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Two Young Sisters Die in Petaluma Crash- August 31, 2016

Two sisters, 7 and 9 years old, died in Sonoma County while on their way to school. Their mother lost control of the car and flew into the Petaluma River. It was just after 8 a.m. when the car careened off the road and landed submerged, upside down in the river with the girls, Sayra and Delilah Gonzalez, trapped inside. The girl’s mother, Alexandra Hernandez, 26, escaped the vehicle. She is not a licensed driver, according to California Highway Patrol. 

Hernandez had dropped off the father of the children at his job on Petaluma Boulevard North and was on her way to Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School. She was in the left lane of the four divided lanes when she drifted to the median and over-corrected. Her white Chevy Impala flew across the road and down a precipitous 20-foot deep embankment north of Petaluma Village Premium Outlets.  The vehicle smashed through heavy brush and large trees before it flipped and slid into the river. It sank quickly and submerged up to 6 feet.

Several ER teams arrived as well as bystanders who all tried to save the girls unsuccessfully.