Truck Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA

Millions of massive trucks and 18-wheelers traverse Los Angeles highways and thoroughfares, frequently transporting goods in and out of the region. While these commercial fleets are vital to commerce and business, truck crashes are 41% more likely to result in severe injuries or death compared to standard motor vehicle collisions due to their large size and weight.

The seasoned truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have helped hundreds secure millions in compensation over our 40+ year history nationwide. If you or a loved one has sustained catastrophic injuries in an LA truck collision, reach out today for a free review of your case from a dedicated legal professional.

Millions Secured for Clients Across California

The numbers of traffic accidents in Los Angeles are staggering, topping 260,000 per year. Motor vehicle crashes remain a leading cause of expensive hospitalizations and life-altering trauma in the region.

Why Moseley Collins Law for Your Truck Accident Case?

While truck accidents make up just 3% of all collisions annually in LA County, the consequences are often much more devastating due to physics. When 80,000-pound rigs crash at high speeds, their mass and momentum can crush regular passenger cars and cause:

  • Catastrophic injuries like brain damage, paralysis, amputation, and internal organ damage
  • Disfigurement from severe burns
  • Spinal injuries like herniated discs, nerve impingements, and broken vertebrae requiring extensive surgery
  • Wrongful death of family members

Moseley Collins Law's accomplished truck accident lawyers have won millions for those catastrophically harmed in wrecks across California.

Why Moseley Collins Law for Your Truck Accident Case?

All trucking companies and drivers must follow federal, state, county, and city laws regulating licensing, training, inspections, maintenance, weight limits, rest rules, and more.

Truck collisions often happen due to:

  • Trucking company negligence —poor driver oversight, training, or maintenance
  • Truck driver error or negligence— intoxication, exhaustion, distraction, speeding, impairment
  • Subcontractor negligence—short-cuts fixing trailers or loads

Our veteran LA truck crash lawyers thoroughly investigate to pinpoint exactly why wrecks occurred. We then work relentlessly, leaving no stone unturned, to deliver justice and full remuneration to harmed clients.

Benefits of partnering with Moseley Collins Law's truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles include:

Laser-Focused on Big Truck Accident Cases

Our lawyers concentrate on sizable injury or wrongful death cases from large commercial truck, big rig, and 18-wheeler collisions involving:

  • Tractor-trailers
  • Tank trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Work trucks
  • Delivery vans
  • Box trucks

We're well-equipped to accurately value destructive injuries like amputation of limbs, paralysis, severe burns, brain trauma, fractured spines, wrongful death, and enduring disabilities stemming from crashes. Our LA truck lawyers have negotiated exceptional multi-million dollar settlements driving policy maximums for clients.

Decades of Litigation Expertise

For over 40 years, our lawyers have fought and won numerous high-stakes cases against ruthless insurance providers for maximum damages. Our proficiency working with local juries provides leverage during settlement talks. Defendants know we'll take solid cases to trial if needed.

A Proven Record of Overwhelming Success

Our truck accident lawyers have amassed one of California's best verdicts and settlement track records including millions on behalf of clients for:

  • Brain and head injuries
  • Spinal and back trauma requiring surgery
  • Severe fractures and broken bones
  • Burns and scarring
  • Internal organ damage
  • Wrongful death of loved ones
Diligent Preparation and Meticulous Investigation

We help level the playing field against billion-dollar trucking corporations and insurers by leaving no detail overlooked when reviewing wrecks. Our lawyers and investigators interview witnesses, collect accident reports, take photos, identify contributing factors, crunch collision numbers, and more. When we investigate accident cases, we hire multiple independent medical experts to review the records from various specialties to strongly identify mistakes made or problems missed which hurt plaintiffs.

Affordable Legal Assistance

LA truck wreck victims want proven advocates, but cost is an understandable factor especially when unable to work post-injury. We provide flexible fee structures customized case-by-case so finances never impede securing excellent representation. Call for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how our truck accident lawyers may assist you.

Always seek urgent medical intervention immediately after any accident involving a large truck or commercial vehicle. Truck wrecks frequently spur delayed pain or hidden compensable damages only revealed via prompt diagnosis. Always contact police after crashes to accurately report commercial trucks involved and preserve important evidence.

Why Truck Crashes Frequently Prompt Severe Harm in Los Angeles

Why Truck Crashes Frequently Prompt Severe Harm in Los AngelesImmense Weight and Slow Braking Times

Loaded tractor trailers can reach 80,000 pounds versus only 4,000 for regular cars. Their mass yields highway havoc when drivers lose control. Trucks require vast distances over 393 feet to brake from 60 mph versus only 316 feet for passenger cars. Better LA braking only provides a slim buffer given their pace and weight. Slow reaction times or distracted driving spells tragedy for motorists nearby as physics take over.

Driver Fatigue

Rigorous federal Hours of Service rules regulate how long truckers drive to deter drowsy journeys. However, some try “beating the clock” by falsifying logbooks. Drowsy big rig operators unable to react quickly enough often rear-end passenger vehicles at high speeds during traffic jams already prevalent via LA congestion.

Poor Truck Maintenance

Lackadaisical repair schedules and worn tires or faulty brakes prompt catastrophic crashes. Plaintiffs may pursue trucking firms for neglecting proper maintenance or inspections under regulations.

Hazardous Cargo

Port truck traffic moves immense loads of risky materials like fuel, chemicals, or waste raising public, roadway, and environmental dangers during mishaps especially on LA's overloaded interchange ramps. Potential chemical exposure requires urgent testing and monitoring post-accident.

High Center of Gravity Risks

Top-heavy from towering cargo, trucks flip over with abrupt directing changes or speeding on curves given a more elevated center of gravity. Unsecured heavy loads readily shift causing rollovers crushing smaller vehicles nearby.

