Truck Accident Lawyer in Calaveras County, CA

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Calaveras County, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim and receive compensation. Truck crashes can cause catastrophic and life-changing injuries that lead to immense suffering and financial burdens. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you understand your legal options and fight to maximize your claim.

Introduction to Truck Crashes in Calaveras County

Calaveras County sees high volumes of truck traffic on main routes including Highway 4, Highway 12, Highway 26 and other major roads. With winding routes through mountainous areas, heavy trucks can easily veer out of control if truck drivers are impatient, distracted or fatigued. Common causes of runaway truck collisions stem from driver reckless behavior combined with inadequate truck maintenance, failed brakes, deficient safety features and overloaded cargo.

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law for Your Truck Accident Claim

Severe truck accident injuries in the region include:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury, paralysis
  • Amputated limbs
  • Severe lacerations, third degree burns, crushing injuries
  • Internal organ damage, rib and pelvis fractures

If you or a loved one suffered any injury in an accident involving a semi-truck, big rig, delivery truck, commercial truck, or other large truck, you need legal help to cover medical costs and lost income. Large commercial trucking companies that operate in the Calaveras area include FedEx, UPS, Estes Express Lines, U.S. Postal Service and more.

Why Choose Moseley Collins Law for Your Truck Accident Claim

With over 40 years of legal experience nationwide, including tractor trailer cases, the truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have the expertise to handle complex injury claims in Calaveras County and neighboring regions. We have helped clients secure record settlements in cities and counties nationwide.

What sets us apart is our meticulous investigation approach. We hire a minimum of four different medical experts to review your records and ensure no mistake is overlooked when identifying the full extent of your truck crash injuries.

Moseley Collins Law truck accident lawyers build strong legal claims by:

  • Collecting and preserving evidence from the crash scene
  • Interviewing eyewitnesses
  • Reviewing truck maintenance records and driver logs for violations
  • Consulting with medical experts like orthopedists, neurologists and vocational rehabilitation specialists
  • Negotiating assertively with insurance carriers
  • Taking truck crash cases to court when fair compensation is not offered

With an established reputation for legal excellence, our team has the resources and expertise to take on FedEx, UPS and other corporate defendants. Over the years, we have helped clients secure record settlements and verdicts in Calaveras County courts, including 8 figure rewards for those seriously impacted by negligent trucking companies.

What To Do After a Truck Crash

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a truck collision anywhere in Calaveras County, we advise taking the following steps:

  • Seek immediate medical care, even for apparently minor injuries
  • Report the truck crash to the responding law enforcement agency
  • Take photographs capturing skid marks, debris, vehicle damage, etc.
  • Obtain contact details and insurance information for parties involved
  • Don’t provide any formal recorded statement before consulting our truck accident lawyers

A delay can negatively impact your claim. The truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law offer free case reviews. Call (800) 426-5546 or contact us online to schedule a free case evaluation today.

Major Police Stations to Report Truck Crashes

To obtain an official truck accident report containing vital details, contact the law enforcement agency that responded to the crash scene. Key police stations in Calaveras County include:

Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office - San Andreas Headquarters

This main county law enforcement agency patrols unincorporated regions. (209) 754-6500

Angels Camp Police Department Serving the city of Angels Camp.

(209) 736-2567

Arnold Police Department

Law enforcement for the town of Arnold. (209) 795-7023

Surrounding Highways Prone to Truck Crashes

Due to high volume truck traffic, steep inclines and sharp turns, certain Calaveras County highways see regular major truck collisions leading to grievous injuries:

CA-4 - Crosses the county connecting Stockton to the west with Alpine County to the east. The section cutting through the Stanislaus National Forest is known as Ebbetts Pass, infamous for runaway truck crashes.

CA-12 - Connects San Joaquin County to the west with Tuolumne County to the east, merging with CA-49 through Calaveras County with harrowing hairpin turns.

CA-26 - Connects CA-12 south of Mokelumne Hill towards Amador County. Sections contain switchback turns through mountainous territory.

