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Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerRiding a motorcycle in Seattle provides freedom, adventure, and excitement. However, motorcyclists also face serious risks on the road. Motorcycle accidents also present unique legal hurdles for victims.

If you or a loved one suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident in Washington state due to the negligence of another driver, you need a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. Seattle motorcycle accidents can lead to significant damages beyond your physical injuries. You deserve compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law have secured millions for injured riders in Washington state and elsewhere. Our legal team has the grit and tenacity to build a strong personal injury claim after a gut-wrenching motorcycle crash. We seek nothing less than full and fair compensation on behalf of motorcycle accident victims.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerMany car drivers fail to properly look for motorcycles or misjudge their speed and distance. Motorcycle riders suffer severe injuries as a result. Our Seattle motorcycle accident attorneys have experience with accidents caused by:

  • Drivers turning left into oncoming motorcycles’ paths at intersections
  • Vehicles rear-ending accidents stopped motorcycles
  • Drivers changing lanes into a motorcycle rider's space
  • Careless car drivers pulling out of driveways or side streets into motorcyclists’ paths
  • Speeding, tailgating, or distracted driving leading to hitting a motorcyclist
  • Intoxicated drivers with delayed reaction times hitting motorcyclists
  • Drivers running red lights or stop signs and crashing into motorcycles with right-of-way
  • Aggressive actions such as cut-offs or squeezing motorcycles during rushed passing
  • Unsafe road conditions causing traction loss like sand, gravel, oil spills, or pavement cracks
  • Vehicles following motorcycles too closely to stop in emergencies

Negligent, reckless driving behavior around motorcyclists often results in severe injuries or motorcycle accident cases of wrongful death. Our skilled personal injury lawyers will analyze police reports, witness accounts, video, and forensic evidence to prove fault and secure the compensation injured motorcyclists deserve under the law.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerWhen an automobile collides with a motorcycle, the motorcycle accident victim often suffers catastrophic injuries. Without the protection of a passenger compartment, motorcycle riders absorb the full force of impacts. Common motorcycle-related injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury. Impact with the ground often results in a concussion, bruising, bleeding, and memory or cognitive deficits.
  • Spinal cord injury. Forced flexion, hyperflexion, extension, or rotation damages vertebrae and discs, leading to partial or total paralysis.
  • Pelvic fractures. The tremendous energy on impact shatters the pelvis, requiring surgery and lengthy rehabilitation.
  • Amputations. Sliding under or being pinned against vehicles can crush arms and legs, necessitating amputation.
  • Internal organ damage. Blunt force trauma lacerates or damages organs such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, heart, or digestive tract.
  • Broken bones. Collisions routinely break legs, arms, shoulders, wrists, ankles, ribs, collar bones, and other bones.
  • Severe skin damage. Sliding across pavement strips skin off, requiring painful skin graft surgeries and scarring.
  • Wrongful death. When injuries prove fatal, funeral costs and loss of financial support further devastate families.

Documenting the full extent of a motorcyclist’s post-accident disabilities through expert medical opinions maximizes financial recovery. A skilled motorcycle accident lawyer at Moseley Collins Law knows how to recover compensation for victims’ current and future medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life.

How Helmets Reduce Injury Severity

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerHelmets are proven to significantly reduce the severity of motorcycle injuries and prevent fatalities. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Helmets are 37% effective at preventing motorcycle deaths.
  • Un-helmeted riders face over three times greater risk of brain injury death compared to helmeted motorcyclists.
  • Helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 69% and reduce the risk of facial injuries by over 50%.
  • Helmets prevent over 1,800 deaths and save $3 billion in societal costs per year in the United States.
  • States with universal helmet laws see nearly twice the helmet usage rates compared to states without mandatory helmet laws.
  • In accidents, helmets protect against traumatic brain injuries by cushioning impacts and resisting penetration.
  • Full-face helmets offer more protection against facial and neck injuries compared to open-face varieties.

Our attorneys consider helmet use when assessing liability, contributory negligence, and injury causation. Drivers who injure non-helmeted riders may still bear fault but damages may be affected. We fight so clients receive the maximum allowable compensation in every unique case.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerAfter a motorcycle accident, take these steps immediately to preserve evidence, document the incident, and protect yourself and your legal rights:

  • Get medical care. Seek treatment at the ER even for seemingly minor injuries due to delayed symptom onset.
  • Call the police. Ensure law enforcement documents the scene, takes statements, identifies witnesses, and files a detailed report.
  • Take photos. Photograph damage to all vehicles, skid marks, debris, roadway hazards, and traffic signs or signals.
  • Get contact info. Obtain the other driver’s name and insurance details, including carrier and policy number, license plate, and vehicle identification number.
  • Document injuries. Fully describe accident-related pain, wounds, diagnoses, and prescribed treatments to medical providers.
  • Write down recollections. Draft a narrative of how the crash occurred and who caused it while your memories are fresh.
  • Keep records. Maintain all medical invoices, documents, test results, injury photos, and accident-related correspondence.
  • Consult with an attorney. Speak to a top-tier motorcycle accident lawyer immediately about preserving time-sensitive evidence and initiating an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Many motorcycle accidents require a complete accident investigation and thorough legal strategy to recover damages. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer starts building a case immediately.

