Truck Accident Lawyer in San Benito County, CA

Getting into any kind of vehicle accident can be a frightening, painful experience. But when one or more large trucks are involved, these crashes can easily turn deadly. In fact, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, over 5,000 people are killed annually in truck accidents across the U.S.

If you or a loved one has suffered catastrophic injuries or even lost a family member due to a truck crash in or around San Benito County, California, you need an experienced lawyer on your side. The dedicated truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have helped clients secure record-setting financial compensation for 40+ years nationwide.

Below is an overview of key information related to retaining a qualified San Benito County truck accident lawyer so you can make the best possible decision during an extremely difficult time.

Major Routes Prone to Truck Crashes in San Benito County

Major Routes Prone to Truck Crashes in San Benito County

With agriculture and livestock big industries in the San Benito County area, plenty of large commercial trucks transport goods along local highways. Unfortunately, that means more opportunities for catastrophic collisions. Some of the major truck accident hot spots include:

  • U.S. Route 101 – A key north-south route running from Los Angeles to Oregon. A 55 mph speed limit and lots of slow farm truck traffic along the stretch through San Benito County leads to rear-end crashes.
  • California State Route 25 – Connects U.S. 101 with Pinnacles National Park. Narrow, winding stretches of State Route 25 with minimal shoulders witness sideswipe or head-on truck crashes.
  • California State Route 146 – Runs east-west from near Pinnacles National Monument over to State Route 33. Big rigs drift into oncoming lanes along some tight turns.
  • California State Route 156 – Leads from Castroville on the coast through busy San Juan Bautista into San Benito County. Increased congestion during commuting hours leads to truck crashes.
Police Stations Serving San Benito County Truck Accident Locations

If you find yourself or a loved one involved in a San Benito County truck crash, call 911 right away not only for rapid medical assistance, but also police response. Local police departments maintain truck accident responders and liaisons with California Highway Patrol units in the area. Key law enforcement bodies serving San Benito County locations include:

San Benito County Sheriff's Office

The main county law enforcement agency operating out of Hollister. The San Benito County Sheriff’s Office patrols unincorporated parts of the county and assists other municipalities upon request.

Hollister Police Department

The local Hollister police force oversees central and north Hollister neighborhoods. Hollister PD officers actively enforce traffic safety laws along sections of Route 25 and Route 156 through town.

San Juan Bautista Police Department

Smaller local police unit based in picturesque San Juan Bautista overlooking sections of Routes 101 and 156 heading over the San Benito River into Monterey County.

Pay close attention to which police department generates reports and investigates your San Benito County area truck wreck. Their accident scene diagrams, measurements, eyewitness accounts, and more play pivotal roles in determining fault and liability.

Common Causes of Truck Crashes in San Benito County Area

Complex federal and state regulations govern the truck driving industry for good reason. An 80,000 pound big rig barreling down the highway at 65+ mph turns into an unguided missile when something goes wrong.

While every truck crash situation involves unique factors, most arise from:

  • Truck Driver Fatigue - Truckers pushing themselves to meet tight delivery windows or not taking adequate rest breaks. This especially holds true for long-haul drivers passing through San Benito County along U.S. 101 or connectors like State Route 156 late at night or early morning.
  • Equipment Defects - Poor truck maintenance leading to brake failure, a blown tire, etc by national shippers like FedEx, UPS, Old Dominion, Estes, or local carriers.
  • Dangerous Roads - Hazards along sections of U.S. 101, CA 146, CA 25 and other local highways.
  • Truck Company Negligence - Overloaded trailers, inadequate driver training, unrealistic delivery timelines, etc.
  • Distracted Truck Drivers - Texting or otherwise not paying attention behind the wheel of 40+ tons of metal.

Depending on the specific circumstances in your truck accident case, multiple parties may share fault under California law. An accomplished San Benito County truck accident lawyer can help determine all responsible parties.

Common Truck Wreck Injuries in San Benito County Area

Common Truck Wreck Injuries in San Benito County Area

Due to their enormous size and weight, trucks can inflict catastrophic, lifelong injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic Brain Damage
  • Severed Limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Severe Burns

Crushed bones, back and neck injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder also impact many truck accident survivors. Sadly, many never fully physically or emotionally recover.

Families losing a member face incalculable grief. Parents losing a child face awful suffering. Part of securing justice involves holding all negligent parties fully accountable.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My Truck Accident Case?

In the wake of a truck crash causing serious injury or fatality, surviving victims and family members often face enormous pressure from insurance companies right away. Insurers start building a defense for their corporate clients immediately.

Without a lawyer, accident survivors go into this fight underpowered and underprepared. Truck accident cases involving catastrophic injuries or death can involve millions of dollars in potential compensation through a legal settlement or court award.

An accomplished San Benito County truck accident lawyer levels the playing field by thoroughly documenting evidence and testimony showing how much lifetime medical treatment, rehab services, loss of income and pain and suffering victims face. Successful verdicts and settlements then help victims/families move forward.

Why Moseley Collins Law is the Right Law Firm for Your Truck Accident Case

With four decades of wide-ranging legal experience, including truck wrecks causing life-altering harm, the Moseley Collins Law firm brings proven expertise to every client engagement. Among advantages we offer San Benito County-area truck accident clients:

  • Case Specialization - We concentrate on truck accidents and other serious injury and death cases rather than trying to be “general practitioners.”
  • Rapid Response Capabilities - We can dispatch experienced teams immediately to preserve fleeting evidence at truck crash scenes when necessary.
  • Thorough Case Investigation - We hire multiple medical experts to review injuries and treatment records. Alongside our in-house nurses and legal nurse consultants, we build evidence showing full harms and losses inflicted.
  • Family-Focused Approach - We assist not only directly affected survivors, but support family members in the aftermath of catastrophic truck accidents as well.

Moseley Collins Law truck accident lawyers offer personalized representation because no two crashes are exactly alike. Contact our office for a free consultation. We are here to help you and your family pursue maximum compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Victims and families often have multiple urgent concerns and questions immediately following devastating San Benito County truck crashes leading to serious injury or wrongful death. While every case involves unique legal factors, our Moseley Collins Law truck accident lawyers can provide general guidance on common key issues:

How Soon After My Accident Should I Hire a Lawyer?

Ideally within 1-2 days. The trucking company and insurance representatives jumpstart their evidence hunt rapidly. Survivors and families should move equally fast retaining legal counsel to protect their own interests during this traumatic time.

How Much is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

No universal formula exists. The worth depends on the liable party/parties, verified harms/losses, and further factors our lawyers assess. But catastrophic injury cases often reach into seven or even eight-figures.

How Long do Truck Accident Claims Take to Settle?

Anywhere between several months to more than two years depending on medical documentation/recovery progress and legal negotiations. Severe cases typically take 12-24 months.

What if a Loved One Died in a Truck Collision?

Families can pursue wrongful death lawsuits against negligent parties. Compensation can help cover funeral costs, loss of future income and companionship.

Who Pays My Medical Bills After a Truck Wreck?

Your health insurer may cover bills temporarily, but can demand reimbursement. Settlement funds often go significantly toward outstanding and ongoing medical expenses.

These represent just a few key questions Moseley Collins Law lawyers in San Benito County can help address regarding financial recovery after truck crashes. Contact us for reliable guidance and compassionate support during your difficult time.

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