractice lawsuit, you improve your chances of recovering fair compensation encompassing the full extent of past, present and future damages the medical negligence inflicted upon your life.

Why Hire Us?

Moseley Collins Law has served clients in Alum Rock, San Jose and communities throughout the Bay Area. During that time, we have carefully honed and perfected our ability to win cases other firms turn down. Our medical malpractice lawyers blend compassion for clients with aggressive legal tactics aimed at maximum case compensation.

We encourage you to research our background, track record and lawyer credentials as you consider representation. When you work with us, you can feel confident that every effort will be made to achieve the outcome you seek in your pursuit of justice. Contact our offices today to schedule an initial consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Do I need a lawyer to pursue a medical malpractice claim?

Yes, these complex cases require an experienced lawyer to investigate negligence, compute damages, negotiate settlements, and file lawsuits. Moseley Collins Law has decades of expertise handling malpractice cases.

How much does hiring a medical malpractice lawyer cost upfront?

Our firm works on contingency, meaning no fees unless we recover compensation. Initial consultations are always free.

How long do I have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

These specialized cases have strict deadlines and statute of limitations. Our lawyers act swiftly to gather evidence and build strong claims against negligent health providers within prescribed legal time periods.

What damages/compensation can I claim in my malpractice suit?

You may be entitled to recover all economic and non-economic damages the malpractice caused. This includes medical bills, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and pain/suffering damages.

Can my case settle without having to go to trial?

Yes, many malpractice suits reach settlements before trial. Our firm prepares every case as if it will go before a jury, leveraging maximum pressure on defendants to offer fair settlements pre-trial to avoid unpredictability of jury verdicts.

Client Reviews
"When I was injured I felt truly hopeless. I didn't know where to turn when I was released from the hospital. Luckily, I remembered your phone number and I called you. You won a nice settlement for me. Thank you!" Charles T.
"May God bless you always, Moseley and your wonderful staff. You all were there for us when we needed it most. We are forever grateful." Tina N.
"Everyone at the law firm was helpful, considerate and courteous. I would highly recommend Moseley Collins. Thank you so much." Robyn D.