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Susan was a happily married homemaker in her 40s.  She had been diagnosed recently with abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) and was receiving a laparoscopic surpracervical hysterectomy to remedy this issue.  Although nervous about the operation, Susan was grateful to have this modified hysterectomy option because it preserved the cervix, retaining sexual enjoyment and function.  After the operation, Susan was discharged with a normal diagnosis.  Little did she know at the time, the surgeon carrying out the operation had negligently left a surgical instrument inside of her body.  Two months pass and Susan experiences hip and back pain along with extreme sexual discomfort.  Her husband, Tom, has to take more and more time off of work to help with his ailing wife.  Their marriage relations is injured as the sexual relations they once both enjoyed is marred with pain and discomfort.  Around this time, Susan is seen at an emergency room for unrelated hip pain.  Her ER doctor surprising lets Susan and her husband know that there is a surgical instrument, a 3.5-cm-round, plastic device called a KOH cervical collar, is logged in her cervix.  They remove it the following day.  Thankfully, Susan's sexual discomfort is immediately resolved with the removal.  Unfortunately, she does still experience hip and back pain, triggered from the way she had to walk and manage herself during the several months the device was logged in her cervix.  In addition, her husband, a successful medical device salesman, lost his job during the time of Susan's condition, as he took off too much time from work to assist her.

The above scenario is based on a true story and provides a great example of the harm that can come from a leaving a surgical instrument inside of a patient.  Medical malpractice lawsuits result from a vast variety of negligent or careless mistakes from doctors, nurses, or a medical center.  A surgical error such as this one can cause irreparable damage that otherwise would have not occurred.   

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