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Woman Dies After Murrieta Crash — Aug 11, 2017

A crash in Murrieta which crumpled two cars and blocked traffic has killed a woman. The woman was rushed to the hospital after the accident with serious injuries but later died. Authorities say she was first taken to Inland Valley Medical Center but the airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center where she died. She had been rear-ended in an accident at Hancock Avenue and Ridgewood Road. The accident occurred at approximately 8:49 a.m. and speed is thought to have been a factor. The woman was driving a gray car and was struck by a white SUV. She was sent flying onto the sidewalk from the impact of the crash. The SUV stayed in the intersection but was flipped on its side. Rescuers arrived and had extricated the woman with the jaws of life within 15 minutes. They cut the roof from the SUV and rescued those inside within 30 minutes. The accident is still under investigation.