Truck Accident Lawyer in Madera County, CA

On the highways, streets, and roads of Madera County, thousands of trucks drive each day. Trucks, including big rigs, 18-wheelers, moving trucks, cargo vans, and more, are key to transportation and commerce. However, these large, powerful vehicles also cause serious injury and death when involved in accidents.

If you or a loved one has been hurt or impacted by a truck wreck in Madera County or anywhere in Central Valley California, you want a Law Firm you can trust that has the expertise, experience, and approach to get you the maximum compensation. Moseley Collins Law is a law firm with over 40 years of experience dealing with truck accidents nationwide. Our California-based team of lawyers will conduct a meticulous investigation of the cause and work to secure fair settlement for your losses and damages.

Our firm has successfully won numerous multi-million dollar verdicts, settlements, and judgements for clients nationwide. Call (800) 426-5546 for a free consultation with Moseley Collins Law today. Our mission is to get you the best financial recovery possible while we handle the legal procedures for you during your challenging time after a motor vehicle collision involving a truck.

Truck Accident Danger Caused by Negligent Driving or Mechanical Failure

By far, the most common cause of truck accidents is driver negligence. Truckers are under serious pressure to deliver goods on tight deadlines, calling for long and often illegal work hours. Smartphones and distractions in the cab also contribute to distracted driving among truck operators. Further incidents arise when truckers fail to adequately check their tires or cargo before hitting the road. Commercial freight companies like FedEx, UPS, DHS and more rely on trucks to transport inventory, which leads to overloaded schedules and driver fatigue.

No matter what caused the truck driver to lose control, the end result is often vehicle passengers suffering catastrophic injuries and trauma. Sadly, many truck wreck victims do not survive. In Madera County, there are many state and U.S. highways, rural county roads, and high-traffic city streets, all of which see daily freight truck traffic. Anywhere of these routes, a truck crash can have lethal consequences.

Types of Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

Truck accidents in Madera County area frequently caused by:

  • Truck driver distraction or fatigue
  • High rate of truck driver turnover
  • Failure to inspect vehicle for defects
  • Unsafe loading of trailer leading to shift in load or rollover
  • Speeding and reckless driving
  • Drugs or alcohol impairment
  • Tailgating and aggressive driving
  • Trucker medical conditions like seizures or heart attacks
Types of Injuries Caused by Truck Accidents

Due to their large size, weight, and force of impact, trucking collisions can wreak havoc on the body. As such, injuries are often catastrophic in nature. The most common truck accident injuries include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (Paraplegia and Quadriplegia)
  • Amputations (from limbs trapped under crushing weight)
  • Organ Damage/Removal
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Deep Lacerations
  • Burn Injuries
  • Broken Bones (Skull Fractures, Pelvis Fractures, Compound Fractures)
  • Neck, Back and Shoulder Trauma (Cervical, Vertebral and Lumbar Damage)
  • Loss of Range of Motion
  • Chronic Pain

In many cases victims are left permanently disabled and unable to return to work. Truck crash survivors may be confined to wheelchairs, struggle with major reconstructive surgery, or face limited cognitive function. A reliable truck accident lawyer from Moseley Collins Law knows our first priorities for our clients are to stabilize their medical status, ensure they have necessary care & therapies, meet living expenses, and attend to their and their family’s emotional well-being. We do this while investigating the cause of the crash and pursuing maximum compensation.

Police Stations Serving Madera County Truck Accident Locations

If you or a loved one is the victim of a truck collision in Madera County, you will likely interface with local police and authorities during evidence gathering. Below is a list of the major police stations serving Madera County areas:

Madera Police Department

330 South C Street, Madera, CA 93637 | The Madera Police Department (MPD) is the primary law enforcement agency for the City of Madera. They respond to truck crashes on local streets, conduct collision investigations, take statements and file reports.

Madera County Sheriff's Office

2725 Falcon Drive Madera, CA 93637 | The Madera County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) assists with collisions and crime on county highways, rural roads and unincorporated regions of Madera County.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) – Madera Area Office

360 South Madera Avenue Madera, CA 93637 | CHP officers respond to trucking crashes on CA state highways and interstates in the Madera County region. They establish incident reports, take measurements, document evidence for liability/fault findings.

What to Do After an Accident with a Truck in Madera County

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer injury and losses due to a trucking crash in Madera County, there are key steps to take to protect your rights:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Treatment. This may require ambulance transport to an ER. Seek follow-up care with specialists as needed for rehabilitation and regaining functioning.
  2. Attend your emotional/mental health with counseling.
  3. Obtain a police report at the accident site or from the local department later. Key Details: Driver information, company name, license plate number, commercial vehicle weight, direction vehicles were headed, witness accounts, photos, measurements, debris tracking, weather and surface conditions.
  4. Gather scene photos, vehicle damage imagery, photos of injuries for records. Get witness names and contact info.
  5. Call Moseley Collins Law at (800) 426-5546. We offer FREE consultations and can start crucial evidence gathering immediately. There are legal timelines to act. Our knowledge of CA laws, evidence profiling, and qualified team of truck accident lawyers have helped victims recover hundreds of millions in compensation.
  6. Moseley Collins Law helps clients nationwide, but has specific expertise in Madera County and all CA locations given the team’s experience in state laws, court proceedings, and local investigations.
List of Cities and Towns We Serve in Madera County Area

