Truck Accident Lawyer in Mendocino County, CA

Truck Accident Lawyer in Mendocino County, CA

Mendocino County in California sees its fair share of truck accidents every year. The expansive highway system coupled with narrow country roads, challenging terrain, and significant supply transport vehicles in the agriculture, lumber, manufacturing and tourism industries leads to hazardous driving conditions. When large commercial trucks are involved in collisions with passenger vehicles, serious injuries or fatalities often result.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in a truck accident in Mendocino County, you need an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side. Moseley Collins Law has over 40 years of expertise representing clients in truck accident injury claims nationwide. With extensive resources, legal knowledge and a proven track record, we can build the strongest case to fight for maximum compensation as you recover.

This page discusses key information related to truck accident claims and your options working with our firm if you were injured in Mendocino County.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be caused by the actions or negligence of the truck driver, trucking company, cargo handlers, repair services or other parties responsible for properly maintaining and operating commercial trucks. Some common causes of truck collisions we see in Mendocino County cases include:

  • Driver Fatigue - Truckers falling asleep at the wheel or not taking sufficient breaks leading to impaired concentration. FedEx, UPS and U.S. postal drivers often face intense delivery quotas that contribute to fatigue.
  • Speeding - Traveling too fast for road and weather conditions.
  • Distracted Driving - Actions like texting, eating or reading maps that take attention away from the road.
  • Impaired Driving - Drunk, drugged or drowsy driving while operating an 18-wheeler.
  • Poor Maintenance - Brake failure, tire blowouts, cargo loading issues or other truck defects causing a crash.
  • Jackknifing - Making too sharp of a turn that causes the truck cab and trailer to form a V shape and swerve out of control.
  • Rollovers - Top heavy trucks flipping over during evasive maneuvers or on steep terrain.

Truck Accident Statistics and Data

When trucking companies fail to adequately address safety issues like driver qualifications, vehicle inspections, working hour limits or cargo standards, their negligence also must be held accountable. Thorough investigations are crucial for uncovering root causes of collisions.

Truck Accident Statistics and Data

Due to their enormous size and limited maneuverability around passenger vehicles, truck crashes frequently lead to catastrophic injuries with massive medical expenses and loss of income. Some key statistics associated with truck accidents in California highlight these serious impacts:

  • Over 4,000 people are injured annually in truck accidents across California based on reported crash data according to the NHTSA. The actual number including unreported collisions is likely much higher.
  • Approximately 500 people die every year in truck collisions in California, accounting for around 13% of all traffic fatalities in the state.
  • Head-on collisions with trucks have a fatality rate 3x higher than other types of crashes. Survivors often sustain permanent disabilities.
  • Over two-thirds of those killed in crashes with big rigs are occupants of passenger vehicles due to extensive crushing injuries.
  • Estimates indicate truck crashes cost California nearly $4 billion per year in medical, emergency, legal, insurance and other accident-related costs.
Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

In the chaotic aftermath of a truck collision, know that experienced lawyers are ready to guide you. Focus first on seeking medical care, then follow these steps:

  1. Report the Crash - Notify police to officially document the truck accident. Getting a police report filed is crucial.
  2. Seek Medical Care - Get checked by EMTs/doctors even if injuries seem minor initially. Diagnostic testing is key.
  3. Gather Evidence - Take photos of property damage, injuries, skid marks, debris fields, weather conditions, etc. for insurance claims and court.
  4. Obtain Key Information - Record license plate numbers, company names/logos on trucks, driver IDs, witness contact info and insurer details.
  5. Contact Us - Speak to our accomplished truck accident lawyers as soon as possible for expert legal help at no upfront cost.

Following these steps helps ensure vital evidence is preserved so liability can be proven and the maximum damages secured. Never settle directly with insurers without trusted legal advice in truck accident cases. Statutes of limitation also apply, so engaging counsel quickly is advantageous.

Finding the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

Retaining an experienced Mendocino County truck accident lawyer that meets the below criteria is highly beneficial to the outcome of demanding injury claims involving large trucks:

  • Extensive Litigation Experience - Retain counsel well-versed in laws governing commercial trucking carriers who have taken past cases to trial.
  • Dedicated Resource Teams - Firms with crash reconstruction experts, accident investigators, medical specialists and professionals focused solely on truck cases can build rock-solid claims.
  • Strong Negotiation Skills - Given that 95% of truck injury lawsuits settle out of court, lawyers who can aggressively negotiate top dollar settlements in mediation or demand maximum verdict amounts if needed are ideal.
  • Substantial Case Expense Funding - Costs to develop truck cases tally $100K or more per case when accounting for legal work, evidence collection, multiple expert witnesses, records compilation and other costs claimants often can’t fund out of pocket.
Lawyers Meeting Client Needs

The trauma, stress and disruption to daily life caused by a truck collision requires compassionate yet aggressive legal advocates. Moseley Collins Law has a long track record of going above and beyond for truck accident injury clients across California.

