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Tires as Accident Causation

Tires as Accident Causation
Tires and their maintenance are one of the biggest causes of car accidents on the road. Unbelievably, the tires on your vehicle can mean the difference between being involved in an accident and avoiding one. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that vehicle tire issues have a major impact on the amount of accidents each year in California. Low tread depth and improper inflation proved a factor in the study, which used data from 5470 accidents from 2005 to 2007. 
Improper Tire Inflation Cause Auto Accidents
Underinflated tires cause three times as many accidents as cars with properly inflated tires, according the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study. Tires with less air pressure than they should have are harder to handle while driving and cause drivers to lose control. They are also more prone to blow outs. Improper air pressure will make the car lose traction and results in improper wear on the tire. It is such an easy thing to check and so vital to the vehicle maintenance, it is strange that it is such a major cause of accidents.
Tire Blow Outs Can Cause Car Accidents
If you have spent much time at all on the roads, you have seen the shredded, black pieces of tires along the roadside. A blow out occurs when a tire is so badly damaged the air escapes in a huge expulsion, blowing apart the tire itself. Any number of things but mainly improper wear on the tire and underinflating them can cause it. A defective tire design may also be at work. A blow out can also occur if the driver hits a pothole or some other obstacle that punctures the tire. Blow outs can cause major accidents that result in death are one of the major reasons car accidents happen. 
Sidewall Bubbles in Tire
Once a bubble appears in the sidewall of the tire, it is no longer safe to drive. A bubble or bulge in the tires sidewall is an indication of weakness in the area and the spot could give way and blow out at any moment. Sudden depressurizations in the sidewall cause the driver to lose control and spin often ending in a death or serious injury.
Bald Spots and Worn Treads
An old adage is that the tires treads should be as deep as a dime. That may not be officially correct, but if your tires are as slick as the dining room table, you’re headed for an accident. The purpose of treads in the tire is keep good traction with the road. A deep tread allows the tires to grip the road well. It limits the chances of sliding off the road or going into a spin. A mechanic can check the tires for proper tread depth. Tires should be replaced when the tread diminishes to a dangerous level.

Tires are an important part of the car and should be maintenance regularly. Poorly maintained tires are a huge accident causation factor and could result in death.
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