Jackknife and Underride Dangers

Longer trailers and tractors swerving at high speeds bend into “jackknife” angles smashing into cars along their side. Or autos slide under rear guards riding beneath trucks with underride often yielding horrible passenger compartment intrusion trauma.

When you or someone you love suffers catastrophic injuries or wrongful death losses from the negligence of a commercial trucker or company, our dedicated Los Angeles truck accident lawyers demand accountability. Contact us immediately after any truck collision—we’re honored to serve crash victims throughout Los Angeles County and all surrounding cities.

Major Police Stations Serving Truck Accidents in Los Angeles County

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Los Angeles Police Department respond to tens of thousands of collisions annually across LA metro highways, roads, streets and intersections. If you or loved ones suffered harm from a truck accident, always contact police immediately to officially report commercial vehicles involved plus details observed on scene indicating likely causes. Having thorough documentation from traffic officers’ bolsters future legal claims against negligent parties. Key local law enforcement agencies assisting truck wreck victims include:

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

The LAPD services over 4 million Los Angeles residents across 500 square miles including truck accident response.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) - Los Angeles Division

The CHP Los Angeles Communications Center fields all 911 calls placed from LA freeways and highways regarding collisions and traffic hazards.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (LASD)

The LASD is the largest sheriff's department in the US providing comprehensive law enforcement services to over 3.5 million LA County citizens.

Burbank Police Department

The Burbank Police Department assists with major injury and fatal collisions on almost 18 square miles of City roads and Interstate 5.

Long Beach Police Department

The LBPD Traffic Section investigates devastating truck wrecks occurring on Long Beach streets, roads and I-710 injuring local citizens.

The Most Common Trucking Companies in Los Angeles Accidents

Major freight and logistics brands operate high-volume Los Angeles truck fleets including:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Werner
  • US Xpress
  • Con-way
  • Swift
  • J.B. Hunt
  • Old Dominion

Our experienced truck accident lawyers have handled collisions stemming from corporate negligence or unsafe drivers working for these carriers and more:

  • U.S. Mail trucks
  • Waste disposal fleets
  • Moving company trucks
  • Distribution hub trucks
  • Shipping container trucks
  • Construction dump trucks
  • Concrete mixer trucks

We fight aggressively so victims receive rightful justice against even the most formidable opponents. Do NOT forego fair injury compensation or accept premature low-ball offers until discussing options with our respected Los Angeles trucking accident lawyers.

Key Highways and Roads Near Los Angeles with Frequent Truck Accidents

Complex highway interchanges plus high-traffic throughput prompt thousands of truck collisions annually across metropolitan LA. Key dangerous corridors and congested stretches notorious for chain reaction big rig crashes include:

  • I-5 Freeway – Heavily-traveled artery linking Mexico to Canada with high truck volumes
  • I-10 Freeway – Major LA cargo corridor connecting ocean ports and rail yards
  • I-105 Freeway – Links the Ports of LA and Long Beach to LAX airport and inland warehouses
  • I-110 Freeway – Densely-packed route between San Pedro Bay ports and downtown LA distribution centers
  • I-210 Freeway – Links inland shipping depots directly westward through metro LA to the ports
  • I-405 Freeway – Infamously congested north-south artery with endless LA rush hour traffic

When truckers lose control of unwieldy rigs or collide into chaotic slowdowns, adjacent passenger cars and their occupants endure the most horrific harm. Our accomplished Los Angeles truck accident law firm has helped clients catastrophically injured along these corridors and surface streets recover tens of millions in damages against culpable parties.

Cities and Towns Near Los Angeles We Serve in Truck Accident Cases

Our compassionate truck accident injury lawyers offer dedicated representation to those harmed by commercial truck collisions throughout Los Angeles metro and surrounding municipalities including:

  • Los Angeles
  • Glendale
  • Pasadena
  • Pomona
  • Torrance
  • Palmdale
  • Lancaster
  • Santa Clarita
  • Malibu
  • Long Beach
  • Compton
  • Carson
  • Santa Monica

Moseley Collins Law maintains office locations throughout California. Our lawyers handle truck accident lawsuits on behalf of victims statewide in California pursuing maximum damages against negligent parties regardless of office geography. Contact our qualified truck accident lawyers for a free consultation following any collision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Do you focus specifically on catastrophic injury truck accident cases instead of general car crashes?

Specialization with tractor-trailer wrecks translates to in-depth knowledge of federal DOT regulations and how lawyers pinpoint what occurred.

What verdicts or settlements have you won for past truck accident clients?

Examine case successes delivering multi-million dollar previous results for similarly complex catastrophic collisions.

Will you vigorously pursue financial accountability not only from drivers but potentially negligent trucking companies, cargo loaders, repair services, etc.?

Truck crash liability extends beyond just the rig operator if other parties also acted recklessly or irresponsibly based on meticulous legal investigation.

How frequently do your past truck accident cases settle before trial vs. going to court?

Savvy negotiators settle strong legal claims efficiently outside courtroom drama. But being fully prepared to litigate against uncooperative insurers also wields power.

What supportive legal resources does your law firm provide truck accident clients?

Having ample paralegals, experts, researchers and tech aids dedicated to building airtight cases strengthens outcome potential versus lawyers overstretched across too many cases.

When evaluating truck accident lawyers in LA, background matters. Choose legal advocates with a proven record of delivering life-changing financial claim results, not empty promises. We invite you to contact Moseley Collins Law for a free case review from an accomplished truck accident lawyer after any collision causing harm. Speak directly to an LA trucking lawyer about maximizing claim potential and protecting legal rights.

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