The lawyers from Moseley Collins Law assist truck crash victims from the following cities/towns in California’s Madera County Area:

  • Madera (County Seat)
  • Chowchilla
  • Oakhurst
  • Ahwahnee
  • Bass Lake
  • Coarsegold
  • Madera Acres
  • O’Neals
  • Parksdale
  • Parkwood

Surrounding Highways and Roadways Prone to Truck Accidents

Surrounding Highways and Roadways Prone to Truck Accidents

Due to high freight volumes, the major truck routes below see frequent truck collisions resulting in catastrophic injuries:

  • CA-99 – Central Valley Highway
  • CA-41 – Yosemite Freeway
  • CA-145 – Madera County Expressway
  • CA-152 – Bullard/Teague Ave
  • CA-233 – Robertson Blvd
  • Avenue 12 – Madera County
  • Avenue 9 – Madera County
  • Road 29 – Madera County
  • Avenue 7 – Madera County
  • Avenue 15 – Madera County
  • Avenue 17 – Madera County
FREE Legal Consultation for Your Madera County Truck Accident Case

Our Truck Accident Lawyers want to help you seek the compensation you deserve, while being an advocate and resource for you each step along the way following this trauma. Taking legal action is often your power to get accountability, make crucial changes like safer freight regulations, fund medical treatments, and ease financial hardships from lost work ability.

Moseley Collins Law offers complimentary, confidential consultations regarding your truck crash case. Call (800) 426-5546 or complete our simple online contact form. A knowledgeable member of our Madera truck accident law firm will get in touch ASAP about your potential case. We will assess your situation, explain your rights and the best options for injury claims processes.

If we take on your case, we establish a lawyer representation agreement where we collect no fees until we secure a settlement or financial awards judgment from the courts. Our highly experienced truck accident investigation team works to establish negligence like extreme fatigue, distracted driving, or faulty brakes. Then we negotiate with insurance companies from an aggressive legal position to get you maximum recovery amounts warranted. Past verdicts, settlements, and awards have ranged from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars depending on losses, costs, and damages specifics.

While financial matters must be addressed, what’s most important is your health and safety is restored along with your livelihood security going forward. Our legal team treats clients with compassion during vulnerable times. Even if we are not able to represent your truck accident claim, we aim to point you in the right legal direction so you get the best help for your needs.

Top-Rated Truck Accident Lawyers Serving Victims in Madera County and Across California

When it comes to representing injury victims resulting from trucking incidents, look no further than Moseley Collins Law. Our lawyers only handle truck accident and commercial vehicle claims to maintain niche-level expertise that delivers results for suffering clients. Combined over 40 years litigation and negotiation know-how brings truck crash victims’ situations to proper resolution and gives grieving families a powerful advocate.

Numerous former truck accident clients applaud the firm’s compassionate yet aggressively-skilled lawyers and case managers through thousands of 5-star Google reviews and testimonials on multiple review sites. Call today to speak with a truck accident specialist at (800) 426-5546 for comprehensive help building a claim that gets maximum compensation under CA legal provisions for damages like medical bills, lost wages from missed work, property destruction, funeral costs, pain and suffering amounts, and punitive awards.

Trusted Truck Accident Lawyers Assisting Victims in Madera County, CA

Our truck accident legal team is honored to assist local residents suffering losses in truck crashes caused by reckless carriers and drivers. We are committed advocates for injury victims facing major life disruption and mounting bills after collisions with these massive commercial trucks. Our goal is to lift the legal and claims burdens so you can focus energy on healing and restoring quality of life.

Contact us today at (800) 426-5546 for a FREE consultation with an accomplished Madera County truck accident lawyer. Let us stand by your side and empower your pursuit of maximum legal compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)How long do I have to file a truck accident lawsuit in CA?

You generally have 2 years from the date of injury per CA statute of limitations for personal injury claims. There can be exceptions, so don’t delay discussing your case.

Will contacting a Madera truck accident lawyer cost me money?

No, Moseley Collins Law offers FREE, no-obligation case consultations. We collect no lawyer fee unless we win compensation for you.

What evidence helps prove truck driver negligence?

Police reports, electronic logging device (ELD) records, witness statements, truck inspection reports, crash scene photos/video, and more are needed to build a convincing case. Our lawyers and investigators know how to secure this proof even if destroyed or hidden by truckers and fleet companies.

How long do truck accident cases take to resolve?

Many settle within 1-2 years, but complex cases with extensive injuries/losses can take longer. Our legal team regularly expedites case resolution through assertive representation and skill.

How much is my truck accident claim worth?

There is no average truck wreck settlement amount since each case has unique injury types, costs and losses. With our 40+ years expertise, we work to maximize your rightful compensation under California law given your specific circumstances.

Can you help me if the truck driver had no insurance?

Yes! Even without truck liability coverage, compensation sources we pursue include the driver personally, truck fleet, shipping company, manufacturer, contractor, and more. Our Madera County truck accident lawyers handle hundreds of uninsured motorists claims successfully.

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