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Wild Chase Ends on Foot in Santa Rosa Mall

Olympus Pereira, 22, was arrested after police chased him along Highway 101 and highway 12. They first tried to stop him in his Cadillac sedan for reckless driving, weaving in and out of traffic, speeding and running a red light. Officers chased him down 101 and onto 12 where they tried to pin him in at Stony Point Road. He rammed several vehicles in an attempted escape, including a motorcycle cop. He ran from Stony Point Road to a mall where officers arrested him at gun point inside one of the stores. He had with him a loaded Ruger .45 caliber magazine and 13 bindles of cocaine each weighing 1.3 grams. While all this was going on, the passenger who was in the car with Pereira dove away in the car, a 2003 white, Cadillac CTS 4-door sedan. All vehicles in the case sustained minor to moderate injury and damage. None of the drivers were injured.