Cities and Towns We Serve

Along with greater Mendocino County, we handle truck accident cases arising from crashes occurring in and around the below towns that we are honored to serve:

  • Ukiah
  • Fort Bragg
  • Willits
  • Ukiah Valley
  • Redwood Valley
  • Hopland
  • Boonville
  • Gualala
  • Leggett
  • Little River
  • Laytonville

We have experience working truck accident claims involving collisions on major state and U.S. highways plus rural county roads across these Mendocino County regions. Our firm’s personal approach, experienced lawyers and proven results benefit severely injured residents across the county.

Major Police Stations in Mendocino County

Major Police Stations in Mendocino County

The key law enforcement departments and police stations responding to truck crashes across Mendocino County include:

Ukiah Police Department Headquarters

300 Seminary Ave Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: (707) 463-6262

The Ukiah Police Department patrols the largest city in the county. With 73 sworn officers, the department investigates injury collisions and cites traffic violations occurring within Ukiah city limits.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office

Headquarters: 951 Low Gap Rd Ukiah, CA 95482
Phone: (707) 463-4086

The sheriff’s office is the main county-level law enforcement agency covering unincorporated areas plus towns like Redwood Valley, Hopland and Potter Valley. It has over 90 patrol deputies and handles evidence collection plus traffic enforcement across their jurisdiction.

California Highway Patrol – Garberville

Address: 725 Sisters Ave, Garberville CA 95542
Phone: (707) 923-2155

With patrols monitoring Highways 101, 271 and 162 plus assisting other agencies, this regional California Highway Patrol station responds to many serious truck collisions across southwest portions of Mendocino County near Garberville.

Fort Bragg Police Department

Address: 250 Cypress St Fort Bragg CA 95437
Phone: (707) 961-2800

The FBPD is responsible for truck crash response/investigation within Fort Bragg city limits. They have around 30 officers on staff.

Willits Police Department

Address: 125 E Commercial St Willits, CA 95490
Phone: (707) 459-6122

This local law enforcement agency assists with injury truck accidents occurring within Willits, maintaining a staff of 17 sworn officers.

Having police thoroughly investigate and document truck crashes from the start strengthens injury claims.

Major Highways and Routes in Mendocino County

Some of the main trucking routes we see involved in commercial trucking accidents locally include:

  • U.S. Highway 101 – Stretches north-south nearly the entire length of Mendocino County along the coast from Leggett to Hopland. A prime connector for shipping to/from the Bay Area and Oregon.
  • State Route 20 – Major east-west highway across central county spanning from Fort Bragg through Willits and into the Ukiah Valley.
  • State Route 1 – Marks sections of the famed Pacific Coast Highway from Leggett down through to the Navarro River crossing at Hwy 128, offering iconic yet dangerous seaside driving that intersects with Hwy 101.
  • State Route 162 – Connects U.S. 101 traffic from Longvale to Covelo in eastern county, seeing regular lumber trucks transiting through mountainous terrain.

Rural routes like State Route 253, Comptche Ukiah Road, Redemeyer Road plus Talmage and Eastside Roads round out common trucking paths we see linked to severe crashes in Mendocino County.

Trust Our Truck Injury Lawyers

The trauma of being the victim in a truck collision can seem overwhelming. Moseley Collins Law has over four decades of success stories representing California clients harmed by commercial trucking companies’ negligence. Our goal is always maximum compensation so survivors can focus on healing. To learn more about your legal options for pursuing damages in an 18-wheeler injury claim trusted by past clients, contact us for a free case review today at 800-426-5546.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Do I need a lawyer for help after a truck accident?

Yes, retaining a truck accident lawyer benefits injury victims by ensuring maximum compensation is obtained fairly. Complex legal and insurance laws govern accident claims. Experienced lawyers’ level the playing field.

How much can my truck accident claim be worth?

Exact values depend on accident causes, liable parties and severity of damages. With massive medical bills, lost income and other hardships, multi-million dollar settlements can arise. Experts determine full values.

What key evidence should be gathered after a truck crash?

Photograph accident scenes/vehicles, get witness statements, keep medical records, log expenses/lost work time, document crash details, gather insurance information and contact lawyers quickly. Vital evidence can easily be lost.

Who is typically responsible in truck accident claims?

Multiple liable parties often share blame, including: truck drivers, trucking companies that hired or trained them, vehicle part manufacturers, cargo loaders, road maintenance crews and more. Identifying all contributors is crucial through extensive investigations.

Can I file a truck accident lawsuit if I was partly at fault?

Yes, if another party was also negligent and mainly contributed to the collision under comparative fault rules, you can still likely pursue injury compensation minus any percentage attributed to your own actions. Experienced lawyers will advise if a truck crash claim is warranted based on fault determinations.

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