Wet Weather Accidents

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Sandy roads aren't the only weather related condition that causes car accidents in sunny California. Even here, wind, unsuitable visibility and even rain cause hundreds of car accidents each year. While Mother Nature is quite often the culprit, a large amount of weather related accidents can be attributed to a negligent driver. 

One of the biggest factors is inexperience. Rain may only come two or three times per year in our sunny little corner of the world. As a result, few residents know how to drive in rainy weather. There may be nothing more dangerous than an inexperienced rainy weather driver in a storm. Even a little drizzle can cause innumerable problems.

Unsafe drivers of any sort can be found negligent in a car accident. Unsafe drivers are those who drive without caution and are oblivious of road courtesies as well as timid and apprehensive drivers. Timid drivers will over compensate for the rain by driving at unsafe, unusually slow speeds. 

Reckless and irresponsible drivers most often exhibit the opposite behavior. They drive too fast, make sharp turns and abandon common road rules. Both types of unsafe drivers are liable for a lawsuit if they are involved in a car accident.

Windblown, sandy roads are another common issue causing car accidents in California,   too much sand on the road causes skidding and problems stopping completely. Diminished traction makes it hard to avoid collision when driving fast. Wind in itself can be a problem too. Strong sudden winds and crosswinds can sweep vehicles into each other and off the road completely. 

In the few storms that happen each year, some can wreak havoc on the roadway. Diminished visibility is a big concern in heavy storms. Not being able to see a foot in front of the windshield is a big problem.  Even slush and muddy water thrown up by passing drivers can dangerously diminish visibility. Similarly, dense fog can diminish visibility to the point of near blindness. A driver in any of these situations can be found negligent in a car accident.

A bad weather condition on the road doesn't negate you from any responsibility in the accident. You can still be found negligent in an accident despite the fact that visibility was limited or road conditions were bad. 

The Moseley Collins law firm is dedicated to helping injured parties get a fair settlement when faced with a devastating car accident. We only represent the most seriously injured clients and focus on receiving a settlement that will store complete health. 

Car accidents are scary, emotional situations in any circumstance. Adding treacherous weather can complicate matters worse. Hiring a competent, experienced lawyer like Moseley Collins ensures you get the settlement you need to make a full recovery without going bankrupt in the process.  

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