Shoulder of Road Accidents

There are times when unexpected and unforeseen incidents lead to a driver having to pull over on the side of the road. The dangers of parking on the side of the road are well known but not always avoidable. Running out of gas, brake and motor failure and flat tires can cause a person to pull over when driving. When something like that happens people concentrate on their next move. They are thinking about using the telephone, getting gas, or changing a tire. They may even be totally distracted under the hood. They are most often not thinking of how they could cause or be involved in an accident. Unfortunately, side of the road accidents are all too common occurrences. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports four out of every ten fatalities are side of the road related.

Range of Vision

Just the fact the car or vehicle is sitting on the side of the road poses a problem. No one really expects it and it is often a surprise to drivers rounding a corner or passing another car. If a large truck is on the road it can also obstruct the view of a stalled car on the roadside. Bright sunlight can also be a problem. If it is shining in the face of a driver, the side of the road and anyone standing on it can be hidden in its glare. If no one sees the car on the side of the road, it’s hard to avoid it in emergency situations.

Not Pulling all the way Over

Another big reason these accidents are so dangerous is that drivers fail to pull all the way out of the road when something goes wrong in their vehicle. Many interstates, highways and freeways have limited access and therefore limited opportunity to get off the road when trouble hits. Drivers often panic and become focused on what to do next and forget how close to a dangerous road they are.


Sometimes an accident occurs on the highway and you have to pull over. There are several things you can do to ensure your own safety and the safety of others on the road. 

  • Always stay by your car. 
  • You should never leave your vehicle or attempt to cross the road. 
  • Call 911 immediately if you are stuck in traffic and cannot pull over or your car is not drivable. 
  • Always leave the hood of the car up with the hazard lights flashing. This is a signal to other drivers that you are in distress and alerts them to avoid any dangers you may inadvertently pose. 
  • Make use of the many call boxes on California freeways. If you don’t have a mobile phone they can come in very handy in emergency situations. 
Shoulder of the road accidents don’t sound like much but in reality they can be fatal. Taking appropriate precautions both when driving and when involved in an accident can save your life and those of other son the road.

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