CA-49 - Winds through Calaveras County’s steep terrain with severe elevation changes through the Sierra Nevada range, merging with CA-4 through Angels Camp, known for high truck crash fatality rates per mile.

Cities We Serve

Cities We Serve

With office locations across Northern California, Moseley Collins Law has helped truck accident injury victims secure favorable claim resolutions throughout Calaveras County, including these major cities and communities we serve:

Angels Camp - Located on CA-49, the only incorporated city in Calaveras County. Home to significant commercial and tourist traffic leading to higher truck collision rates.

Arnold - Situated south of CA-4 along the Stanislaus River, this mountain community sees logging trucks and increased big rig rollovers during winter months.

San Andreas - The Calaveras County seat located at intersections of CA-4 and CA-49, leading to collisions with trucks avoiding red lights.

Valley Springs - Growing exurb east of the Bay area with sprawling retail centers drawing high volumes of daily truck deliveries.

West Point - Unincorporated historic gold rush town located along CA-26 west of Mokelumne Hill, a common alternate truck route.

Damages Available in Truck Accident Cases

If you were injured in a truck crash, you may be entitled to different types of accident damages. These damages aim to compensate truck accident victims for losses suffered. An experienced lawyer will seek to recover full and fair restitution.

Economic Damages

Economic damages in truck injury claims involve tangible, quantifiable losses with established monetary values. These payouts are meant to reimburse accident victims for medical expenses, lost income and other out-of-pocket costs tied directly to the truck collision.

Specific economic damages may consist of:

  • Past and future medical treatment
  • Rehabilitative and physical therapy costs
  • Prescription medications and medical equipment
  • Lost wages from missed work
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage repairs
Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages cover intangible, hard to quantify losses that negatively impact quality of life. Since precise dollar amounts cannot be attached to these types of harm, skilled truck accident lawyers must advocate and negotiate for sufficient pain and suffering compensation.

Typical non-economic damages include:

  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

With compassionate counsel and determined legal representation fighting for max recovery, truck accident victims may secure both fair economic reimbursement and adequate pain and suffering rewards. This financial compensation facilitates the recovery process.

Next Steps After a Truck Collision in Calaveras County

We encourage you to seek legal assistance from our qualified truck accident lawyers after any collision leading to injury or wrongful death. Take pictures of property damage, skid marks, debris and injuries at the scene. Gather witness details and request a copy of the police report. Most importantly, put your health first and do not delay in seeking medical care.

The seasoned California truck accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law offer honest case assessments and practical advice to injury victims and grieving families. Call (800) 426-5546 for your free consultation or contact us online today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How long do I have to file a truck accident claim?

Per California statute, you normally have two years from the date of injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. There may be exceptions if the trucking company is a governmental entity. Discuss your case details with our lawyers.

Should I provide a recorded statement about the crash?

You should avoid providing any recorded statement before first consulting a lawyer. The insurance carrier may distort your words against you. Politely refer them to contact your legal counsel instead.

Who is liable for my truck accident injuries and damages?

The truck driver, trucking company, parts manufacturer or other parties could share liability. Based on investigation findings, your lawyer will pursue compensation from all negligent defendants.

What types of compensation may I recover?

Economic damages can include medical bills, rehabilitation costs, lost wages, loss of future earnings, and other quantified losses. Non-economic damages cover your pain and suffering, loss of consortium and emotional distress. An experienced lawyer maximizes overall claim value.

Can you help even if I was partly at-fault?

California follows comparative negligence rules. Even if you were partially responsible, you are still entitled to compensation reduced by your percentage of fault. Our top-rated truck accident lawyers routinely handle these situations.

I was seriously injured by a truck in Calaveras County. How much is my case worth?

Every truck injury claim involves unique circumstances. The value depends on the defendant’s liability and insurance coverage, as well as severity of injuries, treatment needs, recovery time and impact on income and quality of life. Through comprehensive case evaluation and skilled negotiation, we have recovered millions for clients over the years.

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