Damages Available in Motorcycle Injury Claims

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerIf you suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, the at-fault party may owe compensation for your harms and losses, including:

  • Medical expenses. All hospital, treatment, therapy, equipment, and care costs related to crash injuries. Future predicted costs are included.
  • Lost income. Wages or profits lost due to missing work during recovery. Future earnings loss from reduced abilities is compensable too.
  • Property damage. Repair or replacement costs for damage to the motorcycle, accessories, gear, and other property.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life. Compensation for losing capability and comfort in activities previously enjoyed before injuries.
  • Disability, disfigurement, pain, and emotional distress. Monetary damages for non-economic impacts on your lifestyle and well-being.
  • Wrongful death. Funeral costs, loss of financial support, loss of companionship, guidance, and consortium.

The stellar team of lawyers at Mosely Collins Law have over 40 years of experience helping motorcycle accident victims like you with personal injury claims.

Why Insurers Resist Full Settlements

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerInsurance carriers for at-fault drivers have powerful incentives to minimize claim payouts, including:

  • Saving on expenses by making quick, low offers before conducting full investigations
  • Maintaining higher profit margins by reducing total payouts
  • Leveraging tactics like delays to pressure victims into accepting reduced sums
  • Taking advantage of victims lacking legal experience and resources
  • Assuming injured motorcycle riders will accept low offers to avoid time-consuming legal processes
  • Routinely questioning injuries based on prejudices or misconceptions about motorcycle riders
  • Betting that victims cannot afford to pay for attorneys and experts to prove full losses
  • Hoping victims do not realize their full legal rights and entitlements
  • Wanting to deter other motorcycle accident claims by establishing a reputation for stingy settlements

The Seattle motorcycle accident lawyers at Moseley Collins Law are intimately familiar with insurance company tactics. We fight back hard so you receive every penny the motorcycle law entitles you to recover. We refuse to let insurers take advantage of accident victims.

Overcoming Defense Arguments

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerInsurers for negligent drivers routinely attempt to avoid paying fair compensation to motorcycle wreck victims. Some arguments we overcome include:

  • The motorcycle rider was speeding. Even if exceeding limits, speeding only causes harm when combined with negligent drivers pulling out or turning across paths unsafely. We refute assumptions.
  • The driver had the right of way. Motorcyclist errors do not justify unsafely driving into their path.
  • The motorcycle rider was lane-splitting. Lane splitting is illegal in Washington. Regardless, drivers must still avoid colliding with any vehicles around them.
  • The motorcycle rider was not wearing a helmet. Negligent drivers must still avoid brain injuries by driving responsibly around motorcycles.
  • The motorcycle rider was impaired. Even impaired motorcyclists have a right not to be run over or crashed into. Colliding drivers must prove they operated safely regardless of possible impairment.
  • Bad weather caused the crash. Rain, snow, or other weather conditions never exempt drivers from seeing, yielding, or providing a safe distance to motorcyclists. Negligence cannot be blamed on the weather.
  • The motorcycle rider assumed the risks. All drivers assume risks but have a right to expect safe, lawful driving by others. Motorcycle riders do not assume the risks created by negligent motorists around them.

With decades of experience with personal injury cases, Moseley Collins Law’s attorneys defeat these insurance company tactics. We strive to recover maximum compensation for motorcycle injury victims. We'll fight aggressively against blame-shifting and misdirection.

Overcoming Insurance Company Delay Tactics

After motorcycle accidents, insurance companies often deliberately delay the claims process by using tactics such as:

  • Postponing medical exams required to issue settlements
  • Slow responses to communications and document requests
  • Missing deadlines to provide requested claim paperwork
  • Rescheduling meetings or mediation repeatedly
  • Disputing the need for ongoing medical treatment
  • Asking for excessive records and redundant information
  • Refusing to increase settlement offers as medical bills come in
  • Waiting as long as possible before starting settlement negotiations
  • Wanting to delay depositions of their insured drivers
  • Slowness in admitting liability despite clear police findings

These stalling tactics pressure struggling victims to ultimately accept reduced settlements just to receive needed funds. Our attorneys are wise to these insurance company delay ploys.

At Moseley Collins Law, we aggressively push cases forward to maximize recovery for clients. Justice delayed is justice denied.

When Liability is Disputed

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerIn some motorcycle collisions, insurance companies dispute their insured driver was fully at fault and allege shared negligence by the motorcycle rider. As experienced litigators, we methodically prove liability using evidence, such as:

  • Police reports and independent witness statements. Objective third parties often confirm which motorist was behaving negligently.
  • Video footage. Dashcam, surveillance, or cell phone videos may visually establish fault.
  • Photographs. Pictures of vehicle damage, scrapes, points of impact, and final rest positions help prove movements and behaviors.
  • Traffic camera data. Signals or speed cameras may have captured definitive footage of lights, signs, or speeds.
  • Medical reports. Documented injury patterns, points of impact, and biomechanics may help prove movements.
  • Accident reconstruction. Expert analysis based on physics, engineering, and mathematics principles can prove fault.
  • Driving history. Past tickets, violations, accidents, or criminal history related to reckless driving establish habits.

Even without an initial police determination, our attorneys can gather overwhelming evidence proving the other motorist’s legal responsibility. We work relentlessly to show negligence and secure maximum compensation.

Choosing the Ideal Lawyer

Seattle Motorcycle Accident LawyerSelecting the right motorcycle accident attorney is crucial. Top credentials to look for include:

  • Substantial experience with motorcycle collision claims specifically
  • Law society memberships and accolades related to transport cases
  • Specialized knowledge of relevant state and federal laws and procedures
  • Access to respected expert witnesses and investigators
  • Willingness to take cases to trial if needed
  • Time and resources to handle complex cases aggressively
  • Strong relationships with the local legal community
  • No history of professional complaints or disciplinary issues
  • Education from top law schools

Compare the experience, reputation, resources, and case results among personal injury law firms. Choosing a recognized leader in motorcycle accident law maximizes your potential compensation.

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